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The Last Days of American Crime (2020)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   3.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English

In the not too distant future, as a final response to terrorism and crime, the U.S. government plans to broadcast a signal making it impossible for anyone to knowingly commit unlawful acts.

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PennyForMyThoughts 6 June 2020

In an act of masochistic boredom I actually watched the entire two and a half hours of this film so I am not being hyperbolic when I say that almost every single scene in this movie did not make any sense.

bukowski-65951 5 June 2020

Bad writing, bad filmmaking, bad acting, no chemistry. Boring, tiresome, slow.

Truly the worst of Netflix.

2.5 hours long! Oh my god.. I'm not sure if anyone will see the ending. I made it 58 mins in and had to shut it off, once I realized the action was as bad as every other part of the film.

How far will you make it!?

vjmatinde 5 June 2020

The premise is great. Execution, terrible. They take too long for a simple story line. Just replay Extraction again.

steve11235 5 June 2020

Watch paint dry, this could be the worse film on Netflix.

Netflix films had been getting better, not sure why they are buying awful films that would have been in the bargin bucket in blockbusters in the day.

The film will probably get a cult following from being so bad.

roufhyder 5 June 2020

The name is appealing however at a point I felt like that this was another movie produced, written, directed by our very own Tommy Wiseau.

jonathan-alex-ng 9 June 2020

I think the plot or storyline is pretty decent. But the way it was executed was horrible. Changing of scenes felt abrupt with no flow ; found myself questioning who is who. A confusing, yet really slow movie that makes you question if you should continue watching.

Interesting idea behind the plot, but what a shame.

TurtleReviews 5 June 2020

This film clocks in at around 2 and a half hours long and it simply can't keep the viewer invested that long, the characters are dull, the plot of the film doesn't Make much sense at all and the biggest name in the film is a minor character at best. If you like good action Heist films this will probably not satisfy you in anyway.

If you want a great heist movie with plenty of heart and decent acting go watch 'The Town' which is also on Netflix.

vipadham 5 June 2020

The worst movie i have ever seen. Shame on you Hollywood and Netflix. The title has been wasted on this movie

neil-454-635828 5 June 2020

Decent story if it had been done right. Some ok parts.

Overall, irritating acting. Boring characters. Tries to hard.

Netflix pushing quantity over quality. Again.

doc-m-atef 9 June 2020

The movie suffers from horrible acting, long unreal action scenes, a plethora of plot holes and has NOTHING to do with the stopping of the american crime

I recommend not to watch with all my heart, those are 2 hours and a half you'll never get back!

alindsay-al 5 June 2020

This film hit Netflix today and I have had the chance to watch The Last Days Of American Crime and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a crew attempt to commit a heist just before a signal comes in to play to stop anybody from commiting a major crime. Main Character Edgar Ramirez plays the main character here and honestly I have never been a big fan of his, I just find him really boring to watch and this film is no different as he is such a boring lead character. There is nothing unique about him at all as a lead character and the film gives you no reason to care about him or why he is doing what he is doing so it leads you to become bored by him. Supporting Characters The great Sharlto Copley is in this film and when he is on the screen he is clearly the best actor here, I just don't really understand why he was here. His character plays no part in the plot really and it feels like a weird excuse to pad out the length by putting him in here. Anna Brewster plays Ramirez's love interest here and I mean she has the best motivations here, but they still don't work and I didn't care about their romance. There was just nothing there and no chemistry between the two performers to make it interesting or compelling. Michael Pitt plays there associate and he is that character who is just insane for being insane's sake, he has family issues but none of it is expanded enough for you to care and you really wonder why Ramirez's character even decides to work with him as it makes no sense. Story The premise of the film is pretty interesting but it is just executed so poorly, you don't care about the characters and the heist doesn't get the attention that it deserves so you aren't exactly clear why and what they are planning to do. There is a side plot with the police that isn't expanded at all and it feels like it is there for no real reason at all. The end of the film is crazy and tries to make you care about the characters but you just don't. Script The script is really boring here, the drama didn't connect with me or make me care about anything and there is literally no real humour making this a very sombre and frustrating experience. Style The style of the film has some decent action scenes that are really over the top making them fun experiences, it is just there aren't enough of them. Plus the film is 2 and a half hours which is absurd, it drags on to a slow painful death, the film should have known what it was and aimed for 2 hours or even a little less instead of dragging on with one of the slowest paced movies you will see all year. Overall Overall, this is a really poor film, so boring and so slow. It just about avoids a 1 rating because of some fun action scenes and Sharlto Copley but it was close because I was so bored watching this film and recommend nobody waste over 2 hours of there day with it.

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