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The Laws of the Border (2021)

Action | Adventure | Crime
Rayting:   7.0/10 1.4K votes
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish | Catalan
Release date: November 22, 2021

Introverted Girona student Nacho meets two delinquents from the city's Chinatown and gets caught up in a summer onslaught of burglaries and hold ups that will change his life.

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dj_tristan_tiesto 24 November 2021

I put the movie on without high expectations, Netflix recommended it. The start is great and I got hooked immediately. It's just great fun from the start. The scenes from Spain are gorgeous and really authentic from the 70s. The movie has it all: action, humor, cinematography, good characters... I'll admit that they can be superficial at times, but it doesn't matter. I actually liked the title song a lot as well, it goes very well with the movie.

I go to Catalonia frequently so perhaps I'm biased - but I just loved to see this.

eduardomaclean 14 October 2021

What a fun ride this was.

The characters were great, the acting superb, the story was great. Transported you to 1978 Spain immediately and made you forget the film was shot in 2020.

Between Cell 211, El Niño, and now this? I'm excited to see what comes next from Monzón.

Hollywood could take a hint. The film is full of heart, yet it gives you all the chases, tension, laughs and gunfights you're looking for.

I highly recommend it. This one deserves international attention.

d-papadakis 23 November 2021

The way this movie builds character and story is so perfect, and the storyline although you may have seen it before, you haven't.

A young nerd that meets an unbelievable beautiful small-time criminal and will do anything for her love.

The ending was so unexpected and heartbreaking. I love this movie and it is totally worth the time. Just to watch the main actress is worth the time. And I am an old man, sell buy date long past.

It gives you faith in the cinema artform, that such a simple story can be told and directed so well that you don't need anything else.

lareval 27 November 2021

A great and very entertaining throwback to those "quinqui" movies of the 70s and 80s done right. Good performances, good enough story and great pacing and development make for a highly recommended viewing.

gianmarcoronconi 22 November 2021

Trivial film at high levels and with a very forced plot, which however entertains and fascinates by making you become attached to all the characters and making you hope only for the best for them. So on a superficial level the film is very beautiful, but if one goes to look deeper the film is very weak and forced.

searchanddestroy-1 26 November 2021

If there was a database about bullying topic films, this one should belong to the top ten. I have not seen all of them of course, but this one is very well made ; directed and acted, close to what really happens to many kids and teenagers now, in 2021, with the help of social networks, young people who often commit suicide. In this feature, it is not question of Facebook or any other kind of network, it did not exist at the time this story happens, the eighties. But the spirit is nearly the same, the basic spirit, because it is not question of only bullying. It is not a film noi nor real crime flick either, but a social study thru the prism of deliquency, street hoodlums, petty ones, not real gangsters. It is obviously inspired by Marty Scorcese 's stuff, but it is not BRONX TALE either. Bob De Niro made it but Marty Scorcese was always above his shoulder. Very touching ending.

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