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The Little Fox (1981)

Animation | Comedy  | Family
IMDB Rayting:   8.3/10
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian

Famous, great hunters, better stay away, here comes Vuk! (They say he is cunning as a fox!)

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joestratocaster86 17 November 2006

This was my absolute favorite movie as a kid. Foxes were always my favorite animals, and I believe this movie was what started that. This had to be one of the first movies I saw because I watched it for years and years after that. It still brings back many fond memories. I can't quite put my finger on the reason why I liked it so much, but I don't really care to anyways. I liked it then, and I still like it now.

Watching it now as an adult I can see the juvenile aspects of the film, as well as the non-North American influence. The animation is very unique (almost like anime, but completely different). This isn't a flaw, but instead a part of the film that makes it that much better. The dialogue is almost humorous in that it is very juvenile, but I can't bring myself to criticize this film. As a children's movie in the early 90's it was utterly flawless, but today's kids are getting smarter and probably wouldn't appreciate a film like this (unless they were very young).

I still have the old VHS copy of the movie, but would like to find and purchase a newer copy so that someday my kids could enjoy it as well. They need to re-release it as a classic on DVD. I'll bet many people could appreciate something like that.

If you've never seen this film, find somebody who owns an old VHS copy and watch it with your young children. You'll find that it is a welcomed escape from some of the distasteful modern cartoons they put out these days. I can't say everybody who watches it will enjoy it simply because people have different tastes. But you will have to admit that it is unique in a good way.


meitschi 19 November 2001

Lovely animated film, we loved it as children! It includes both some really sad moments (including the death of sympathetic characters - a topic rarely treated in children's films), but also some funny ones, like the hilarious scene where the two geese get drunk or the scenes that feature the two stupid dogs. It is a nice, moving, often funny, sometimes serious story both children and adults can well relate to. I would recommend it to anyone interested in "non-Disney" animated movies.

standardbearer 30 December 2005

The screenplay of this animated movie had been based on the classic novel by István Fekete, of the same title (freely, but not aggressively). The story starts with a tragedy in the fox-family, which leaves Vuk the little fox as an orphan, all alone in the woods (I wouldn't call this a spoiler... Right after the film boosts off, hell breaks loose). Despite the fact you haven't get to know his family too much, this scene surely gonna bring tears to your eyes... for the first time in this movie. For its a story about LIFE itself, with all its tragedies and joys. We follow Vuk from this moment till the time himself becomes a father too. Through this period, we watch him as he explores the world around him, learns to hunt, to move like a shadow, meets new friends and foes, falls in love, and eventually: grows up. We see as the many events in of the story changes the motivation in the way he lives his life, and we get the chance to watch this character advancing WITHOUT being forced to struggle trough several morals of the fable, and several annoying cliché's you might get used to in cartoons. Simply: wonderful!:)

Reigen_Hitotsu 26 June 2009

It's funny how I stumbled on this movie. It all began with a fan fiction character I created named "Roka Embers" which is a Hungarian name. I got curious and typed that name on you tube. I found some old Hungarian cartoons including this title. I watched it in Hungarian, and then found an English version.

I love the movie! It is one of the few animated movies that you really just fall in love with. The comic relief mixed in with the more serious and idealogical aspects make this a classic I won't soon forget. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for an old cartoon to watch. I was surprised to actually find the English version. But a good fellow on you tube has a collection of obscure movies and he had some other foreign and domestic films that are rarely seen. But all in all, this is one great movie.

krifek 4 June 2005

I have seen above post just now, and even it is an old comment, I must react. The original story of Vuk the fox has been written by a Hungarian author, István Fekete in the 1950's. The book became very popular, so the animation has been created 1981. The author died in 1970, so the answer for the question: was The Glacier Fox the story he used, is NO.

The story itself is very sweet, enjoyable for kids and for adults as well. Nowdays it is even recommended book for elementary school children, so if you find the book version, don't hesitate to buy it. For smaller kids the comic book is available also. Have fun with the book or VHS/DVD as well :)

TheLittleSongbird 15 October 2011

I have seen many animated movies, and while The Little Fox is not quite up there with my favourites(though it was when I was a kid) it is a very charming, funny and unique movie. The film is a little short, too short perhaps. However there is beautiful music that is also haunting and memorable, great animation done in a very unique style, very colourful yet with hints of anime, the script is touching and funny and the story is simple yet very charming and well paced. The characters have great personalities as well, and the voice work is top notch across the board.

All in all, a delightful film. 9/10 Bethany Cox

Inry 4 April 1999

Full-length movie about foxes. The main hero, a little fox Vuk lost his parents and was adopted by another old fox, Karak. When he grows up, he avenges a hunter and rescue a vixen Panny from the cage. Style of that movie is classic, but not Disney's, Hungary made own different animation (and this is not anime!). The movie himself exists in two version: one for TV in two parts and second for movies. That versions slightly differs in some episodes.

laci-5 9 December 2002

In case of movies that were commented by a lot of users, it might work, but to give 5.8 for this movie when out of 40 votes (at present) only 3 was below seven, and 42% voted this movie 10, it is really not working. This movie is simply great, beautiful, moving, I loved it with my all heart as a child and cried together with the other kids in the kindergarten...I don't repeat the story, but this is really a uniquely nice movie and it is really a shame that it seems to be some 5.8 crap only because of this weighted rating.

Fire_Seraph 31 August 2003

I know this is an animated movie,where the animals talk and not a documentary.But I wonder if maybe it was made in response to it.I saw this on cable a long time ago,when I was 10.The movie is about a little fox cub,named Vuk, who decides to wander off from the safety of his den.He lives with both his mom and dad,and shares the den with many young,sleepy siblings.Before he even returns home though,he is greeted by his uncle,who has some unsettling news.While he was gone,an evil farmer and his two stupid mongrels killed his entire family.His uncle helps raise him,and they have some fun and exciting adventures.Later on when he is grown up,he and his uncle rescue a vixen named Panny from a cage.The farmer had caught her and put her in there to kill her,or trap Vuk and other male foxes. Together, he and his uncle decide to settle the score with him and his mongrels,by taking something really important to them.The two dogs are humiliated and made fun of by the other neighborhood dogs.This is a great family movie with both sad and funny moments,especially with what happens to the dogs.Watch what becomes of two geese,who are drunk on wine.They're so busy laughing up a storm,slurring their speech and being clumsy,they don't know what will hit them.They had stolen the wine from the farmer,while he wasn't looking.All around great movie,I give it 91/2 * out of 10.Was this Hungary's version of a sequel for The Glacier Fox?Just asking,so please don't flame.

avonfoxglove 18 November 2015

I remember watching this when I was a kid. The English version is called The Little Fox and the main character is called Vick instead of Vuk. My cousin and I always would argue over who got to have the VHS at their house because we had to share it. It's a great movie for kids, especially if they like animals. I don't recall any stupid or annoying songs in this movie so that's a major plus if you have kids. You won't be listening to something like "let it go" for 10 hours a day for the next year, which isn't even a bad song until it grates on your nerves for so long. It's also nice to have that classic animation style rather than everything being forcibly represented in CGI.

ncruz-77996 28 June 2019

Intro: The Little Fox is a movie that I'm sure many people have never heard of. But that doesn't mean it's not a great movie. The Little Fox is a film worth watching, and possibly, one of the best animated films of all time.

The Story & Characters: Centering around a young fox (named Vuk), who's parents are killed by a hunter, is taken in by his generous uncle. And is taught by him, so he can one day get back at the hunter. It's not much, but with likable characters, and other elements that make it work. The film is a surprising breath of fresh air.

Now, the two main characters of the film, are great protagonists. As Vuk is forced to grow up faster, after the death of his parents. And his uncle is a well meaning mentor figure, who can often let his stress and frustration get to him over the mistakes that Vuk repetitively makes. But still, the willingness to protect his nephew, is also a trait that I really liked.

The weakest character for me, was either the hunter, or the girl fox that Vuk gets antiquated with later in the film. The hunter is just kind of a generic character, he really just doesn't have much to him, and I really can't go into detail with him, 'cause his character has no detail. And the girl fox, who I don't remember the name of, so I'm calling her girl fox. She's just kind of the female character, and that's about it.

But the main story with the main two characters, is honestly great. So, that's enough to carry this film.

The Animation: The animation is really original. It's kind of like a blend of anime and western styles. Crafting something that really doesn't look like any other film. I love the animation, it's easily one of my biggest praises with the film.

Conclusion: The Little Fox is a great film for children. It might be a little too simple for adults, but I believe this film should get a watch from everybody. It's a great kids film, a great animated film, and just a great movie.

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