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The Little Things (2021)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.3/10 45796 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Kern County Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon is sent to Los Angeles for what should have been a quick evidence gathering assignment. Instead, he becomes embroiled in the search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city.

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thekarmicnomad 3 February 2021

There will never be another Se7en and, although this may appear similar, it is very different. Where as Se7en is all about the crime and the killer this is more concerned with the detectives hunting the killer.

We meet Denzil as a lowly cop sent on an errand to the town that he used to be a respected detective in. It is clear something happened here that put a downward trajectory on his career.

Almost by accident he gets pulled in to the hunt for a vicious serial killer.

The crimes are not particularly clever of interesting as are the suspects. This is all about the detectives. This is well made and produced, the leads have a sickly pallor about them that reinforces the desperate state of the investigation.

There is nothing particularly different about this movie and it is quite low on excitement. But the characters are engaging and I like watching Denzil in the detective roles where he gets to play with people.

As things ramp up near the end it feels like the writers are in a bit of a corner and the film takes a turn that is unexpected, yet still not very exciting. This sets up for a thought provoking ending.

This is well made and I did enjoy it - I just wanted it to be more. Don't expect much action or thrills.

darkreignn 30 January 2021

"It's the little things that get you caught," Deke, played by Denzel Washington, tells Rami Malek's character Jimmy. "It's the little things that rip you apart." Unfortunately, I found that second sentiment particularly resonant as I watched "The Little Things."

"The Little Things" had a phenomenal trailer, very nuanced, well lit, choreographed, acted, and most importantly, well edited. Of course, the trailer was only two minutes long. How does the actual film, which is over two hours long, compare? Surely any movie that expands on the technical prowess and acting chops that the trailer set up will be fantastic! The movie does expand on all of the pieces the trailer introduced - in doing so, "The Little Things" takes one step forward, and two steps back. Admittedly, the movie looks good visually; the cinematography is appropriately moody, with dim lighting for the majority of the running time that casts an ominous shadow over its characters.

The acting, too, is incredible. I've seen mixed reviews on Rami Malek's acting in this movie, but I thought he was great, if a little mumbly, which did make it hard to understand him (thank you subtitles). Denzel Washington is, as always, great. He puts on a quiet performance here that takes its time with viewers - you can tell there's something below this character that's waiting to bubble up. Denzel is a professional, and he acts like one; every word out of his mouth feels believable, every action he takes feels realistic for his character. Watching him and Malik collaborate to catch a killer is truly entertaining - Deke sucks Jimmy into his obsessive mindset, and it's interesting watching both of them fall deeper into the rabbit hole they've dug for themselves.

Jared Leto as the might be, might not be killer is fascinating. Now granted, I may be biased because I like Jared Leto, but I thought he was pretty good in the role. His character was perfectly bizarre, always keeping Deke and Jimmy on their toes. Sure, Jared's character may act like a complete weirdo, but is he a killer? The movie keeps you, and its characters, guessing, which I appreciated. The story, which obviously focuses on these three characters, is elevated by the amazing performances. In a better film, I could see some serious Oscar contenders.

Yes, I did say "in a better film," because "The Little Things" does start to fall flat. Let's talk about the editing - did Olivier Megaton secretly direct this? Who decided on the editing style of this movie? There were a distracting amount of cuts in practically every single scene - for example, a scene where Denzel says goodbye to his dog before getting in his car has probably upwards of ten cuts. Similarly, a scene where Deke and Jimmy are eating breakfast has probably 20 cuts. There is rapid fire editing at play here, and I'm not sure the reason why. The film would've greatly benefited from a slow and steady editing style that allowed the camera to linger on its scenes and characters; instead, we get something akin to Paul Greengrass, which definitely doesn't fit the tone of the movie.

Because of that, tonally, the movie is inconsistent. The pace feels all over the place, with the film only picking up when Jared Leto's character comes in the picture. Unfortunately, he starts to play a major role about an hour or more into the movie, which means you spend a majority of this film's length focusing on nothing re

mrwhite000 30 January 2021

You really need to be a bad story teller to cast Denzel Washington, Jared Leto and Rami Malek and still be able to make a boring movie.

shorn-40895 1 February 2021

A movie can leave feeling any number of ways-happy, sad, amazed, provoked, whatever-but the common denominator of good ones is that when the lights go up, you feel satisfied; it was worth the trip. I didn't fee that way when this one ended. Yes, it made its point: a detective working a murder case can become obsessed; it's the burden of responsibility, seeking justice, retribution, vengeance-choose your word-for the victim. And the point of the story is the old proverb: "Before you set out on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" (or something like that). That's all well and good, but IMO, this story melted away in the last 30 minutes. With some hard work on the script and more inventiveness, it could have been so much more.

delores052 1 February 2021

Overweight and grey haired. He's all into his character. Leto also with his oily hair and limp, he's perfect as the suspect. Now Melek seems to be a bit misplaced here. But that did not take away from the movie. You'll never go wrong watching a Denzel movie.

bojanwever 4 February 2021

A decent mystery/thriller intriguing story fulfilled with symbolism.

The only thing that I didn't like was the slow buildup. However, worth seeing.

jamielewis-51864 29 January 2021

People are so used to gun fights and car chases when it comes to detective stories these days. Especially in movies. This was a deep dive into how frustrating real police work can be. A lot of fumbling around in the dark, chasing your tails, being obstructed by the very law you swear to uphold. The real question the movie poses is how far are you willing to go in order to catch a killer?

Bwent 30 January 2021

Dull, uninspired, plodding, by-the-numbers mystery/thriller tries desperately to prop up its mediocre script with A-list actors. fails miserably due, in large part, to heinous editing and lackluster direction

romeovillarreal 30 January 2021

Had I paid to see this at the theaters I would have walked out. Movie is way too slow, the editing is weird. One scene Rami is complaining about his car being blocked even though he doesn't drive off, in the very next scene he is talking to the press. The trailer made it seem like this would be more suspenseful. This is average at best.

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