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The Lost Husband (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Trying to put her life back together after the death of her husband, Libby and her children move to her estranged Aunt's goat farm in central Texas.

Director: Vicky Wight Writer:

Stars: Leslie Bibb, Georgia King and Josh Duhamel

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chrsbrss-93-538838 2 August 2020

I got this from Redbox, mostly because of the user reviews I saw both here and on Redbox.

It's much better than I expected it to be, even with the good reviews, keeping me entertained throughout. Awesome story line with great acting. Sadly I can tell it's going to be one of those underrated classics that nobody will see which is depressing in its own right because it deserves a huge marketing push to bring it to the publics attention, but poor timing and limited exposure means this gem is going to fall through the cracks. Sadly its likely to not even get a second chance on TV where you might come across it on some lazy afternoon when you're channel surfing and see one of the many scenes that could grab your attention and give the movie an opportunity to hold onto it until you realize that the end credits are rolling.

I beg you, give this movie a chance and watch it. Odds are you won't be disappointed.

aprilabbie 10 April 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I read the book years ago so I was familiar with the characters and storyline. The film is well cast and the leads have a chemistry that makes you root for them to all stick together & work everything out. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how director Vicky Wight managed to make Texas itself a lead role in the film. She captured both the immensity of the Houston skyline and the charm of the small town dancehall. The shots of the central Texas countryside make you feel how its beauty and serenity could provide comfort to someone who'd lost their way. Just wish I could have seen it on the big screen (darn quarantine)

Darah10975 12 April 2020

I enjoyed the fact that they weren't perfect ...I liked that they didn't have the perfect life and perfect job. The movie really touched on a lot of things we all truly deal with while raising children and being in a relationship.I liked that there wasn't a perfect answer and the mom went one way and then changed her mind. That is real life we all have guilt around disciplining our kids at some point for making bad choices only later to realize that yeah they made a bad choice but why? Or going to college...what is the best choice? I guess I liked the fact it wasn't politically correct and I felt like for once we weren't being told this is how you need to handle this because this is the perfect choice. All the different characters saw it in a different light...and I liked that. There was no pressure to turn this movie off and go be a Perfect parent. Yes it is a romantic comedy but seriously I didn't feel like that was the films main focus. I personally really enjoyed "The Lost Husband". I saw someone comment on the title and give the movie a horrible rating based on the fact that they don't understand the word "Lost"...When someone dies many people say..."oh they've lost their father or mother"...but it does would be weird if it were called The Deceased Husband..That really irritated me obviously.

rogerstoryteller 12 April 2020

A Slow burner that's carried by beautifully nuanced and believable performances from the 3 main leads. Far more romantic than Love Wedding Repeat, despite the fact that the romance does not take centre stage. And Sharon Lawrence looks unbelievably good and hadn't aged at all since NYPD!

sgfertitta-76297 10 April 2020

This movie does the book justice. Nice to see a positive movie with intelligent characters I actually like. Beautifully shot film as well!

EVI23465 12 April 2020

It's very satisfying and the story between the mother and daughter and Aunt is great.

jastevie 12 April 2020

This movie is about family and love. You know what this story is going in. You know things are going to be okay so get over your film snobbery and enjoy it like I did. It's clean and beautiful and funny.

mmortiz-15118 14 April 2020

Such a sweet, easy and uncomplicated romance that is much needed in today's complicated times. The storyline was perfect to get lost in and the film was beautifully shot.

zamoonda190 10 April 2020

The Lost Husband has a little something for every one. This is a sweet story and stays true to the theme of the book. The cast is great and the goats are cute too!

babycakes-45269 10 April 2020

The cast was amazing and complemented each other so well. The story just flowed so easy, what a pleasant watch and so glad I found it today. I found myself busting out laughing, and at other moments shaking my head understanding what some family relationships are like especially mothers and daughters. I loved it, great for the whole family.

praggyanpdec 13 May 2020

It feels like sipping a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter evening, sitting on your porch on a swing wrapped up in blanket on a Friday. FYI, It's not a Christmas movie, albeit a bit cliché. But it's nice. I like Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb played her part quite nicely too.

sallydillee 13 April 2020

Fantastic! Loved this movie! Special viewing for the whole family.

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