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The Main Event (2020)

Action | Family | Sport
Rayting:   4.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

After discovering a magical mask, an 11 year old aspiring wrestler enters a competition to become the next WWE superstar.

Director: Jay Karas Writer:

Stars: Seth Carr, Tichina Arnold and Adam Pally

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leasmith-25365 29 April 2020

There are entertaining kids movies, even for adults, I'll stoop even to as low as bearable if the kids are watching, but the main event is so dumb, so stereotypical, loud ghetto black people, colourful bullies, hard working white dad(?) Money problems solved by one act...I've never vomited so much in one movie & I've seen Serbian film.

pj_essex 23 April 2020

Avoid this film, watching it is literally painful as it is so bad. So bad that it makes me think i would be a good director as i could definitively done a better job of this.

tyesonbebee 14 April 2020

They picked the kid in Hollywood who can't act? This was baaad I mean real bad! Hope Netflix got this on the super cheap cause it was just horrendous. There is literally nothing good I can say about this movie even for a family movie it was baaad. Watch something else do not support dumpster fires like this thanks.

roger-99-171599 12 April 2020

A kid who's a fan of the wrestling tournament culture feels like an outcast with the constant bullying in school. Meanwhile he lives a steady relationship at home, despite the absence of his mother. His mechanic father struggles to spend more time with him, and his Instagram icon-in-the-making grandmother does everything possible to discipline him. In one of his attempts to escape his school's opponents, he finds an old magical mask giving him super wrestling power which leads him to the covet professional tournament filled with evil competitor, specially a monster-like giant and his ambitiously greed agent. A refreshing and funny family comedy about finding your voice and strength, the film is highly recommended for all ages. At times silly but tender and efficient, it also looks at innocence and friendship values through the kid's interaction with his two best friends and his crush. Finally a decent production made for laughter without any buttocks jokes or other similarities. Fast paced, well conceived and convincingly performed, it's a feel good family gem.

ManjeetG 15 April 2020

Loved this feel good family movie. All the main characters were likeable and great. Funny, poignant, loved the WWE and enjoyed every moment of this movie. Corny? Who cares! I had a smile on my face the whole way through! Bonus - no cursing 👍🏽

confrank 11 April 2020

This was the last, and debatably worst, project I was in as a background actor. For 4 days, I filmed the climax cringing and shaking my head at every bit of this brutal sequence I was participating in. The filmmakers know their main audience is kids who are WWE fans, and if they fall for lame WWE narratives they can get away with an excruciatingly lazy story and forced conflict that does these actors no service. The obvious wire work on all the fighting was cheap and sucked too. Are we really this easy to please with a slapdash feature length WWE advertisement when we're 10 years old?

Amongst it all, I can safely say the hip, grandma character is the worst goddamn thing you'll have to sit through. "you just got Grandma'd" will go down as the single worst piece of dialogue of 2020. Thank you Ken Marino for giving us just one funny character amidst the cringe.

Anyways, don't watch this. Maybe this quarantine shutting down all film productions is exactly what this industry needs to get its head on straight.

casablancavic 18 April 2020

It's just plain horrible - even for a kid's movie.

To think that several writers struggled to piece this together is quite sad...and then to think that a director read this as well as producers and thought that this would be good enough to invest money on it was ever more sad.

For anybody over the age of 4, this is only doing damage to their brains - and to anybody under 4, their brains haven't developed yet.

This is lazy writing and directing and acting at best - and worse, it's an insult to children.

I spent 15 minutes trying to maintain sanity while the kids were in the room beside me and I had to walk away - or I would have just complained about how stupid this all was and how inept the producers were to not want to develop it any more than they did.

This is great for newborns and that is about it...otherwise, this just sucks really bad.

ukhammer1987-1 12 April 2020

Unfortunately this movie really sucks. An idea with great potential spoiled by stupid effects and stupid comical aspects that just didn't fit in. Ultimately it just about sums up the WWE nowadays. Stuffed this just like they stuff up almost every week.

tonymars-63087 21 April 2020

I guess Netflix just likes to throw money away Netflix's shows are lazy but this one takes the cake...

marmar-69780 17 April 2020

The main event was another film that felt under the bus and ended up being run over,it is weird how sometimes we get great wresteling films like fighting with my family but then after we got something like this one, i know that this film is aimed at very young children not older then 10 or 11 but that doesnt mean it could get away with some really bad and corny dialogue,acting that was very awkward and not so good and wresteling moments that are so poorly made and orginazed that it was hard to watch,jokes were also not so funny and they felt forced in a bad way,the main event was a very weak film for me and i dont appiriciete it any way

ljameswitherow 12 April 2020

Great movie I really enjoyed it!!! I think a sequel should be done in the future!!

devarshi-87068 3 May 2020

This movie is riddled with cliches, full of smell jokes and the acting is just horrible. I raise the score to a 3 just because of that Spider-Man reference.

Otherwise it would be a 1.

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