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The Mauritanian (2021)

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Country: UK | USA
Language: English

Mohamedou Ould Slahi fights for freedom after being detained and imprisoned without charge by the U.S. Government for years.

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outlander 25 February 2021

I think The Mauritanian gives a very insightful look at the extent governments will go to coverup how the treat prisoners. Here in the United States and other countries around the world. Doing all that can be done to get false witness against anyone. The end does not justify the means, which is something brought to light in this movie. This is a true story from the story told in the book Guantánamo Diary, written by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. It tells of his experiences in Guantanamo Bay. Maybe one day we will learn to treat each others as humans and respect deserved until the facts are proven.

Xstal 2 March 2021

... but even then you're still guilty, because somebody has to pay, so it might as well be you! If it wasn't for people like Nancy Hollander we wouldn't have the outstanding Tahar Rahim to thank for portraying, through an award worthy performance, the unbelievable injustices endured by Mohamedou Ould Slahi. Unlocking some of the not so secret secrets behind the incarceration of the innocent, the torture and torment of the unfortunate, the proximity in time and space to a place you probably call home reinforcing the impact of lessons seldom learnt and the overwhelming ignorance of those entrusted to protect us when given carte blanche to do so.

alkitbe-86475 25 February 2021

Wow, really amazing and inspiring film. True story, Great acting and wonderful cinematography. Tahar Rahim must be nominated for the Oscars as best leading Actor!!

jadepietro 19 February 2021

IN BRIEF: Very good acting enhances this true story about injustice.

JIM'S REVIEW: (RECOMMENDED) Mohamedou Ould Slahi (Tahar Rahim) stands accused of terrorism and defense attorney Nancy Hollander (Jodie Foster) and her associate Teri Duncan (Shailene Woodley) fight for his freedom in Kevin McDonald's impassioned but slightly flawed film, The Mauritanian. After being detained and imprisoned without charges in Guantánamo Bay Priso by the U.S. government for years, their case and cover-up finally goes to trial with some surprising turns of events.

The Mauritanian is based on a true story and director Kevin McDonald skillfully depicts a series of chain events that led to Slahi's capture and imprisonment. The screenplay by M.B. Traven, Rory Haines, and Sohrab Noshirvani has some compelling dialog and strong conformational set pieces, but it is a tad choppy with out-of-sequence flashbacks providing his backstory. These scenes tend to slow down the film's pacing and serve more as sub-plot than needed exposition. Whenever the film stays focused on the investigation and its legal maneuverings, the movie excels with its two standout performances by the lead actors.

Mr. Rahim is excellent in his well-written part. We watch his strength and disillusion shift and he delivers a harrowing portrayal of man tortured and accused. Ms. Foster is commanding in her no-nonsense role as his crusader, a woman more concerned with the law than her client's morality. Their attorney/client moments together are superb and help to build interest in this legal drama. Both are worthy of award consideration.

Some of the supporting characters, while well acted by Shailene Woodley, Zachary Lev, and Benedict Cumberbatch as the prosecuting lawyer, seem stereotypical products of that era of terrorist activities and national paranoia: the gung-ho military soldiers, the liberal-minded defense attorneys, the innocent or not so-innocent client,, the questioning prosecutor, etc. But the basic scenario of injustice rings true and gives moviegoers a gripping drama.

Director Mr. McDonald does not shy away from the intense scenes of sound deprivation sexual humiliation, and waterboarding techniques which were a part of his stay there. (The film is not for the squeamish.) To the filmmaker's credit, he also never confirms Slahi's guilt or innocence of the criminal accusations, although he does place the blame for his illegal confinement solely with the US Government. One wishes the film contained more courtroom scenes than investigative ones. This could have shed more light on the case and its characters.

The Mauritanian is a strong cinematic plea for tolerance and justice to prevail in our legal system. It is an important film worth viewing.

somf 25 February 2021

A lot of great talent make this a particularly riveting film. No punches are spared when it comes to how incompetent and inhumane Rumsfeld's policies were at Guantanamo. I criticized The Report for being too visceral in trying to make its point. This film had some very disturbing scenes as well but they were much more effective. You actually cared for the characters in the film. The Report and the Mauritanian make the same points, but where the Report was dry with little character development, The Mauritanian tells a fascinating personal tale.

atractiveeyes 3 March 2021

This movie is just mindblowing, heavy and so important. The true story is so sad but also interesting and important. The movie portrayed it so nicely; the screenplay is great and so is the storytelling. Performances are all superb specially by Tahar Rahim who gives an Oscar-worthy performance. The Mauritanian is a nice decent important well crafted biography. A must see.

richard-1967 14 February 2021

This film about the true experience of Mauritanian Gitmo prisoner Mohamedou Ould Slahi carries off a painful story that reminds us that Guantanamo is still there, still with prisoners.

Excellently acted by the principals, most especially a wonderful Tahar Rahim, this film is timely - coming years after many of us have almost forgotten about Gitmo. The scenes in the prison are exceptionally well realized.

One flaw is that Shailene Woodley's character, the junior lawyer, is poorly drawn, is present before dropping from sight until the end, and doesn't give Shailene much of a chance to do anything with the role.

nancyldraper 3 March 2021

This is a difficult movie to watch or write a review on. At the core is outrage. Those who don't want to believe that such outrageous things could be done by their beloved country and those entrusted with its values and justice will deny its assertions to protect the vision they hold as sacred. Others will raise their fist and proclaim they fight for the right of those abused and violated. Both sides will claim they know the truth. I am not surprised by man's inhumanity. Indeed, my faith calls it original sin. The difference being, I believe we are all capable of it. But my faith also believes in deliverance and hope, responsibility and the power of redemption. This film does a remarkable job of representing this man's story. The performances are flawless. The storytelling is compelling. The warning is important. For those reasons, I give this film an 8 (well told) out of 10. {Drama}

umarbashir213 2 March 2021

This film deserves an oscar. Man, what a movie. Cant even imagine what he went through. Sure we have heard what had happened in there and sthere still detainees there, but to see it through the lens is something else completely.

ks-60500 5 April 2021

Given it's a real case and I believe in any single details in the movie. Even criminal have rights for trial but not for a suspect in this case. It's quite irony a country advocate human rights happen such a case. Tip of the iceberg of victim case I wonder.

jrwygant 25 February 2021

Excellent. Great acting. Great script. This is a movie that needed to be made. I have seen Tahar Rahim in the 2009 French film "A Prophet." He is an incredibly convincing actor.

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