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The New Mutants (2020)

Action | SciFi 
Rayting:   5.3/10 46496 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.

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davidtllim 1 December 2020

Really really bad movie! I watched it cos' it thought it thought it has something to do with X-Men. Its even worst than the last one - Dark Phoenix. Just script and throw it away, in the bin. Waste of time! And with a budget of 67 million? REALLY!

Impartial-Critic 7 September 2020

Who said this is Horror ???! After the repetitive promises and tries to release this...thing, it fails. A redundant teenage issues story in a sci-fi mold about young mutants discovering their abilities and (AGAIN) trying escape some sort of a facility. This time the difference is...they are only five of them! wow, yep this is mainly the plot.

Clearly we are living the fast money grabbing age and with the epidemic backlash - either socially or financially - big companies don't care for their dedicated fans or even the general audience as they blindly want to make more money.

The new mutants and what painfully follows (origin single hero stories, pointless sequels and human vs animated classic reboots) are no exclusion...With a weak plot of a stereotypical teens with issues concept, a very poor atmosphere throughout the whole movie, some plot holes here and there, painfully incoherent accent and of course a predictable story telling!

For audience like myself who I know they deserve better...Save your money for something worth and free-stream what you like till the big companies stop being greedy.

sochuu 1 December 2020

Dark Phoenix was bad but this took that and drove it into the dirt. The writing was abominable and the production which sometimes makes up for the lousy writing and acting was probably the worst part this time, something as simple as lighting they couldnt get right. How FOX greenlit any of this shows extreme negligence over their product

okzega 1 December 2020

Despite all the hate for Dark Phoenix I really liked it. The story was okay-ish, but the visuals and action scenes were great. I watched the new mutants right after and boy was that a mess. I instantly forgot about the story and the characters, but the thing I really hated most is the lighting. I was watching at a nearly black screen most of the time and it was up to my imagination to create an image and understand what the heck was going on.

napco-01314 30 November 2020

I just got back from this movie and suffice to say it was bad. Very bad. The acting was horrible, the teenage portion especially. However Steve Pasquale and Reiko Aylesworth where solid enough. The rest of the cast appeared to be reading off cue cards.

The action was terrible. It was edited horribly, it was too dark and the close ups where way too close. The action scenes where filmed the same way Paul Anderson filmed them in the first AVP1.

Lastly the movie was really poorly paced, it seems like Ricky the Pizza Boy got more screen time than any other human character and the opening portion of the film was slow and without purpose.

Save your money and watch I Am Legend or Sweeny Todd instead.


codiacc 30 November 2020

Clever movie title I'd does not have anything with Xmen

justinwilliams-85929 30 November 2020

Huge miss. Bland and cliche characters. Terribly obvious script. horrendous acting especially the accents

siderite 30 November 2020

If someone would have told me that this film is a low budget student film, I would have been really happy. The acting is mediocre, especially from the main character, but not bad. The story is generic, but many have used it to hone their film making skills: do it justice and at least it's entertaining. The special effects are cheap, but hey, it's students, right? They have time to get it right when someone gives them a budget.

But this film is not a student film, but instead a 70 million dollars production from Disney-Fox. The connection with the extended X-Men lore is tenuous at best, the horror element is very generic, copied from so many other C movies that it has become comical and the thing that they never seem to get right is characterization. Watch Maisie Williams in the first seasons of GoT, Anya Taylor-Joy in Queen's Gambit, Charlie Heaton in Stranger Things, even Alice Braga in one of the Spanish films and you will see quality of acting, relatable characters. None in this film. Movies like The New Mutants is where actors go to die.

So it's a waste of time. Mutant X was better than this.

qvoze 30 November 2020

It's nighttime, it's dark, it's raining. They spent a lot of money on a lot of things that you cannot see. It's all very poorly lit, lots of flashing guns, fleeting shots of A or P. Teenagers now take on both reasonably easily compared when to Arnie. Maybe the A's and the P's are getting older now. The series certainly is.

roflmeao 8 September 2020

I went in with low expectations and yet still left disappointed. I'd like to say something positive but I really can't think of anything right now. The plot, dialogue, characters, acting, cinematography, lighting, everything was just awful.

I don't usually take note of accents in movies, if the characterisations are fine then I usually just gloss over them. It says a lot that even I noticed how bad and inconsistent these were.

The backstories were glossed over and only partially explored for the most part with glaring holes in most of them.

The "hospital" setting was not set up, explained, or even logically consistent. If you don't know who is behind it with a certain name drop, then you won't get any answers here.

Just bad. Bad and a waste of your time. Watch literally anything else. Go for a walk. Play with your dog. Live life. Don't watch this.

dayness 5 September 2020

Yeah I'm going to get downvoted for this but I honestly believe that it's WORSE than Suicide Squad. The acting is awful, the CGI looks bad, the characters are unlikable, tons of plot holes and the logic is all screwed up. I could go on all day but I've only seen the first X-men movie, Origins: Wolverine (which I need to rewatch tbh), and the two deadpool movies. So when I'm talking about the logic and plot holes, it's from stuff that is unexplained in the movie since this movie gave me little care to find the whole story of The New Mutants. I'm not against the Lesbian stuff shown at all but it does feel rushed and would have been better kept in the sequel. Oh well, it's just another movie that introduces new characters to replace the old ones since these new characters fit the agenda by Hollywood (Like the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Terminator Dark Fate as examples) today except there are no MaREY sues or Gary Stues thankfully.

awnapx 1 December 2020

The number problems with this film would take too long to list. But the biggest was how poorly lit it was. It is soooo dark that you cant make out anything. Often it's dark AND raining to obscure vision even more! There is only ONE mutant, so dont expect massive species on species dust ups. The 'heroes' are a bunch of teenagers in small town America.... so DO expect tired out cliches. It's set in the present, which kinda undermines the origins of X-men. Just dont bother. Really really dont bother.

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