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The Night Clerk (2020)

Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Rayting:   5.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A voyeuristic hotel clerk becomes the subject of a murder investigation.

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cjamesdueck 7 June 2020

This film was alright... the script was pretty weak. Ana De Armas character seemed shoe-horned into the story just to fill up time. Rarely is one actor's performance a big deal for me- actor's are tools that a director uses. Sometimes there are performances that outshine every other aspect of the film, and this is one of those performances. I've worked for over 6 years with special needs individuals, one in particular is diagnosed with Asperger's. Tye Sheridan's performance is so dead on that I know he a) researched real people with Asperger's extensively, and b) has the skills and confidence to incorporate that into his work here. Sheridan, along with Christopher Abott and Caleb Landry Jones, and a few others I'm probably forgetting, are among America's finest young actors

fallyhag 21 February 2020

Both the male and female leads were superb. Very talented actors who have huge careers ahead of them. The film was okay. His character was interesting. But the way he filmed guests was a little unbelievable and didn't make sense. But I could ride with that. The story was a gentle run but with nothing of note to remember. I probably wouldn't watch it again but I will be keen to see both the actors in something new. I recommend this film for a relaxed afternoon. Oh, and I think Helen Hunt is in it. Or someone who looks a bit like her.

xenafanok 21 February 2020

It's rare you i find a movie i watch all through, let alone recommend to anyone, with that in mind, if you want to see a movie that is well acted, has a story that keeps your interest, is not predictable and has twists in the tale, you will find this worth a watch as a minimum.

Gordon-11 29 February 2020

Tye Sheridan really impressed me with his portrayal of a man with Asperger's. He is very convincing, from the lack of eye contact to his mannerisms. The story itself is a little slow, and lacks an emotional climax.

michelleannnoneza 27 March 2020

I cried watching this video I can feel the pain for Tye (Bart) but at the same time was very proud of him on how he handled the situation at the end of the movie. The movie overall, for me was very good and that we can learn more about the condition of the protagonist. It gives us more awareness of people like him who has the same condition and that we learn to be more patient and to know how we can treat them and on how we can help them. Twas a great movie and I really really love the soundtrack of this movie. I keep on playing it all over again. God bless everyone.

cekadah 23 March 2020

The leading male, Bart, has Asperger's. But the movie isn't about this disease. Bart finds himself swept into a murder scene because he wants to learn to be more socially efficient. Then Andrea shows up! And the plot takes an unexpected path.

John Leguizamo is superb as the detective, Ty Sheridan is completely believable as Bart. Helen Hunt is the protective yet enabling mother. Ana de Armas as Andrea will have you under her spell.

This is a must see film for those who like to think about what they are watching and the mystery of how the story will unfold.

zurizuri92 26 February 2020

Predictable or not, I found the acting great, and the story, a bittersweet reminder of how naive we used to be as well, or perhaps, still are sometimes.

jtindahouse 21 February 2020

The problem with 'The Night Clerk', and I've seen many films fall into this trap, is that it gives itself a really annoying lead character for the audience to have to follow and side with. Now there are two sides to that coin. One is that the character is unique and interesting to watch from a medical point of view, and that's why the movie puts him there. But the other side of that coin is that it becomes really frustrating and hard to watch very quickly. It gives the film a point of difference, but a point of difference for the sake of it isn't always enough.

Tye Sheridan does a fantastic job playing the lead role. He nails Aspergers syndrome. Before it was ever mentioned in the film I was 100% certain that was what I was looking at. He keeps it up for the entire movie and never drops a scene either. The other cast member who really impressed me was Ana de Armas. I came to learn of her acting talents in 'Knives Out' and she has impressed me again here. She didn't have anything overly special to do in the film, but you could still tell she was a class above the rest.

The film itself is a little obvious in what it is trying to set up and surprise the audience with. There's one scene in particular that they thought they were being subtle with, but in reality it put all the cards on the table and gave the game away. Also there is a mystery element of sorts to the film that, had it been handled differently, could have been really interesting. Instead it was just clunky and petered out to dust by the end. I think the thing to watch this film for is Sheridan's performance and as a character study of an Aspergers syndrome. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot going for it.

DickScrapshaw 17 August 2020

I have never written a film review before but I felt I must write one for this amazing piece of work because I could not believe some other reviewers were giving scores like 2 out of 10. The acting and direction is incredible with a perfect ramp up to give time to learn about the lead character's back story. From there a compelling story unfolds and I'll leave you to watch and enjoy for yourself. Anyone who watches this and gives it a poor score is clearly watching the wrong film for them. May I suggest something less emotionally challenging, for instance, anything starring Dwayne Johnson.

moladdy 25 February 2020

This movie has an identity crisis; it can't decide if it's a thriller, mystery, drama, comedy or romance! As a result, it's somewhat of a mess and difficult to sit through. It's a shame because the acting is really good; the script just can't keep up.

Pistol219 27 February 2020

See past the crime movie, see past the thiller, see past the hollywood. This movie was great with 2 incredible actors. If people don't understand deeper meanings and symbolism. Don't watch it.

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