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The Omega Code (1999)

Action | Fantasy  | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   3.5/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Ancient codes hidden within the Torah reveal the secrets of global events, past (i.e., Hitler, the Kennedy assassination, the Gulf War), present, and future. One man (York) is after the ... See full summary »

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JKearse 16 November 1999

One of the most interesting aspects of this film is how divided people feel about it. Most people either love it or hate it. There is little in between. I fall into the group that loved it. Yes, it's true, Casper Van Dien is a little inconsistent. When he's good, he is very good, but sometimes he is less than adequate. (He is more often good.) Catherine Oxenberg is believable in a fairly standard role. Michael Ironside gives a very nice performance in a difficult role; difficult because his role, Dominic, was not well conceived, but he overcomes this problem beautifully. The casting of Michael York was inspired. His excellent performance as Stone Alexander is very suave, very powerful, very weird. I must also mention Jan Tríska and Gregory Wagrowski as the prophets. Their performances are very subtle and most convincing. Overall, well written, the script and story were well executed. I did have a problem with a couple of unnecessary scenes. There were several lines of dialog that were not believably written, but for the most part the script was sound. One piece of advice - go see this movie with an open mind. This isn't a perfect movie, and if you accept that, you should enjoy it immensely.

rjlee 19 October 1999

I thought this was a good movie. The pace was fast, and rarely did it lag. Michael York was splendidly evil as was Michael Ironside. The lighting was superb, and it was good to see a movie that could contain violence without feeling as if they had to rub my nose in the blood and gore. The most amazing part of this movie was that it was made for $7M. I only wish they would have spent $8-9M so they could have given Cassandra more depth, and perhaps spent more time working on a little more plausible dialog between Gillen and his wife. The wife's lines were the most disappointing part of this film for me.

I was left with some questions from a Biblical standpoint, but really, it's just a movie, and doesn't claim to be Revelation on film.

AL01-3 12 July 2000

This film is undeniably flawed, but it does contain an intriguing premise and story line. The idea that someone would use the Bible Code to try and conquer the world is an idea that has not been utilized before, at least to my knowledge.

The characters definitely could have used some refinement, as they never really are fully developed during the movie. The acting, although not academy award material, was tolerable and did not detract from the story.

Overall, this is an interesting film that has good special effects, especially considering the budget it used. Although it has little competition-considering some of the terrible Apocalyptic movies that audiences have been exposed to-this is one of the better end times movies.

msecour 1 April 2000

This film is much better than the severest critics give it credit for. It is not great, but if you allow yourself to ignore the Christian Right agenda, it is a rather entertaining tale. Films have a long tradition of exploiting biblical phenomena, and people have been entertained by such stories for years. The Exorcist, The Omen, and Raiders of the Lost Ark come to mind. Even the use of a crucifix to scare off vampires is well established. I think too many people are hung up by the fact that this film was intended to support a specific agenda -- the Fundamentalist interpretation of biblical prophesy. Casper Van Dien shows occasional glimpses of knowing how to act -- a refreshing change from his previous efforts. The rest of the cast does a decent job for this type of film. Taken as a high tech suspense-thriller it is quite a fascinating yarn. To me, those who rate this movie below "4" or above "8" are simply not being objective. It probably should be an average of 6.

s1man 24 November 1999

The movie has been referred to as a Bond film without the sex and gratuitous violence.I agree with this and more!! Usually Christian films are mediocre but not the case with The Omega Code;especially when you consider the budget they worked with.Another good thing is in the end God wins and the movie ends with hope rather than despair.

preypacer 13 March 2000

I would highly recommend seeing this movie. After viewing it, you will be able to walk out of every other bad movie EVER saying "at least it wasn't The Omega Code."

Forget my money, I want my TIME back!

auteurus 8 August 2004

Unlike other 'bad movies' like Battlefield Earth or Plan 9 from Outer Space, this mindless piece of propaganda disguised as a film fails to entertain. It's clearly a ham handed attempt to ram an apocalyptic televangelist philosophy down your throat. And you would expect nothing else when you learn it is produced by Matthew Crouch, son of Paul Crouch who is one of the countries leading televangelists and founder of TBN. The plot is lifted directly from the popular Bible Code series of books by Michael Drosnin, although it is dumbed down substantially for the film.

Unfortunately, this film lacks the wacky charm and unintentional humor of the Crouch's TBN TV productions such as "Praise the Lord".

I never expected much from soap actors like Casper Van Dien and Catherine Oxenberg but it is truly sad to see how far Michael York and Michael Ironside have fallen, that they need to appear in mediocre movies such as this.

terri857 18 October 1999

The Omega Code was a little slow in the beginning. This movie picks up very quickly though and then keeps you on the edge of your seat. The special effects were great! I thought the ending was spectacular. The things that happen you just don't expect until they are there. Well worth watching. Superb ending.

Tom-144 15 October 1999

Can't believe the production value of this film. While I'm had to impress, a rating of 7 would be like many, giving it a "10". My hope is that this film will encourage others and Hollywood to produce more films like this one!!!

Gypsy 18 October 1999

As a great fan of the "Left Behind" series of novels, I found this film to be a great beginning for films with a prophetic backdrop. It is filled with high production values - good camera work and special effects - comparable to what Hollywood studios have to offer. It's not a perfect film. The script and talent can fail so that some of the key moments the producers would like us to fully appreciate don't quite make it for a cynical audience, but that can all be corrected on the next venture. I hope the box office supports their first attempt in this marketplace so that they will produce more -- and I hope I'll get a chance to work on the next one with them. So see it. Buy tickets. Send your friends. thanks,

doxaman 20 October 1999

If you want intrigue with action and elements of just plain fun, then the Omega Code is your movie. The Atlanta Constitution-Journal said that it was a James Bond film without any of the immoral parts. Those who are heavy into "religion" will probably hate it and strongly object. Those who want a good time, a great show, and something that could be life-changing should go see it. It will make you think and could wake you up from the drugged slumber in which so much of television and film can keep you these days. It is the only film I have ever had the privilege of seeing that left me absolutely numb. Great acting--characters with whom you can identify--highly involved, detailed plot with a beautiful mixture of the expected and unexpected--filmed on location. You get more than what you pay for in ticket price--it truly is a film of the new millennium. Those who have issues with it probably do not understand the purposes of the movie and the subject matter with which it wrestles. It is only a movie yet there is that unearthly tension that it is so much more. It is supernatural/natural, ordinary/extraordinary, fact/fiction. The bottom line is it is an out-of-this world piece of cinematography.

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