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The One and Only Ivan (2020)

Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Rayting:   6.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A gorilla named Ivan tries to piece together his past with the help of an elephant named Ruby as they hatch a plan to escape from captivity.

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alindsay-al 21 August 2020

So far Disney+ has had few exclusives to its name but today the film The One And Only Ivan came to the streaming service and here is my review for it. The premise of the film sees a gorilla try and help him and his animal friends to get out of the life of performing and into the wildlife.

Main Character Sam Rockwell voices Ivan and I thought he did a really good job here. His voice really complimented the role well, his soft spoken nature for a gorilla really does work in an interesting way. You also care about Ivan and really want him to succeed, he is just really likeable and a nice lead character.

Supporting Characters Bryan Cranston plays the person in charge of the show and he is really good here too. It would have been really easy to portray him as a pure villain but the film does a better job with that and he is actually quite likeable, despite the fact he is clearly taking advantage of the animals you can tell he does care about them and the film does a good job in portraying that. The film also has some great actors in voice roles such as Angelina Jolie, Danny Devito & Helen Mirren which adds to the legitimacy of the film and they all do good in their roles.

Story The story has some good emotion to it, you care about these animals and want to see them happy. Though this film does something really clever, most films to do with animal captivity make the one in charge an evil brute of a man but this film doesn't do that and adds more character to Cranston which makes this feel a more interesting story. Though this film doesn't always convey that well, it seems a bit rushed, I am not sure if that is just to do with the length of the film but Ivan changes his motivations incredibly quickly without much explanation.

Script The script has some okay emotional moments and humour, I think it is mostly made better due to the quality of actors involved. It does some interesting things with the drama but mostly it feels like your typical Disney script that doesn't go as far as it could and a little bit of childish humour for the kids who watch this film.

Style The style of the animals is very good, Ivan himself looks fantastic and really fits the screen incredibly well. But this film struggles due to its length, with it only being 90 mins long it rushes certain aspects of the plot and even wastes a few of the characters in terms of development.

Overall Overall, I liked this film. I think this is an easy watch and good for families to watch, not one to rush to see but it is one I think people will enjoy.

elizabethanneblock 21 August 2020

I read the book and I loved it! I didn't know it was based of a true story but Disney did a good job making it into a movie. Such a beautiful film, me and my sister really enjoyed watching it!

Pjtaylor-96-138044 23 August 2020

Though 'The One And Only Ivan (2020)' initially seems to skew quite young with its CG animal cast and to-camera narration, it eventually becomes a relatively nuanced exploration of the ethics of animal captivity. Is freedom worth trading for security? How free can you be from within a cage? Is it wrong to keep an animal out of the wild, even if it's loved and given all the care it needs? These questions are all brought up over the course of the breezy but unconventionally paced piece, with their never-as-simple-as-they-seem answers being left largely for the viewer to decipher. Along the way, the flick charms with its subtle but warm voice-work and its impressively integrated special effects. It isn't mind-blowing, but it's generally enjoyable and much more interesting than you may expect. It's a good movie. 6/10

contact-125-651146 7 September 2020

Clean story. No pushing any subtle agenda. Me as a 61 yo, crying like a baby, over computer animated animals (except Bob the dog and the rabbit). Inspired by the real story of Ivan. Beautiful.

psychedelicvoice 24 August 2020

This was made for a reason. To tell a story. That is what the genre is. Beautiful made with the animals and voices. The story being told for what it is. Pleasant to watch, especially the effects.

donvyt 23 August 2020

The windows to the soul. When might we be able to see this much humanity again... within us and our fellow humans? And there's a post-credits clip, just wait and see.

ginasharp 5 September 2020

Wow! The graphics / CGI were amazing. Ivan and his friends look and move so real. I would've given this movie a 10 for storyline and quality but I am not someone that likes movies with talking animals so due to personal preference I rated it a 9 which is very high considering animals that talk aren't my thing, so that says a lot!

It was cool they way it shows some old real footage of Ivan. Also, the little dog "Bob" makes the show! It did mess with my mind a bit when Disney says its a true story because something tells me Ivan and his friends did not actually talk, I guess I better "google-it" to be sure????

If you like movies about animals this is a MUST-SEE, if you don't like them, it is still a SEE. Also, very clean to watch with whole family young and old. Leaves everyone with a warm and happy feeling :D

louiethepitt 26 August 2020

Finally a good movie by Disney, without Agendas, no modern politics, identity politics, sexualization of kids....just a good story...bravo Disney.

Highly recommend this movie...I cried all the time.

justelia 21 August 2020

The one and only Ivan is a pretty faithful adaptation of not only the novel but the real story of Ivan the mighty silverback that started it all. The casting was top notch as the characters have never had more personality but what they makeup for in casting they lack in story. Parts of the novel and Ivan's story seemed to be rushed especially in his bond with little ruby and his development of art. This is especially present with Julia and her father as they get little to no development whereas they are an extremely large part of the novel. Overall you're kids will love it and it does present a nice moral about freedom, originality, and family. So don't miss the one and only Ivan

losanatuisawau-979-435245 11 September 2020

I don't know why i put myself through the emotions when it comes to watching animal films. I'm such an emotional wreck when it comes to films like this. This film put me through every emotion there is, i cried about 5 times beginning to the end, shouted at the tv and laughed.

It's films like these children should watch, not only is it amazing but it also shows how animals are treat even today. Showing kids how animals can behave and how they should be treated and where they belong.

Truly brilliant, heartbreaking, emotional, happy and relieving film 10/10!

stevens8134033002 9 September 2020

I'm 43yrs old and Lord knows I've seen it all in my day. With that said this is the best movie to come out in a long time for kids. My kids sat down and watch the entire movie without losing interest. The best party of my experience with this movie it kept my kids talking about it after the movie was over. A few days later they wanted to watch it again. Great job Disney!

marmar-69780 25 August 2020

The One and Only Ivan was a good family film from Disney that will please the kids but also give parents some quality time to in which one they can learn some valuable lessons,voice acting was very good and everyone give a very good job here,special effects were fine to and they were good for a story they are potreying but is obvious in some scenes that some effects looked little off and not entirely convincing,the best parts of a film were very funny animals and Bryan Cranston character who had great chemistry between him and Ivan,in other hand story that focuses on a other guy and his daughter very little weaker aspect to me,One and Only Ivan was a good family film

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