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The Pale Door (2020)

Drama | Western 
Rayting:   4.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English

After a train robbery goes bad, two brothers leading a gang of cowboys must survive the night in a ghost town inhabited by a coven of witches.

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kwilhelmi 21 August 2020

They have burned me twice this week with this film and The Barge People. Both are really, really bad. I have never fast forwarded dialogue in any movie I've watched before-this was the first. Skip this, please. Horrid. Actors are all wearing brand new clean "western" clothes, throughout.

susieqeisus 21 August 2020

The trailer made it look like it was going to be interesting but this movie is not good at all. The acting is wooden, the story isn't interesting even though it could have been, the costumes look brand new and there is nothing scary or funny or thrilling or moving about it at all. Is it impossible to find a good low budget horror these days? i know small budgets come with limitations but that shouldn't have an effect on creativity. As somebody else said, watch Bone Tomahawk instead if you want a good western set horror movie.

faolanredwolf 21 August 2020

There is nothing very original here. A gang high jack a train and find something unexpected. The cast is a joy and there are some neat ideas here and there. But sadly, it is a slow and slightly boring movie, that never lives up to the premise of cowboys vs witches. You could do worse, but if you want good Wild West horror, watch Bone Tomahawk instead.

Fixer-13257 23 August 2020

A really laughable, amateur film. The sets are really fake, or poorly lit. Or both. The costumes are freshly pressed and not a scuff on them. For outlaws, these bandits look like they were on their way to church. Acting was on par with any low budget horror. Maybe a little better, but not good enough. Story is disjointed and poorly written. Add all of this up, and you've got nothing you'll want to sit through. I was excited for a Western Horror, but this isn't it.

head4space 21 August 2020

Why would you trust RLJE Films to begin with is the obvious question as this is clearly a low budget horror western. How this movie is above 4 stars, makes you wonder if it could pass as a mystery as well. Don't bother watching, you've likely seen the type alreadyI

HorrorFlickFanatic 25 August 2020

How bad does this film stinks? Think of piles of trash filled with restaurant leftovers after three days of a 98-F heatwave in New Jersey bad. It might make you angry enough to smash your remote against your new TV bad.

I wish I could give it a -10

srajry 11 October 2020

Why just why would anyone do this. Will someone please start making good movies again because this is an abomination to cinema.

jonathanjbrookover 23 August 2020

So, right of the start, there is no explanation to what happens in the beginning, then there is no further explanation. I laughed out loud when one gentleman is wearing a bright,turquoise bandana in the bar. I couldn't even place what time period this was supposed to be in. I watched this and Unhinged. God help me.

samjfarrand 26 August 2020

PROS: The story was original. Cinemaphotography Special Effects grossed you out Iconic Imagery is Original Nice set design.

CONS: Graphic Design/Intro at beginning should have been more research. The intro is clunky and not what the film is like. They could have set a different tone by choosing different typefaces.

Music is too modern for the time period, the music director should have payed more attention. It felt like a Tarantino tone minus the action

All in all this is above average even though you could tell the budget was minimal. The producer used what resources available to his advantage. The producer is not horrible as people are saying if this was the producers first movie I'd say A+ for effort. There is not another movie out there with this tone & setting, so its worth watching for that reason alone.

tcehouseproductions 22 August 2020

I was disappointed after seeing the trailer at the start of the month. A western horror with devil worshipping occult witches? My kinda film. However there is a serious lack of creativity here. The dialogue is clunky, the acting is wooden and the clean clothes bugged the life out of me. Im not looking for high art but the film makers clearly didnt care about an engaging story here. Avoid if you dont want to be bored and frustrated.

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