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The Paramedic (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.6/10
Country: Spain
Language: English

Angel works in an ambulance service. After a tragic accident, his personal life begins to deteriorate as he becomes more and more suspicious of his partner Vane.

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faer_kr 17 September 2020

A Spanish thriller. It is about a paramedic who lives with his girl trying to be parents and how he spends his time working until an accident makes his life change and the biggest of his dreams, which is to have a child, is frustrated. Entertaining Quality. Predictable like all of its kind. Mario Casas is unrecognizable and spectacular in this interpretation. Sometimes the language is run over and that makes some moments not understood. The character's psychology and motivations are very clear and bearable. The few successful sexual and violent scenes. It's about how we handle frustration of all kinds. An extraordinary option if you are a fan of thriller and Spanish cinema.

madonnicallysony 17 September 2020

The concept is nothing new. But Mario's acting was everything in the movie. From the start we get an impression that the protagonist (Angel Hernandez) is recluse and doesn't like interacting much with people, he is an extremely controlling boyfriend and he suffers from a kind of kleptomania (maybe??) wherein he steals items from the injured people's homes or cars while arriving for help as a paramedic. When he suffers from paralysis his suspicion towards his gf grows stronger to the point he spies on her. In time, his gf finds what he was doing and she leaves him. The rest is kinda disturbing. As I mentioned, the plot is not new but you gotta watch this for Mario's performance. He just lives upto the character right from the start to the end with no remorse or feeling on his face regarding the type of things he did. The 7 stars go to him and of course to the ending. The movie has a good pace and doesnt leave you bored but it doesnt have anything extra ordinary to offer.

jamesstewart1977 25 September 2020

After weeks of trying to find a good film on Netflix (having watched almost all the decent ones) I finally came across this gem. A hugely enjoyable Spanish psychological thriller that I was glued to throughout - and a few unexpected plot twists along the way. Really enjoyable movie (there are actually a few really good Spanish thrillers on Netflix if you take the time to find them). Disturbing, creepy, suspenseful, good acting, good camera work and a fantastic ending. At times disturbing to watch, but that's why we enjoy psychological thrillers, isn't it? I give it 8 out of 10.

dennis-pishev 23 September 2020

I don't regret watching, many things did make sense, but some details are quite funny - especially the end of ending, which feels like of another movie. But at the same time, it's not an open ending that leaves with a question "wtf just happened". Watch it, judge by yourself.

gregoryl804 17 September 2020

I started watching and and it didn't take long before the main character's behaviour gave me the creeps. The movie centers around him handling his new life with paralysed legs and the resulting frustration about it, which he works out on his girlfriend. Him being stuck at home also worsens his already existing jealousy towards his girlfriend which ultimately gains the upper hand.

His actions constantly made me curious about what he was going to do next and I liked the suspenseful atmosphere that was created. Mario Casas puts down a good performance here. Not all the things happening in the movie are realistic but overall I liked the movie. Not as bad as some reviews here are saying.

mjanssens26 27 September 2020

I think some of the negative reviews are because this thriller is somewhat original in that it doesn't follow the usual thriller pattern. Quite interesting and creative and unexpected. I did not think this would lead down the road it went and the end is surprising. I won't say anything else as not to give anything away. The leads are great. The story is dark and twisted and very entertaining. Enjoy it and don't expect the typical Hollywood film. This film was great

dwp1948 24 September 2020

09/23/2020 It's just a decent well acted movie. No thriller, no suspense, just a guy who refuses to let his girlfriend date other guys and get pregnant. Anyway it's a Spanish movie and the main character who I am gonna call Stanley because he's no angel. It's not widely known butt Stanley was the first guy who ever entered the running of the bulls in a wheelchair (it's Spain you know?) and intended to outrun them in his wheelchair. Unfortunately he failed, much like his crushed wheelchair. Anyway, in the aftermath he had a bad headache and went to the hospital, not only for the headache but to get his wheelchair repaired. By mistake Stanley was given a lobotomy. "Better call Saul". His old girlfriend wanted to come see him but was all tied up at home so he stayed in the hospital until his chair was fixed (not his head) and some of his memory returned. He still wanted to run with the bulls much like I'm doing right now butt upon wheeling out of the hospital parking lot he was struck and run over by a herd of reindeer on the evening of December 24, 2019. The driver, a big fat man with a red whiskey nose was sentenced to 5 years in prison for drunk reindeer driving so I ask you? Do little kids cry when Santa is a no-show? This may be a true review or perhaps? it's knot? Not a bad movie, I enjoyed it and suggest that you at least might give it a try? Bon Appetit'

jersonibarra14 18 September 2020

Poor character development Movie has 2 characters who are pieces of crap The tone is dark The whole time I was expecting more paramedicy

johanna_r 28 September 2020

I'm a big fan of Mario Casas, so would probably watch any movie he's in. I was hesitant on this one though b/c of the low rating. Don't let that sway you! I really enjoyed the movie. Has the story been told before?? Sure. But I thought it was a good thriller, entertaining, good acting and kept a good pace. Overall it was a perfect movie for a Netflix kind of night.

botolorin 18 September 2020

I found the plot interesting. Good camera work and particularly love how they used facial expressions and music to tell part of the story.

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