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The Photograph (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   5.9/10
Country: USA | China
Language: English

A series of intertwining love stories set in the past and in the present.

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ayojerkinskarega 14 February 2020

Production: Pretty basic all around. Nothing really stands out, but it isn't bad. Some continuity issues just like every other film. The music really sets the tone of the film. The script is a little dull/generic. 6/10.

On Screen: The acting was okay. Lakeith Stanfield made his character Michael Block, believable but, on the other hand, Issa Rae's character Mae Morton, wasn't. She didn't really have acting range. It's like she is uncomfortable the entire film. Additionally, the secondary characters are just cookie cutouts typical love movie motifs. Also, there are some plot holes that made the secondary story a little confusing. 6/10.

Content/Impact: To see black love portrayed in film is a rarity in itself. The best way to describe this film is love. The love that they show between black men and women, black women, and black men in a positive light, for the most part, is essential to tell our stories from a normalized perspective. This is what happens when we tell our own stories. 8/10.

Overall: It's a solid Valentine's day film to see with your loved ones, but because of the slow nature of this film, the performances needs to be outstanding and this falls short. I'll give it an 6.6/10.

dahliarita 6 May 2020

Amazing movie. A true, simple romance with black people that doesn't frame in slavery (for once). The story is lovely, the imagery, the conversations, the music... everything in this movie makes you feel good. It's just a beautiful storytelling about missed opportunities, the little things in life. A big +1 for the music.

robert-62738 16 February 2020

When you don't have good writing and there is nothing for the actors to do, just fill void with background music. No wait, they're talking, crank up music. Repeat throughout movie. There was not enough here to be romantic or a comedy, so I guess they were going for the boring genre.

ajabrams95 15 February 2020

I don't know if it was because I was hyped for the movie or because I saw the trailer right before going, but it didn't meet my expectations. The movie was quick. Most of the dialogue shown in the trailer was not in the movie. It was a quite disappointing film. For it to be a love story, I was expecting it to give us the beginning to the end of their romance to issues. I feel like we only got the bun off the hamburger, and not the whole thing.

gwwinaz 19 February 2020

Story line was OK but way too much boring conversation. It would have been a much better movie if it was 15 or 20 minutes shorter.

meme8591 15 February 2020

Didn't do it for me or many other folks. I actually nodded off a few times. There's nothing in particular that especially horrible but at the same time there's nothing that great. It's just BLAH

aevaughn-77305 4 April 2020

Being a black female, I love LOVE seeing a good rom com with some brothas and sistas in it!!! I had hoped this would be the 2020 Love Jones type flic... it wasnt. I hate to even tear down a black film, because we need positive representation out there - but Issa needs to stick to TV roles. This ain't it, hon. Kept waiting for it to get better, but it just doesnt.

subxerogravity 14 February 2020

LaKeith Stanfeild and Issae Rae have really good chemistry I felt. It made it believable that their romance was so perfect. Also like the chemistry that Stanfeild had with Lil Rey Howry who played his big brother. The movie was about two stories. the romance between Stanfeild and Rae's character. Then the movie did flashbacks of Rae's character's mother who had to make a choice between a man she loves and her passion. Both on their own made great stories but the way this movie handle both material was not great. It did not blend together well at all as it jumped from one story to another without any real set up. The jazz score made me think this movie was going to be too adult and sophisticated for my taste but after a while I just felt it was being used to cover what was wrong with the flick. Can't say that I did not like it. That would not be true but I can say is that it could have been better.

jehoshuaphat 17 February 2020

Love love love Issa Rae. She's the only one getting the three stars for just being in this unqualified dud. 15 minutes in, not much going on. 30 minutes, even less happening. 45 minutes, I'm out of the door. Save your buckos for bargain Valentine's chocolate.

Joluvscards 21 February 2020

The description sounded like a bit of a mystery film as a backdrop to a love story, There is no mystery unless you are brain dead. The acting was ok but there was no there there. Really slow. It needed more oomph. It's a shame.

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