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The Quarry (2020)

Crime | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A drifter (Shea Whigham) kills a traveling preacher and takes his place at a small town church, but the police chief (Michael Shannon) suspects foul play.

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jtindahouse 18 April 2020

'The Quarry' is a prime example of style over substance. This is actually a beautifully shot and wonderfully acted film. Where it lets itself down is the story. The plot is so lacking in depth and creativity that it makes for an extremely long and dull 100 minute runtime. I kept hoping for some kind of twist or unexpected turn in the story that would add some life to the proceedings. Sadly, it never came.

The one thing that keeps the film watchable is the acting, and in particular Michael Shannon. The film gets off to a very slow and understated start and to be honest I wasn't sure if I was going to able to stay awake for the entire movie. Then Shannon was introduced to the film and suddenly things picked up a lot and became a lot more watchable. Part of the reason is that his character is the only one in the film that actually has any character, but the other part is just down to some very fine acting on Shannon's part.

The big problem with 'The Quarry' is that everything is on the surface, everything is known to the audience. There is no mystery or intrigue. The only thing we can wonder about is how the film will conclude, but the story isn't really interesting enough for us to care much about that either. One compliment I can give the film is that is doesn't outstay its welcome. I've seen films similar to this that like to push the two hour boundary and they become unbearable. Still though, I'm sorry to say 'The Quarry' was a pretty forgettable experience.

TwistedContent 18 April 2020

A while ago I was real happy to find out that She Whigham will have a leading role, something he truly deserves and rarely gets, and this time in a small town crime neo-noir, no less. And Michael Shannon co-leading? Now that's a recipe I could get excited for. I'm happy to report that the performances are the absolute standout factor of "The Quarry". The rest? Certainly effortful, genre-fitting and ambitious, but ultimately confused.

"The Quarry" is a an existentialist tale of guilt, wrapped up in all the known elements of a neo-noir, begging to be a Coen Brothers movie, but lighting a fuse too long for it only fizzle out at the end. However, it goes great before it gets worse. In the first half we meet Shea Whigham's drifter with heavy emotional burden on his shoulders who assumes the identity of a travelling preacher and takes his place at a small town's church. The character is in search of hope while being caught in continuous conflict with himself, full of heartbreak, and is one of the consistently effective elements of "The Quarry", showcasing a tremendous, authentic and felt-through performance by Shea Whigham. Michael Shannon plays the town's Chief, suspecting a foul play in the mystery of the town's new reverend, and is also the other most stable foundation of "The Quarry". The rest of the cast plays along equally well, in togetherness creating a decent portrait of a small town community. Problem is, the slow-burning story that's seemingly building up an exciting showdown, starts getting more and more tiring around the middle of it & in the end we get led to a much expected albeit decent conclusion, clothed up in all that's underwhelming. In other words, the filmmaker's intentions are not quite clear, and the movie, as elegant as it is, ends up being a pale imitation of many better movies. A commendable aspect of "The Quarry" is its design - it's photographed quite beautifully and is never really boring visually, while also being accompanied by Heather McIntosh's subtly and silently threatening original score.

"The Quarry" has such terrific performances and good aesthetical design that it's actually such a shame that story wound up as confused and unpolished as it did. I liked it, but it could've been so much better. Unrelated to my complaints, but it's funny how they sell it on the poster - "From a write of Narcos: Mexico". Well, he wrote a single episode. Despite all, the summary of this neo-noir, in my opinion, lands a mark above average, and might just contain of the best acting performances of Shea Whigham's career. My rating: 6/10.

boatista24 27 April 2020

This movie has two of my all-time favorite and grossly under-rated actors of all time: Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham. These two started off as great character actors and are finally receiving the lead roles they have truly earned. Shannon's first Oscar nod was for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, and no doubt there will be others. Whigham, whose memorable performances have always impressed, also has obvious Oscar potential. Although this movie isn't what one would consider over the top, it gives these two excellent actors the leading roles they finally deserve.

shibal-00902 8 May 2020

Simple storyline Simple plotline Super slow movie.

justinm1836 26 April 2020

It looked promising. It got worse. This film had so much improbability to it that I muttered "They wouldn't have done that!" more than three dozen times. The "pastor" probably uttered 20 words the whole movie. Michael Shannon..well, he's always good and I wondered how he loaned himself out to this oinker. The same ones who produced "Narco" (fantastic!) must've been on drugs when they wrote/filmed/edited this one. Don't waste your time. (Oh, the burning house in the very beginning was cool.)

michaelkeohane-keohane81 5 May 2020

I really wanted to like this movie, as I'm a big fan of Michael Shannon. Unfortunately it just drifted along, not really knowing what kind of story it wanted to tell. In the end I think the director just gave up on it, probably much like it's audience. I don't know how I got to the end.

jaimemedina-36288 15 May 2020

I haven't read the other reviews. I guess they're not great. But there's a lot going on in this movie that's probably lost on most.

I found it to be a powerful character study where each actor faces a moral dilemma. It moves along the line slowly, thoughtfully, deliberately.

The notions of ontology, of faith, of redemption, and of truth are just a few of the concepts pulled into the story.

I get it's not for everyone, but there's a lot to find if you look for it.

galtl 19 April 2020

Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham carry this well paced crime genre based on teh 1995 Damon Galgut novel that dealt with the effects of apartheid in South Africa. For this adaptation, it has been set in a small border town in the Lone Star State, where the racism is still alive but in this case directed at Mexican immigrants. The film directed by Scott Teems and co-written with Andrew Brotzman.

mrkevans-50529 19 April 2020

This is a masterfully told tale on the level of a Henrich Boll or Carlos Fuentes short story. It is a story of people seeking redemption in a community that is defined by desperation. It is superbly set, acted, filmed, and directed. The pace of the movie is perfect, it helps tell the story. It depicts the power of despair to produce depravity that gradually masks your ability to see truth. In this small town, justice and redemption are sought within the four walls of a church building that serves as both a house of worship and a courthouse. The quarry is a place, like the church, where value was once found, but now only hides sin. The central figure is a man who murdered his wife and, while running from his crime, murders a pastor who is running from his own failures. He hides the body in the quarry, then poses as the pastor in the church seeking anonymity and redemption as someone other than himself. But the power of his internal despair and its impact others cannot be quenched. He is contrasted by a woman who has the strength to love in the midst of the desperation and thereby retains her personal authenticity. In the end, the only one who understands life outside of the façade of religiosity and structured justice is the only one who through whom redemption can be found. I didn't find the ending quirky at all. It illustrates both the power and the unpredictability of despair. This is a noir film that is as much about the substance of internal survival as it is the power of personal of darkness. I hope this movie finds its audience. In a day and age where CGI trumps substance this is truly good storytelling.

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