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The Queen's Corgi (2019)

Animation | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   4.7/10
Country: Belgium
Language: English

The British monarch's (Dame Julie Walters') favorite dog gets lost from the palace and finds himself at a dog fight club. He then begins his long journey to find his way back home.

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euromaster1984 26 February 2019

Just went to this movie today, but the first 10 min didn't caught me. The storyline sucked and jokes for the adults are bad. My son wanted to sleep because he got bored. Never had this with a movie in a loooong time.

artmargo 16 February 2019

We were more than excited to watch this movie. The trailer seemed very promising. What a disappointment it was. The beginning was ok but the rest was just dreadful. This is not children's movie. Many inappropriate jokes your child should not hear.

All in all what a waste of potential and money. They spent 20 mln to create this? Not worth it. Do not bother. If you enjoyed the Paddington movie then this is not for you. This movie is definitely not for 6-7-8 years old children.

rosaliethomassen 25 February 2019

What a disappointment. After a promising trailer we went to the cinema. Apparently all the funny scenes were in the trailer. The rest was boring. A very predictable story line. It made me fall asleep. My 4 year old son found it a slightly more amusing than I did.

grantrs 31 May 2019

I don't normally comment on films but after putting this on for the children it didn't take long to realise this film is not for children. It's also not for adults either as it holds no entertainment value whatsoever. Therefore this film is a definite avoid!

tonimanganelli 17 May 2019

Some funny jokes and a cute queen gave me good laughs...I didn't expect more, so I couldn't be that dissapointed. The animation is quite good for a european movie and the queen and his husband look hilarous :)

colpaty 26 July 2019

Quite some controversy around this movie reading the reviews. I liked it and the kids with me as well. Some of the reviews are ridiculous this is a family film and some of the jokes are for adults ... kids will not understand.

mikrofar 8 March 2019

Wasted time and money. scenes and the script is very bad

gabriel_c_s 14 April 2019

If you think cartoon movies are targeted for kids, except movies like Shrek where the adult jokes are still kid safe, this movie is full of adult jokes that are definitely not kid friendly. There wasn't a single laugh at least until the intermission, because we couldn't stand to watch the rest of the movie and abandoned the cinema room.

keljaneh 4 June 2019

In an age when we are teaching our children it's not ok to be sexually aggressive and No means No you have a Female dog that will no take no for an answer from the male lead !! Totally inappropriate for the younger audience. Sexual references, Donald Trump being his lewd self asking if some one was playing footsie with him and referring to his wife as a dog. All this in the first 20 mins. All this throws up questions from a 8 year old that pays very close attention to the world. I'm shocked and appalled. This film looked promising and funny from the trailers. Disappointed and shocked. Walked out.

nhok_dinico 20 April 2019

It was not really bad as people said, I really enjoyed watching this movie, my sister love the dogs in the film, except one scene was kinda not appropriate for kid.

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