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The Rental (2020)

Rayting:   5.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Two couples rent a vacation home for what should be a celebratory weekend get away.

Director: Dave Franco Writer:

Stars: Dan Stevens, Alison Brie and Sheila Vand

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maakus 26 July 2020

A generic, pointless and anticlimactic movie that fizzle out into nothingness. It always amazes me when people get a shot at making a full length movie (in this case, Dave Franco) and when they don't have anything new or good to bring to the table. Then why even bother? A waste of money, time and talent (Stevens and Brie.)

xbenx-78352 25 July 2020

I wanted to like the movie, but sadly it's been done before and better with the movies in my title. That said the cast is great, I think Dan Stevens is one of the best actors around.

So In my opinion it just doesn't do anything new and the ending was also poor, let's hope Mr Franco can come back with something a little more original next time.

faolanredwolf 24 July 2020

Two brothers and their significant others spend a weekend in a beautiful beachfront villa. What could possibly go wrong?

Dave Franco does a decent job for a first time director. The Movie is beautifully shot, atmospheric and moody as all hell. The cast is awesome, I always enjoy Dan Stevens and he's a delight here, but so is everyone else. I almost loved this movie but sadly the whole thing falls apart in the third act. Its as if a tense thriller is interrupted by a slasher film and its as abrupt and awkward as it sounds. That said the movie does not go where you expect it to and it is shocking and surprising.

haydenpannell 24 July 2020

Whilst this is a decent effort for a directional debut with a constant feeling of tension and uncomfortability, the R18+ rating and horror genre classification seems misplaced.

There's a real longing for a decent new horror film, and this isn't it.

If you've seen every other horror film and have nothing better to do with time to kill, then give this film a watch... but if you don't get a chance to watch it, you're not really missing anything great.

kbarngrover 31 October 2020

Honestly, I was expecting more from Dave, there's a lot of wasted talent in this film. I kept an open mind about it, but overall was poorly executed. If you want something similar, but better I recommend 13 Cameras, Open House, and 14 Cameras. The only good actor was reggie.

otnememento-2 24 July 2020

Way better than the ratings. It keeps the intrigue for the first part and the rest has a good rhythm. Pretty decent directing by Franco. I don't see it lower than at least a 6. It is one of the lowest ratings compared to the quality of the film I have seen in my whole life.

movieman6-413-929510 24 July 2020

The Rental is a new horror thriller directed, written and produced by Dave Franco. This is the first film he has directed and he is more known as an actor in the film world.

In the film, brothers Charlie (Dan Stevens) and Josh (Jeremy Allen White) decide to go on a weekend trip with their friends. They have found a perfect house online by the sea and are trying to make it a pleasant weekend. They only suspect that their landlord is somewhat racist towards Josh his Muslim girlfriend Mina (Sheila Vand). Despite this mistrust, the four try to make it a fun weekend, but during this time together they get to know each other better than they expected. This is how their mutual relationships are tested. When Charlie discovers they've been secretly filmed all weekend, he must choose to find the hidden footage or confess what he secretly did over the weekend.

Dave Franco has portrayed this film as his first directed film, but he has also taken on a bit too much hay by partly writing and producing this film. By taking on all these different tasks, he still struggles to convey the film clearly. At one point, the movie almost comes across as a long episode of Temptation Island and turns more into a teen drama than a horror thriller. This aspect comes to the fore without further explanation. Due to these unclear and sudden changes of genre, the film can come across as tedious.

The acting comes across as nice, but due to the unclear script, the cast doesn't really have many chances to make something special out of their roles. The characters initially come across as adults with work, but later the characters behave more like teenagers.

cartervanh 1 August 2020

This movie is gonna be underrated and it shouldn't be! I am such a fan of Allison Bre so I was excited to see this movie considering it is Dave Franco's directing debut. I was not disappointed in the film. It starts off pretty slow, but halfway through the movie it gets so much better. Unpredictable flick. I was the most impressed with Shelia Vands performance and I'm excited to see her take on more mainstream roles!

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