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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2020)

Animation | Comedy 
Rayting:   6.0/10
Country: USA | South Korea
Language: English

After SpongeBob's beloved pet snail Gary is snail napped, he and Patrick embark on an epic adventure to The Lost City of Atlantic City to bring Gary home.

Director: Tim Hill Writer:

Stars: Tim Hill, Clancy Brown and Bill Fagerbakke

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fredseada 5 November 2020

Stephen Hillenburg was heavily against a spinoff of any kind. This movie is just an introduction to the spinoff that will be called 'Camp Coral'. While it's not prevelant at first, during the closing scenes it shifts from an animation movie to an ad. Most of the cast will be given a short clip of how they 'met' spongebob through a flashback to the soon to be made spinoff, even though there are entire episodes dedicated on how spongebob meets certain cast members. Continuity has never been a strong suit to the show but downright ignoring all character history is a disgrace.

The movie has some moments that you can enjoy. With my mind on the whole 'camp coral' it did make me laugh less than the average watcher. There isn't enough scenes that are downright funny. And lastly this didn't feel like an actual spongebob movie. This comes closer to a movie like Trolls than Spongebob with how many celebrities they actively show, the songs they sing and the story they tell. They chose popculture over entertainment.

webermarius 6 November 2020

It was funny and now and then interesting, but then it started to become a big long commercial for the new spinoff. Keanu Reeves was great, but they did almost nothing with him, it felt like his role and the wild West were forced into the Story to give him screen time. The Movie was okay but nothing special.

DrDarkness 7 November 2020

Well, I did have certain expectations for this one hence the previous sequels. And, sadly, I was right. This is a SpongeBob movie that should've deserved a good plot accompanying the nice animation, but it's just a long, long disappointment.

Recycled jokes, check. Too slow reactions, check. Pointless side quests, check. Pointless cameos, check. Pointless hit music, check. Forcing the story forward without a smooth transition, check. Dragging ending with a weird unfolding, check.

Did not pay money for this, otherwise would want a refund.

dammdatfiles 9 November 2020

Shame. There is no plot, no story, no content. A disrespect on the creators name, where in the end they say "In memory of Stephen Hillenburg" as if trying to curse.

The first 10 minutes are actually enjoyable but after that... I wish I had quit at that moment but just hoped that it would get back on track.

cbirty 6 November 2020

This just doesn't have the same humour and wit it used to. The characters are there but they seem to be 2d versions and don't heat the same beats they used too. My kids liked it but it just felt slightly off the whole way through for me. The flashbacks were weird too

aljabman 7 November 2020

The sponge on the run movie has greatly disappointed me. I have loved spongebob since I was a infant and absolutely loved the first movie when I was 4, and I feel heartbroken for why this movie is bad. First and foremost they disrespected the death of Stephan hillanburg even with the end card, hillanburdg said he never wanted a spin-off and during on the run there was a pilot for the new camp koral and it has no continuity. In the first 3 seasons spongebob meets sandy at her house while in this movie spongebob finds her when there were kids. Most of the movie has very bad pacing and bored me to death. The animation is good but with them making a new story with a beloved character like spoungebob it makes me really sad. Tbh I would rather watch the emoji movie or all 3 Fred films or annoying orange then watch sponge on the run.

Kdosda_Hegen 27 November 2020

Firstly, it overwrittes some events, for example how the characters met. It was shown in the TV-series how some of the characters met the first time, but acording to this it happened way before. It's just terrible writting, as if they forgotten what had happened. Secondly, it clearly advertises Kamp Koral. Thirdly, many characters are out of character, they do stuff they would have never did in the TV-series. Forthly, the plot is so thin and bare bones simple, lacks any kind of adventure or creativity, just dreadfully uninspired. Fifthly, tons of celebrity cameos just for the sake of having celebrity cameos, it felt cheap and very out of place. I'll admit that song choice was great, and animation was superb, but that's all it is worth. This is the worst of Spongebob so far, but I bet Kamp Koral will be even worse than this. After the death of the original Spongebob creator it keeps gettings worse and worse. They should really stop this show, because it already has hit the bottom of terrible quality.

anastasiapolyanime 19 November 2020

The movie was bad. An absolute monstrosity of a movie. I cannot believe they went with this. I absolutely hate this. This movie should just burn in the pits of hell.

The plot was bad The jokes were bad The movie was an add for the stupid spin-off that goes against Stephen Hillenburg's wish for NO spin-offs and all the actual episodes of the spongebob that we love.


kjavery-24321 20 August 2020

I loved this movie, but it isn't for everyone. It's got a nonsensical plot and the humour is so random that not everyone is going to like it. It seems to be made more so for people who watched the series when they were kids and are now grown up than for kids now, many of the jokes didn't have much that a kid could grasp on to compared to the series and original movie (I haven't seen the second movie as of writing this review).

That said I had so much fun watching it, probably the most joyous time I've spent watching something this year, and fun is really what watching a Spongebob movie is all about.

jack-39973 5 November 2020

The second Spongebob movie was not that good and this movie is even worse.

Bad story, filler and promotion for the new series Kamp Koral.

I don't like the animation and the soundtrack is solid at best.

There were plotholes like the origin of Sandy. She met Spongebob first as a grown up and not in Kamp Koral.

The guest stars Keanu Reeves, Danny Trejo and Snoop Dogg did a solid job.

All in all a disappointing third movie and definitely not a must-see.

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