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The Sun of Gnosis (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   7.9/10
Country: Saudi Arabia
Language: English

In 2010, high school senior Husam, his best friend Maan, their one time foe Ibrahim, and their teacher Orabi set out to produce a no budget horror movie.

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abdulaziz-57689 1 August 2020

Loved the movie, the whole movie was so reflective of our society and of the things that touched and affected us in our most sensitive youth. The characters were so vibrant and vivid, the storyline had the perfect ups and downs that colors any great movie. The comedy was brilliant. The directing was innvoative and aesthetically beautiful. Loved everything about it and hopes it is a firestarter for a promising Saudi cinema.

bugaty-06148 31 July 2020

It was my first Saudi movie that I watched and I couldn't be more happy, fulfilled, relevant ever in a movie such as this one. The directing and acting efforts were so good it left amazed honestly with a great story and well rounded characters that I've felt so relevant to, in all, I couldn't be more proud about a Saudi production, especially in the most heart warming aspect of entertainment, cinema. Well done boys.

talhaalid 26 July 2020

I am a Saudi filmmaker and i loved everything about this movie, it's well written, acted and directed throughout. No matter where you come from you will relate to this story. The Saudi Arabian film industry is still a baby and after watching this film i can see that we have a bright future ahead of us.

osamamb 31 July 2020

The idea of a Saudi citizen wanting to be a film director might be a little bit derivative but the movie improves by the timeline and exceeds my expectations by being unpredictable and funny. Sure, it might have its corny moments but the acting and the production is better than any Saudi film i've ever seen.

yu-s707 3 August 2020

The first Saudi feature-length film to be shown in our local cinemas and I'm proud of what I saw. I already had faith in the team behind this movie but to not be disappointed I lowered my expectations and as you can see from the title of this review they definitely delivered.

The movie was balanced in all its aspects in my opinion. Most of the jokes landed well, the shots were highly Stylized but not too flashy, the conflict between the characters was acted and delivered without exaggeration. The whole concept of the movie any saudi can relate to it especially the school and everything happened in it and I liked that.

I'm so happy to see this kind of production coming out from where I live. We have been waiting for a long time to see movies made here in Saudi Arabia. I'm now more motivated to keep pursuing my dream of becoming a filmmaker.

alolaiwi-03729 2 August 2020

Mr BaraaAlem you've done a great job and I hope that we gonna see your face again in that big screen.

Good job for the casting department for choosing BaraaAlem.👏👌


abdullahksa-01135 30 July 2020

I liked the movie, but for the first twenty minutes I was bored, but then I was amazed at the movie and didn't feel the time. Nice scenario. I loved the movie very much and recommend it to everyone to watch it and give a chance to Saudi movies because they are worth watching.

azizmohamub 2 August 2020

A very real movie Ma'am was great character Thank you guys you did something deserve every minute I watched

reda-15934 28 July 2020

I think this is a great comedy and perfect story And maybe i could this is us

ammarxiw 2 August 2020

A very beautiful movie that I enjoyed and never felt the time, a wonderful comedy from everyone especially Baraa Alem, a movie written in astonishing way, and brilliantly produced. Greetings to you guys and very proud of you

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