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The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982)

Action | Fantasy   
IMDB Rayting:   5.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

A mercenary with a three bladed sword rediscovers his royal heritage's dangerous future when he is recruited to help a princess foil the designs of a brutal tyrant and a powerful sorcerer in conquering a land.

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subcityii 7 June 2002

The main reason this movie was even made was that they wanted it to be in theaters at around the same time as the film "Conan the Barbarian" in 1982. Believe it or not, both films were even released by the same studio! If the films had been made thirty years earlier, they would have been released as a double feature. They were part of a wave of sword fight pictures that included "Excalibur" and "Dragonslayer." Without a lot of fanfare, "Sword and the Sorcerer" managed to become a minor hit. One of the cast members was on a talk show and confessed that the success of the film was a surprise because that person thought it was not very good.

I enjoyed the action scenes and some of the humor. It has some good one-liners. The second half also has generates a fair amount of tension concerning the whereabouts of the sorcerer mentioned in the title. I also liked how the forces came together randomly for the climatic battle scenes. True, the film has many flaws, but it still works for me as an enjoyable adventure. It is the kind of thing I watch on a Friday night to ease me into the weekend.

Add me to the list of those disappointed that the sequel promised in the closing credits was never made.

lost-in-limbo 5 April 2008

Albert Pyun's minor budgeted sword and sorcery foray is just as amusing now, as I remembered it to be and one of the better (if not one of the best) attempts of the over-flooded sub-genre that skyrocketed in the 80s. Never does it cop out on the ingredients that make this type of b-films fun. The wonderful camp level is high, as blood and flesh (topless mainly) run freely. Pace stays zippy, and while the pulpy story has cut and dry outline, it still has personality and a complex array of schemes to keep it excitingly brash, and not just relying on set-pieces. Don't go looking for a mythical medieval journey filled with a variety of beasties, and obstacles on this one though. It's the standard boy seeks revenge when grown up on the man who killed his family, and took over his father's thrown. The hacked-up script is colourfully tacky, but has an agreeable sarcastic edge and unpretentious novelties streaming off it. Sure there are some untied plot details, but never does it fault the entertainment. Yes its entertainment, that's better not to delve too hard in to. Pyun (in his directorial debut) confidently does a workable job constructing an epic scale treatment, by using his budget wisely. Enthusiastic set-designs, and prop work look respectable and are well-integrated. We get bravado sword fights, busting with adrenaline and guts. It's pure mayhem during certain stages, but commendably executed. Then there's the potent make-up FX that holds a vivid imagination, and brutal punch. David Whittaker spirited score chimes in largely, and overwhelms many sequences. Lee Horsley makes for a charming, brawn heroine and a lively Richard Lynch mercifully eats it up as the clichéd villain of the piece. Kathleen Beller stands tall with her bold performance, and makes for nice eye-candy. Simon MacCorkindale has a strong showing, and Richard Boll (in gooey make-up) stands out too in his role as a monstrous sorcerer. In solid support are George Maharis, Joe Regalbuto and a formidable Robert Tessier.

Hup234! 6 December 2000

This is a wonderfully well-done feature with top marks for its value in sheer fun.

If you're not into fantasy, see this anyway as a great swashbuckler a la the Errol Flynn-as-hero genre. (And Lee Horsley even resembles Errol throughout this film, which I was fortunate enough to see theatrically at time of release.)

There are terrific villains galore, rip-roaring adventure, great castles and dungeons, complicated skullduggery, and comeuppance aplenty, all done with delicate humor.

This is great screen entertainment with a '40s-'50s look to it, and that's a compliment. There are no wasted moments. The fast-moving story relies much more on quality writing, acting and expert direction rather than copping out with the sort of elaborate special-effects that producers/directors of such films seem to lean on so heavily now, nearly two decades later.

I think it's a classic, and a model, of its type.

Highly recommended to all except small children.

steven.gough 4 October 2001

"I have a debt to pay" ... for 15 years of viewing pleasure. This film is an absolute joy, untarnished by repeated viewings, sadly overshadowed by Schwarzeneger's vastly inferior Conan movies, and unreasonably critically trashed alongside truly terrible contemporary low budget thud and blunder efforts. The script creaks more than the plot, but reigned in from the curse of camp by director Albert Pyun the actors deliver their lines with a straight face and leave the the audience to find the comedy themselves. Almost a dictionary definition of "ahead of its time", the film is a blueprint for the success of Sam Raimi's Hercules and Xena, right down to the use of Australian bit players. Effects like the demon sorceror's tomb might be managed better technically today, but no more atmospherically, and the closing sword battle is a triumph. The performances are eccentric and electric, and you could not wish for a more motley crew of cut-throats and sidekicks. Richard Lynch eats the scenery with unalloyed zeal, and quite simply more of Lee Horsley as Talon would have made the movie world a better place.

Hup234! 18 October 1999

What's not to like? A great balance among all the elements of what makes film fun. Lee Horsley resembles Errol Flynn, and Robert Tessier fills the screen and steals every scene, as always. Richard Lynch curls his lip a lot, the sneering Jay Robinson is on board, and the special effects don't interfere with the plot, as in today's SFX-o-ramas. Plenty of gorgeous gals in great costumes, and without great costumes. Shakespearean skullduggery abounds everywhere, buckles get swashed, and people walked out of the theatre saying "I thought they didn't know how to make them like that anymore." (Hey, wait a minute ... we're STILL saying that!) Highly recommended!

davidemartin 9 January 2001

When this one came out, Hollywood and the networks were shooting out Sword & Sorcery projects as fast as they could get made, hoping to cash in on Dungeons and Dragons game and the Conan flick. Well, aside from DRAGONSLAYER, SWORD AND THE SORCEROR is the best of them all. Where CONAN was bloated and self-important to the point of pomposity, this one is a fun ride with nary a slow moment. Even better, it actually has a plot that makes you think!

Oh, have to disagree with one comment about half-naked women.... Kathleen Beller is COMPLETELY naked when Talon crashes into the harem, escaping the guards.

fmarkland32 4 August 2006

Lee Horsley (Easily the most likable barbarian warrior) stars as Talon a mercenary hired to save the brother of a rebel princess, the reward of course is one night with that said rebel princess and so armed with a spring loaded sword which shoots out (Also looks heavy as hell) Talon takes on Titus(Richard Lynch) the man who killed his father much sword and sorcery action takes place. I proclaimed in one of my reviews (That dealt with Albert Pyun) that I figured his best movie was Kickboxer 2 or Kickboxer 4, that is until I went and clicked on Albert Pyun's name and saw that he had gone and directed one of my childhood favorites. The Sword And Sorcerer is of course a rip off Conan The Barbarian but this one feels no less epic and Pyun's style seems appropriate provided he doesn't go crazy with his camera angles. He keeps it under control here and he brings a real sense of excitement to the action. Sword and Sorcerer is also helped by Horsley's performance which is build on humor, intelligence and charisma. Whatever to this guy? So even though Pyun did direct the movie this is still a must see and I think it is perfect for anyone who likes the Sword and Sorcery genre. Also there is tons of gore which I look at as very favorable.

* * * out of 4-(Good)

Rob Paul 2 July 1999

Ah, this brings back the memories.

This was one of the scariest movies I saw when I was young, and one of the best adventure/d&d movies. Some of the scenes were truly gruesome, especially the big monster bloke with the beating heart. I still remember grimacing as the hero puts his hand on the tree and one of the baddies fires an arrow into it, and when Talon is attached to the cross and has to pull his hands with big nails in them out. Ouch, that gave me the heebygeebees. Classic stuff for kids, although I nearly died with embarrasment (watching this beside my mum at the time) when Talon is being chased through the castle and crashes into the bedroom filled with beautiful bronzed naked women.

9/10 as a kid, but the cast do know it's trash and ham it up for what it is.

dworldeater 14 November 2014

The early 80's were a great time for fantasy films and that era produced many of my favorites including, Conan The Barbarian, Clash Of The Titans, Excalibur, The Beastmaster and this film as well. The Sword And The Sorcerer is a bit more lighthearted than the above pictures and the tone is very tongue in cheek. However, a fairly well made, coherent and enjoyable adventure flick was made. The plot is pretty straightforward as Talon, son of King Richard has grown up and is a swashbuckling rogue mercenary that stopped home for revenge on Cromwell for killing his family and to liberate the kingdom from Cromwell's tyranny. Our hero Talon, played by Lee Horsley is a hybrid of Han Solo and Conan. In my opinion, Talon has more in common with Han Solo than Conan though. While our hero is quite capable in battle, Talon has a lot of homeboys and they come out of the woodwork to help Talon in his time of need. Of Talon's homies, Captain Morgan is my favorite. The underrated Richard Lynch gives the best performance in the film as main villain and usurper king Cromwell. Talon is armed with a triple bladed sword that can shoot at people as well. There is a lot of great action here as well as some decapitations, gore and T+A. Overall, The Sword And The Sorcerer is a fun, action packed fantasy film that does not take itself too seriously. However, the film is not so campy that it is too over the top to have the audience take it seriously when the story needs it to be.

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