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The Tomorrow War (2021)

Action | Adventure | Drama
Rayting:   6.6/10 165K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: July 2, 2021

A family man is drafted to fight in a future war where the fate of humanity relies on his ability to confront the past.

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MissNevermore 11 July 2021

Dear Hollywood. I'm deeply sorry to inform you that explosions and special effects do not, in fact, count as a plot. Not even in an action movie. Nothing that happens in this film makes the slightest bit of sense. Humanity, as portrayed here, could never have invented time travel. In fact, everyone acts so stupid I doubt they would be able to invent tools. I wound up rooting for the nonsensical devil-ex-machina aliens purely because those, while they also appear decidedly non-sentient, at least might evolve into something interesting one day. This. Is. Not. Scifi. At least no more than "Sharknado" is. This is a 200 million dollar B-movie, at best, and no, casting Chris Pratt as the main character cannot save this( no offence to said actor, this is not his fault). The special effects are somewhat impressive ( if stupid), but the story is appallingly bad even for low-end action flick and the characters are so bland it's impossible to care for them. The only novel thing about the writing ( if you could even call it that) is it's incredible stupidity. My message to whoever's responsible for this idiotic mess of a movie : I suggest that next time you have a spare 200-million dollars on your hands, you use some of that money to a) buy and read some actual proper sci fi novels.b) hire someone who can actually write a plot

-1/ 10.

alandeza 23 July 2021

I don't care what other people are saying, I really enjoyed this film. Yes there are flaws with it, but overall I was on the edge of my seat for some moments, there was fun action, it was humorous, and had heart. A definite recommendation.

felix-35958 1 August 2021

I like the actors, aliens, CGI, music, and action. Also, I am glad there were no social issues forced into the movie. Every time I try to watch some series Holyweirdos put some agenda in it. Even with plot holes this movie is entertaning.

zendoss 2 July 2021

In short, is this a masterpiece? No. Is it groundbreaking? No. But what it is, is entertaining and fun. As some critics have pointed out, it feels very 90's. Which I believe works.

It has a great cast, cool yet admittedly wack concept, fun set pieces and a nice soundtrack. However, what is of course the best part of the film and it's main selling point: killer aliens and Chris Pratt. The aliens have a nice design, and are perfect for the summer blockbuster style.

Pratt is excellent and continues prove to be an actor who feels like he's in the wrong era, the perfect 80's and 90's leading man.

The story isn't all that deep or thorough, and the characters could use work. But Pratt delivers and the cast is still fun.

Perhaps one or two too many jokes, and again the writing is far from great, but the film does acknowledge what it is whilst still providing some emotional stakes.

J. K. Simmons is also excellent as always.

All in all, a decent and fun alien/monster adventure film. I feel it could've bettered from a non-PG-13 rating.

Biggest issue was the overuse of CGI. But sadly that's the ways movies seem to go these days.

That said, with all the garbage Hollywood releases, and with all the comic book and franchise films, and of course you award winners, it is nice to have a film that doesn't necessarily feel those categories. In short, a fun film. Shame it released on streaming, would've been better in the cinema.

Don't buy into the overly positive or aggressively negative reviews. This film ain't that bad or that amazing (objectively) but is exactly what you want from a sci-fi summer blockbuster.

As always decide for yourself, but if you're reading this and need some swaying: I recommend The Tomorrow War. 7.5/10.

Nemesis42 2 July 2021

The logic behind main story movements in this is completely ridiculous, though these shortcuts are designed to make the film as satisfying and entertaining as possible. If you want entertainment and feel good action, have a ride with this!

The fighting sequences are brilliant and believable. The creature design is impeccable. Aspects of these creatures and even parts of the story are derived from a number of past sci-fi classics, but I must say these are some of the most frighting creatures I've seen in a while. There was no expense spared with the creature CGI and sound design.

The wasted opportunity to have a more innovative and believable story made this a bit boring for me (apart from individual action sequences).

Worth a look if you like alien action blockbusters.

filmape 1 August 2021

A hundred reviews here will tell you the story isn't logical. It's formulaic, it's predictable, and it has holes. I admit, I don't always watch movies for fine storytelling. If a quality story is your overriding interest, you should look elsewhere, because The Tomorrow War doesn't really have one.

What it does have is time travel paradox, awesome action, great special effects, cool stunts, killer cinematography, an everyman hero, and the most creative monsters I've seen in a while. It even takes a stab at character development, and deals with father-daughter and father-son relationships in a way a lot of people can probably relate to.

I think truly entertaining movies are pretty few and far between, so I was pleased to see this. In fact, my whole family really liked it, and it's not easy for us to find something we're all interested in. Watch it if you want to have fun.

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