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The Toxic Avenger Part II (1989)

Action | Horror   
IMDB Rayting:   5.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English | Japanese

The Toxic Avenger is tricked into traveling to Tokyo to search for his estranged father, leaving Tromaville open to complete domination by an evil corporation.

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Bogey Man 7 January 2004

The Toxic Avenger, Part II (1989) by the Troma lunatics Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman continutes the adventures of Toxie, a nuclear waste mutant monster hero, and his attempts to maintain peace in his home town, a world of its own (especially in Part I), Tromaville. And so on. Unlike the first film with many clever and satiric elements in it, the sequel concentrates more on the not-so-clever humor and jokes and extremely over-the-top ultra gore and violence that have often been censored (the Japanese VHS, the US Tox Box DVD set and, surprisingly, the Finnish videotape RE-release are as uncut as possible & director's editions) and for a better reason than in Part I. The effects are quite splashy and nasty. There are some genuinely funny moments and bits of dialogue (especially dealing with the Japan/USA territory and cultural differences and also genuine acceptance of foreign people, something that, for example, many Hong Kong exploitation films rarely achieve or dare to do) but the spark of freshness is gone. There is also a James Bond spoof that may be funny for some; at least the long chace is well shot even though the budget for the sequel was notably higher than in the first film. Ultra gory, ultra toxic and often ultra stupid but honest trash cinema.

Platypuschow 17 November 2018

Troma really are the pits, I was debating whether Troma or Fullmoon made the worst movies but I think I can confidently say that Troma takes the title.

With an immense catalogue of movies they're known for The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nukem High franchises above all else and I'm shocked to say I haven't seen them all.

Made 5yrs after the original Toxie gets not one but two films in the same year and this second outing is a marginal improvement on the embarassing (Yet somehow cult) original.

Toxie ventures off to Japan to find his real father while the evil Apocalypse Inc take over the town in his absence. So yeah, there is the "Plot".

Full of madcap slapstick humour I'd say about 90% of jokes not only miss the mark but miss trip backflip land on their head and urinate themselves. I like that type of humour, but it's so purile and you can tell that it was written by Kaufman! Yes if you've read any other reviews he's been mentioned in you'll understand that I think he has the talent of a Kardashian.

Interesting nugget of information, the film briefly features Michael Jai White in his very first on screen role! I'd imagine he's not proud of that but I'm sure it got better after that...............oh wait, his second role was The Toxic Avenger Part III? Poor sod!

The Good:

A couple of laughs

The Bad:

Simply not funny

Alike every Troma film it just all looks so terrible

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Dancing in the street is a principal activity

Nobody wants to see their father in a diaper

Taketsuo 19 December 2005

Toxic Avenger part II receives a lot of flak from reviewers, and I am not surprised: Troma, in their foolishness, decided to sell the R-rated version on DVD with cover boasting an unrated cut. Ignorant consumers naturally thought this WAS the unrated cut, which is but a pile of forgettable dross with all the gleeful violence and nudity cut out by the MPAA. (and most inexplainably of all, the fate of the Japanese thug girl is completely removed, which doesn't contain any hardcore violence in the first place!) Unfortunately (or fortunately, rather) I have only heard about the notorious censored version, as I myself got the Tox Box which contained the TRUE unrated cut, and trust me when I say that it is almost on par with the first movie. The first film was a huge hit in Japan, and Troma received additional sponsorship from that very country, which is why they went there to make their film. Naturally, the plot to get Toxie to Japan is absolutely ridiculous, but that's Troma for you.

Personally, I rate this film actually higher than the first, mostly because of the much higher production values which do indeed show: gone are the pumpkin-head children and cheap gore effects, as this time we see some genuine splatter, such as a man being squeezed to death in a wheelchair, literally causing him to spill his guts...or a man being chopped up by a very distracted fish marketer!

TalesfromTheCryptfan 9 December 2007

After the original movie, mutated superhuman hero The Toxic Avenger (Ron Fazio) has been saving the town of Tromaville New Jersey and works at the Tromaville home for the blind with a new girlfriend named Claire who's also blind. However, the greedy chemical company known as "Apocalypse Inc." conducted by the evil Chairman who has plans on taking over Tromaville as Toxie goes to Japan to find his long lost father. Meanwhile in Tromaville, Apocalypse Inc. Has taken control of the town as it's bad news for Toxie but can he find his father so he can return to save Tromaville or will he fail?

Although very inferior to the 1985 cult classic that made Troma popular, it's still a funny sequel with good laughs and nice splatter here. The acting is still laughable by Troma standards especially the writing, but is missing is that Sarah the first blind chick is now replaced by another blonde bimbo named Claire and doesn't have any of the charm that the original cult masterpiece had.

It doesn't quite hold a candle to the original or "Citizen Toxie" but it's still an enjoyable sequel that isn't quite bad.

hellrider 16 September 2003

As with the first and third films in the toxic avenger series, I loved it. I'm not really sure why, but I found myself enjoying this more than I probably should have. Again like the 1st and 3rd it's silly, mad, daft, and pointless... but who cares! Whoever said films had to be anything more than an entertaining way to kill time is lying. Films don't have to make you think. So It's not exactly going to win awards, but that shouldn't matter. See the first three films in the series and laugh at the things you should and shouldn't and enjoy each for their ability to be completely deranged.

ADAM_LLEWELLYN04 28 December 2003

Everyone hated "The Toxic Avenger Part 2" but i find it to be dumb fun, it definatly is not Oscar Material and the story isnt the greatest but its still a bit of fun and it is very gory and arousing.


Captain_Couth 3 November 2003

Toxic Avenger II i(1989) is the sequel to The Toxic Avenger. Troma received funding from a Japanese investor to help make a sequel about a superhero from New Jersey. After all the filming was completed, Lloyd Kaufman ended up with a three hour picture. Figuring out that you can make two dollars instead of one, Kaufman edited the film into two different movies. The results being Toxic Avenger II and III. The Toxic Avenger II is campier and cheesier than the first film (if that was even possible)and it has more of a comic book feel. With no more evil left to combat, Melvin is bored with his mundane life. Because of his toxic condition job opportunities are very limited. That's until the evil corporation Apocalypse Inc. moves into Melvin's hometown of Tromaville. Adding to Melvin's personal conflicts, word has it that his father is alive and residing in Japan. What happens next has to be seen.

Highly recommended for Cult film fans!

jeffreyc-32567 17 August 2019

Have never seen the first film so this part two is hilarious. Some gore and splatter shots were quite well worth the money i spent on it. Will try and check out the rest of the films if they are still available. Cheers

tomgillespie2002 28 December 2017

Five years after he fell into a drum of toxic waste and stated taking revenge on the school bullies that had harassed him his entire life, Melvin Ferd AKA The Toxic Avenger (here renamed Melvin Junko) returned for a sequel as Troma's lucky charm. Troma are a small production company proudly trafficking in schlock, but 'Toxie', New Jersey's first and only superhero, was a surprise hit, spawning comic-books, action figures and even a stage musical. Directors Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman - also the company's founders - knew there was money to be made, and the character ended up getting three sequels. 1984's The Toxic Avenger, like Troma's fellow cult classic Class of Nuke 'Em High, was so memorable because it was funny, off-the-wall and had real heart buried deep within.

This cash-grab sequel seems to forget all of this, and in blowing its load far too early in the film, sucks all the fun out of Toxie and his crazy adventures. Having completely rid Tromaville of crime, Toxie (played by both Ron Fazio and John Altamura following the latter's dismissal), has made the town a haven, and the hideous but gentle creature with super size and strength enjoys life looking after the blind and shacking up at the junk yard with his (also blind) girlfriend Claire (Phoebe Legere). A life without crime has given Toxie a chance to reflect, and in his depressed state he decides that the only way to fill the void in his heart is by confronting his estranged father in Japan. With the good-hearted monster off to Asia in a sailboat, evil corporation Apocalypse Inc. move into town to spread toxic waste and evil in equal measures.

To give The Toxic Avenger Part II its due, there are quite a few very funny moments. A small appearance by Michael Jai White making his big-screen debut and watching the oblivious Japanese public gaze with curiosity and terror as the rubber-suited hero struts through Tokyo are some of the highlights, and an early extended fight scene is just absolutely bonkers. But Toxie's trip to Japan feels more of a diversion from the lack of care taken with the story, which is all over the place and takes way, way too long to reach its end. While some of the jokes land, around 90% fall flat on their face, with a heavy reliance on childish slapstick humour and silly costumes for cheap laughs. The daftness is quite endearing for a short period of time, but then it hits you that this is what you're getting for a whole 100 minutes, and the film quickly becomes an absolute chore.

trashgang 22 April 2016

Just seen the full uncut version of Toxic Avenger part 2 and as I wrote in my review of part 1, this is typical Troma and again this part goes even further in stupidity. What I did like was the opening part in which we do have a lot of gory moments. Thought this flick would be full of it but once the fighting starts in the opening the silly moments come in too.

And in silly I really mean parts were people can turn off their TV. Like when all kind of persons attack Melvin they even start to dance. It's Troma and it shows from there on and it even goes further once Melvin goes search for his dad in Tokyo. You will have it all, the public baths, the ninja, the sumo wrestling guys and of course a lot of nudity. I was surprised that a lot of Japanese girls go the full monty without the body being blurred in editing. Pubic hair and private parts can't be shown due their religion.

Over the top with the stupidity that's the part that I don't like but hey, there are so many out there who do like Toxie.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 2/5 Story 1/5 Comedy 0,5/5

westside-surfer 9 August 2014

I watched part 1 a few days ago and totally blown away, so much that I craved a second helping. Toxic Avenger goes to Tokyo, the land of weirdness, has to be cool, right?

At the start something immediately stuck out. They slapped a Halloween mask on the Toxic Avenger. It seriously looks as if the make bought a mask at Target. Part one got Toxie's look perfect. How could they screw up this bad? And not just the face, his entire outfit looks slapped together.

The beginning opens up with some gory awesomeness. It's looking to be a good movie. Everything is looking good until Toxie goes to Tokyo. At that point the movie really takes a plunge. There's a few over-the-top scenes were great to watch. Everything in between those scenes seems slapped together on the spot. Maybe the film crew felt out of place in Japan.

It just didn't have the confidence of the first one. Actually, scratch that, part one is the only true Toxic Avenger movie. Part two should have paid for its dishonor in the true Japanese fashion by disemboweling itself for shaming a classic.

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