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The Traitor (2019)

Biography | Drama   
IMDB Rayting:   7.5/10
Country: Italy | France
Language: Italian | Sicilian

The real life of Tommaso Buscetta the so called "boss of the two worlds", first mafia informant in Sicily 1980's.

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robertomancini-76850 1 June 2019

A fabulous movie based on the true story of Tommaso Buscetta, the repentant member of Cosa Nostra which, with the help of the magistrate Giovanni Falcone, revealed the most important names of the mafia. Great directing, and Pierfrancesco Favino is truly awesome. May seem slow, being a film focused on dialogue and words but it is a beautiful portrait of the more psychological side of the character.

s3276169 5 October 2019

Everyone has, of course, heard of the mafia but what and who these people are, remains hidden behind lurid headlines and sensational films.

The Traitor offers an insight into who these people really are, their motivations, ambitions and the structure of the organisation, headed by a commission.

What becomes clear is how tribal, loosely cohesive at best and brutal this group is. It underscores too, the fragility, of the judicial system in Italy. Law enforcement and judges intimidated by these groups and politicians potentially collaborating with them. Small wonder they became so powerful.

This film is inherently interesting, made more so by stellar performances, that are simple and honest. There is no pretension here, just an insight into the troubled and tortured life of a man who decided to expose the vicious criminal organisation he once served.

One notable downside is because of the breadth of ambition of this film, covering decades, it can be difficult to follow at times. Making the viewer work to keep up with what happening to who, when and why.

Nonetheless compelling viewing. 7/10 from me.

danythebest89 5 June 2019

I liked it. Although certain events of the so-called "Second Mafia war" took place, between the 1981-83, have been changed and rightly accelerated due to the film's rhythms (for istance the death of Salvatore Inzerillo is set in 1982 and not 1981 and is little bit different about how he was killed). Bellocchio has been able to discreetly direct a film that is not at all simple and above all with a character as a protagonist absolutely not easy to manage.

Favino is certainly the strong point of the whole film, with a really intense acting from beginning to end. So much has fallen well in the shoes of Buscetta that sometimes seems to see and above all feel the real Don Masino. The Maxi-Trial of 1986, shot among other things in the Palermo's bunker room, the same where the real historical juridical process took place is certainly the point that entertains the viewer the most. The comparison between Calò and Buscetta is truly faithful to what was really there, the same thing the scenes with the other Pentito, Salvatore Contorno, the scenes when he speaks fluent sicilian slang are really similar with the original deposition, but having proposed with other realism also other salient moments with the other defendants was really classy. Perhaps the film falls just in the act after the Maxi-Trial and following the 1992's Massacres (Capaci and Via d'Amelio) , when going towards the conclusion by now the same Buscetta becomes precisely more and more "invisible" and without anything more particularly interesting to reveal.

lorenzopedrazzi 9 June 2019

From the debates in the halls of Palermo to the killings in the streets, Bellocchio delivers a very well done movie with all the characteristics to be remembered as a great mafia movie. Favino is just fabolous, great acting. A marvelous portrait of a piece of Italian history. Thank you Marco!

lallo-2 14 October 2019

The movie depicts 1 of the saddest pages of the Italian history. Unfortunately is not the unique and there are so many others, so sad and bad.

Favino is one if the greatest Italian actors amd should really deserve a role in a Hollywood movie with a large budget. But directed by an Italian if the movie describes Italian history.

Favino has interpreted his role so great that if you listen to the original recordings of the Mafia process, you hear the exact same accent, tone, voice and words. As he was there.

I strongly recommend to watch.

stefanopertile 5 June 2019

This film covers more or less 30 years of italian (not only) history, and tells the story of the mafia penitent Tommaso Buscetta, who accepted to collaborate with the judge Giovanni Falcone. The plot is accurate to what really happened and doesn't leave much to the director. Great acting by Pierfrancesco Favino playing Buscetta.

xristos_angelidis 8 November 2019

The last film of Marco Bellocchio is the portrayal of Tommaso Buscetta, a former member of Italian mafia who brake ''omerta'' and became an informant. Moreover, through Buscetta's life we can see the Italian mafia history during 60's-80's.

As I was a bit dissapointed from Bellocchio's latest works I didn't expect to see a great movie, but in the end I was amazed both from the direction and the plot line. Some scenes of the movie are a real masterpiece and although it lasts 2,5 hours you don't get tired or bored.

Outstanding acting by Pierfrancesco Favino, he's perfect on his role.

ops-52535 6 September 2019

No parla italiano, and that gave me some problems following the narrative, due to a very bad english CC's, that mustve been issued by an overeager middle schooled italian or siscilian. and that is a major drawback for the film....

which is very good indeed, about the big trials towards the leadership of the cosa nostra divisions of siscily in the late 70's and the 1980's. i do remember some of the names, and especially the bomb attack on giorgio falcone made a deep impression to me when it happened. it also shows the primitive judicial system that were excecuted in italian court rooms, with poor discipline and frightened judges and officials and corrupt police.

the story do spring back and forth very fast and often, but survives by good time and place info on each shift. the pace are slow, but the acting are very well done and the lead male actor gave an excellent performance on many levels. i wish i had those cool demeanors...

if you want to see a film with some similarities to don corleone, and killing spree of blood feuds alla sciciliano style, then the grumpy old man recommend il traditore. a strong 8.

gcarpiceci 31 October 2019

The Traitor has wasted a series of really big opportunities, despite taking two and half very long hours of the viewers' time (definitely too much for the results it achieves). The Traitor could have been the opportunity to explore in depth the complex and controversial personality of Tommaso Buscetta but the movie barely scratches the surface of this multifaceted character. It could have been the opportunity to dig into the overall role of the "pentiti" of the mafia, the former "men of honour" turned into witnesses for the state; this was a very controversial, ambiguous and surely humanly difficult choice for those people yet again the movie misses its chance. It could have been the opportunity to offer a deep look into a dramatic moment of the contemporary history of the Italian mafia, the bloody 80' and 90's, but these events are presented in a rather fragmented, disjointed manner, bordering sometimes the caricature (like the trial scenes). The one thing to be saved of the movie is Favino's performance, really stunning.

nikiriki 10 November 2019

Main role: excellent acting. Movie feels too documentaric and fragmented. Film should have been 20 min shorter, and it lacks the point beyond facts and dramatic history.

pravda-18830 19 November 2019

I reckon, not sure that this has been televised. have watched it partly twice cause I fell asleep, seriously. storyline, if any, hard to follow. if you are sufferiing from insomnia I recommend watching it 3 start cause some details were accurate, , the end

dustyjoe 18 November 2019

Some of the best movies are the ones which turn out to be nothing like what you thought before seeing them. Considering the subject, I was expecting something along the lines of 'Goodfellas'- a mafia underboss wiseguy whose life spins out of control. Watching the documentary currently available on a certain streaming TV service only bolstered my expectation. My preconceived notions were incorrect. That was a good thing. There is no glamorization of the mafia lifestyle in this film. We even see the mafiosi call their purported familial ties "a farce". It portays the members of the cosa nostra as the sick sociopaths that they are. Nothing glamorous about that. This is a very well made film, worthy of the high praise it has received.

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