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The Vanished (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.7/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Story of a husband and wife that will stop at nothing to find her missing daughter, who disappeared on a family camping trip. When the police don't catch any leads, the duo take over.

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momster64 21 August 2020

I'm still not sure if I actually liked this movie or not.....there was so much going on, odd subplots, and unresolved non-issues that made it all confusing. For starters, it was at least 45 minutes too long, several times I thought it was gonna wrap up, then off they went again in a new direction. A lot of character behavior that didn't seem terribly believable; I found myself laughing at parts that weren't supposed to be funny. And they made darn sure you knew that EVERY minor character could be the "bad guy" by giving them all exaggerated creepy habits, tics, and secrets that were quite over the top.

It was plenty suspenseful in many places but at times again ventured into is-that-supposed-to-be-funny....?

I give it a resounding "meh".

zingmark-69698 31 August 2020

Like everyone else I was about to close the movie down after ten minutes. The acting was horrendous and when I read the user reviews it didnt seem to get any better. But, thnx to some reviews stating it was worth the watch I pushed through and actually got stuck. The acting is over the top but after you´ve watched the whole movie and rewatch the first scenes, it makes more sence and actually fits. I cant say much more without spoiling.

The ending is what does the movie. If I had stoped watching after twenty minutes I would have given a one-star review but after seeing all of it I give it a six.

Its not a bad start for first time director but the writers and director made this one to hard on us. They should have realed in the acting so more of us saw the whole thing. They would have benefited greatly from that.

In short; Its a decent thriller with weird acting, that kinda gets explained, and a great ending. Actually worth a watch.


Draysan-Jennings 25 August 2020

This movie turned out to be fairly decent. Some of the acting wasn't the greatest, but I did enjoy the film. I've got to admit I didn't expect the twist in the end. Worth a watch.

gherahtraitte 26 August 2020

The most creepy part is to read reviews from people who actually watched 10 mins or who watched till the very end and still didn't get it. I wonder why do they have this urge to leave a comment the most?

I started to watch with absolutely no expectations but it turned out to be quite entertaining. There were few holes but all in all it's a pretty decent thriller with good twists. Good job!

TopDawgCritic 21 August 2020

Actor turned newb writer and director Peter Facinelli, wore all three hats in this B-grade film, and although flawed, it was still enjoyable. New filmmakers have to start somewhere, right? This was his 3rd full length feature film, and I've seen much worse from seasoned filmmakers lately. My biggest issue was the terrible acting by Anne Heche and especially Thomas Jane and his changing weird voice, but some of that blame also falls on the inexperience of the newb director not directing his cast and scenes effectively. Overall though, the directing was fairly decent as was the camera work. The cinematography and score were on point. The writing did have some plot and technical issues, and the pacing needed to be faster and/or the films 115 min runtime edited or cut down to around 90 mins. But the overall story with its twists and turns and surprise ending was conceived very well - it was worth the slow pacing and long runtime. If you enjoy mystery thrillers with some scary moments, you will enjoy this one. Watching it a second time knowing the ending is like watching a different movie, which is well put together. Ignore the wannabe critics and their ridiculously low ratings... it's a solid and well deserved 7/10 from me.

oaklep 26 August 2020

Okay, so there's a lot going on in this movie the plot rambles around a bit. The acting is only ok, with good turns from Jason Patric (Sheriff) and Thomas (Paul). It's hitchcockian in its style and the ending threw me BIG TIME (no spoilers). It's no classic and has more holes than Swiss cheese, but stick with this one and you'll be glad you did!

ReliableReview 25 August 2020

It was not too bad and certainly held my attention as it tries to solve a missing daughter story. I was hoping it might be like Taken but it's mostly a psychological drama similar to Prisoners but not nearly as good. But still it was tense suspenseful watch with twists and turns. But the unreliable narrator storytelling has been done before but still never gets old.

buffyfan713 29 August 2020

I found this movie very interesting. I liked all the twists and turns, and the ending is very surprising and satiating. Sure there are several misdirects that other reviews site as plot holes. But if you think about it later each subplot has a thread tying it back to the main story of the missing daughter.

trish-06027 21 August 2020

Okay, I have to admit after 27 minutes of bad acting I said enough. I've never seen Anne Heche or Thomas Jame act so badly. Jason Patric was a joke as the sheriff IMO. I was rolling my eyes way too much to stick with what I consider a hot mess. I mean, really...those two were acting in a forced way. Like some amateur B movie stuff. I just couldn't stomach this one. ugh. Wasn't for me but maybe some will like it?

dgosset-828-807085 21 August 2020

Ann Heche has to be the most stupid Actress from Soap Operas to Silver Screens if anyone can screw up a script or Movie she can that for sure.

jfrober 21 August 2020

I don't blame the actors. The screenplay and director are solely responsible for this garbage. Hard to believe just how bad it is. The one star is for the scenery.

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