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The Vault (2021)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.4/10 4825 votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

Follows a genius engineering graduate who is interested in the Bank of Spain's safe.

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Instant_Palmer 22 March 2021

The first half of the film grabs your interest with intrigue and slick production, but too many holes in the script later, loses you. It's a gorgeously shot caper film, but tries too hard to be cool, and someone should have spent more time plugging those story holes, as one's interest drains by the end.

Xstal 12 March 2021

... but god help us all as the most conjured, contrived and concocted, made for tv, middle of the road, median, mean and average bank heist story goes bust and burst while flooding, flailing and failing to entertain through an exceptionally unbalanced, uneven, off centre and out of kilter plot - the securely locked door left open for a part two suggested, but let's hope not.

bou3zizi 17 March 2021

The idea of the film lacks creativity, the viewer feels that he is watching a collection of several scenes from old films. The end is also expected.

croccylc 5 April 2021

The little 'I'm an engineer' genius-virgin guy is very annoying, I was hoping something bad might happen to him.

TopDawgCritic 21 March 2021

It was good, really well directed and shot, but the story is nothing new. It's basically a tamed down shortened movie version of Money Heist, but not nearly as cleverly or suspensefully written. Plus I feel Freddie Highmore was a poor casting choice. I kept expecting some dumb equations to pop up like they do in the lame TV series he's in, The Good Doctor. Plus he still had that lost-in-space duh look.

calsols 18 March 2021

Spanish version of Ocean's Eleven/Mission: Impossible. But worse.

mariannelisabeth 13 March 2021

Refreshingly easy watch. No politics or "woke" crap just a easygoing popcorn movie. Wanted to give it 7/10 but just because it was free of all 2021 boring stuff I give it a nice 8/10. Watch this without worrying about getting hit over the head with real live crap and just enjoy!

aronisland 18 March 2021

The main dude, who looks like a confused bong head at a slayer concert most of the time, absolutely ruined this movie for me :S I have nothing more to add really, if the casting had been different, I'm pretty sure I'd have enjoyed the rest of it . Please movie makers, never hire this frog faced , skyhigh looking hippy again ! :)

obrechtandreas 30 March 2021

Could have had potential, in the end it just feels like sth we already saw 100 times and even the actors don't fit. It tries to be clever but.. yeah.. overall a waste of time, really not recommended.

simon-1233 12 March 2021

Gave up half way through. When you watch halfway through a movie and nothing even remotely pulls you into it, then why watch the other half? There was nothing great about the dialogue, just the same old stuff, no action set pieces to get the adrenaling pumping, no comedy, nothing. If this movie was a colour it would be light grey. There are hundreds of movies that pull of the "Heist" style movie much better. Go watch one of those.

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