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The Village in the Woods (2019)

Horror | Thriller   
IMDB Rayting:   6.5/10
Country: UK

Every village, every person, has a secret...none more so than the inhabitants of this isolated, murky village whose fate relies on the luring of two unsuspecting pawns to satisfy their appetite and determine their being.

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simon-alphastar 18 October 2019

Really enjoyed this. Thoughtful and original with some nice inspired performances. It looks amazing too, the fog scenes at night look great.

Don't expect a fast paced, gory horror with lots of jump scares. This is a classy, atmospheric film that makes you think and certainly stays with you.

rebeccalovechild 18 October 2019

Really cool little movie. 70's homage stuff with a twist of modern. Charles played by Hope drops some weird, odd creepy stares. Maddy his counterpart has this sort of wanna devour you (get the hint?) thing going on. Subtle but very effective. There's a menacing threat running through it which I dig. Fans of hardcore horror step away. Seriously this film is not a slasher. But, if you like Midsommar or maybe The Witch this will appeal. Recommended!

karenrobless 19 October 2019

I absolutely loved it, it's not fast paced rather it grows on you. Good acting, editing and the film really had me guessing right to the very end. I also have to mention the score in this film is seriously well done. They had all the right elements to make this a solid thriller film. Enjoyed it.

shanksrajendran 18 October 2019

The movie is better then the actual trailer. I didn't know what to expect but we found ourselves on the edge of our seats. It was suspsenseful, creepy and the production was top notch. I'm giving it a 7!

nlloyd-82274 21 October 2019

A brilliant combination of art and thrill. The 'knowing something is about to happen' mixed with the plethora of intentionally unanswered questions leaves you wanting more and more.

trevahayward 20 October 2019

This is what independent filmmaking is all about folks. Great cinematography, superb sound design, a flawless cast of actors, a proper film grade and a wonderful story, which of course tips it's hat to Hammer and Amicus films in the best way. Don't expect blood and thunder from the off here. Instead, we are treated to an incredibly atmospheric and beautifully filmed 'steady burn'. This is complimented by actors who are very much believable as well as classically trained. So many times have i witnessed Indie Films with exceptionally bad acting, this is certainly not one of those films. Thankfully director Raine McCormack has chosen a wonderful cast who really deliver the goods here. This is a memorable film with everything done properly. Sound, lighting, editing, camerawork etc. If you love your tension building drama, with a hefty dose of creepiness thrown in, you won't be disappointed.

ppmrd 15 October 2019

Excellent mix of spine tingling suspense, jump out of your skin scenes and slightly disturbing elements. Some beautifully artistic camera work with a fabulous music score Gave me weird dreams!!!!

gayleroyal 22 October 2019

This movies trending for all the right reasons. Beautiful cinematography, solid cast of actors that gave it their all and the storyline was perfect. You got my support.

beautyjohansen 19 October 2019

Settle down out of the dank autumn wet and give this a watch....It excels with creepy atmosphere. Strange characters unfold in an uncomfortable lingering tense slow burn. The acting is excellent, the cinematography stand out and I love the original score which was also written by the Director-no mean feat especially considering it's a debut.

matthewallen-09405 22 October 2019

Not normally my sort of film, but thought I would try it. It is slow at first but does rise to quite a chilling film. Well shot.

duvalmentis 23 October 2019

Don't expect a fast-paced film. The story builds to something big so be warned. In all the characters were great but the cinematography and story was was what sold me. Supenseful for sure. Nice job

sarahlovesfilms 18 October 2019

This film deserves a higher score.. everybody upset here is looking for a high paced horror and this isn't that. But, I adored it! The overall feel like I've read in many of the critic reviews is atmospheric. Yep, it has a slow burn pace yet it held my attention for throughout. The visuals are beautiful and equally oppressive in a sort of old school way. The villagers play their roles to a tee as strange almost dare I say, 'sexual'?! There's a strong undertow in the movie, brooding darkness. It hits its climax and left me with questions... I like that.

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