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The Way We Are (2020)

Comedy | Romance 
Rayting:   5.6/10 4620 votes
Country: Turkey
Language: English

A group of old friends get together to be with their beloved aunt/grandmother who took care of them when they were kids for her last days. And things get complicated.

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ustabulent 17 June 2020

Even if you have lots of time this film is still waste of time

RealOmerCetin 15 June 2020

This one is just one of those movies that want to become something good but can't. You can't do everything in one movie. What was this movie's motivation? What did it tell us for 120 minutes long? And why did the movie waste its twist at the end? What character arc did you just developed? There were pointless, unnecessary actions all along the movie. It was like 5 year-old kids playing in the park and nothing more.

Also bad acting. Boran Kuzum and Meriç Aral were kinda nice. Other cast was just doing their regular no emotional and memorised act.

In the middle of the movie, at some point Serdar Keskin joins the scene. Almost 30 seconds of screen time. A lot better than the main cast.

And this is a comedy tagged movie. A comedy? Really?

4 is just for beloved Hümeyra and cinematography (just for a bit).

Edit: I saw that some people said "You should not expect much from a movie.". Well, you just give your time for a movie. You can do a lot of things with that time. And if a movie just ruins that precious time of yours, you would complain about it.

facalisifiralti 15 June 2020

The movie (if it can be called a movie, of course) has no limits when it comes to using clichés. Oh, I must appreciate the house though because it was the best actor.

didemcetin601 24 January 2020

2 points of Hümeyra's sake. Boran Kuzum and Meriç Aral were fine. But the movie is not worth watching after all.

Lilyum_ 23 January 2020

The movie wasn't great but not terrible either. The problem is, it doesn't tell much anything more than it's trailer, like it's the long version of the trailer.

ozanicin 17 January 2020

The most boring movie i have ever watched. The story does not satisfy the spectator.

yusufpiskin 17 June 2020

It's such a bad movie .... there are more professional birthday celebration videos on youtube than this movie...

ydeyirmenci 25 June 2020

I cannot believe turkish haters came here too and saying one of the worst movie something.if someone writing here definitelly should be seen 100 worst movie than this one but disrespectfully can say one of the worst something.okey not a great movie or story but still you can finish movie with kind feelings because you can see they tried their best. Maybe we were expecting something more better but not Its okey too.

SPARIKAN 13 June 2020

No story, simple and empty movie. Cast was good but thats just disappointment.

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