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The Witches (2020)

Adventure | Family | Horror
Rayting:   5.3/10
Country: USA | Mexico
Language: English

A young boy and his grandmother have a run in with a coven of witches and their leader.

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Blk_Ne190 29 November 2020

This was one of the most pointless remakes i have ever seen. It just takes away from the original and that is not what you want when you are making a remake.

Like i was looking forward to seeing the hotel in this film. The original hotel was so iconic to me, it just really stuck with me and when i watched it was like like i really want to go to this fabulous hotel on the cost in the UK. This hotel looked so bad, i honestly think it was CGI. It looked fake, like all the exterior shots looked like it was a CGI hotel.

Speaking of CGI, there is so much in this film and it just looks stupid. They lean so heavy on it. The original uses make up and animatronics so well and it just works to make the film seem more rooted in our word and just more pleasing to look at. I also think it is incredibly lazy to just CGI. That word pretty much sums up this movie.

The acting was fine apart from Anne who was chewing up the scenery like it was going out of fashion. She was the best part of the move i guess. Well her costumes were to be honest. But they even used CGI in her costumes!! It was infuriating. Her accent was absolutely horrible tho. She should have just used her normal accent.

I would say you could defiantly skip this one. Just watch the original.

rikard_alvestad 23 October 2020

What the F... is Going on? Im a norwegian, and one of the best things about the original, is that the beginning is set in norway. Bergen. The story about the girl in the painting. Dahl had norwegian parents, so i really love the beginning of the original.

Why do the keep making terrible remakes of really good movies? The make up in the original is far surperior to the terrible CGI in this movie. If you check out the drawings in the book, the Grand witch is way off in this movie. The CGI is more like the Scorpion King.

That someone in the comments gave this movie 7-10 is just nuts. So incredible bad

johnnynotty 22 October 2020

Total tripe from start to finish. The only one good thing about this movie is Anne. The CGI is shockingly bad and cartoonish. A British story set in Britain that's been Americanised and therefore completely ruined. Hideous doesn't even come close to describe this movie.

brooklynblax 22 October 2020

The remake has no story line, no emotional connections to the characters. Nothing compared to the original and yes you should be comparing. The only good actress in this film is Anne Hathaway who did alright. The director should be ashamed. What a waste of money and talent. I'm going to go have some Cress soup and enjoy the rest of my night watching the original version. More talent in just the pinky of that movie.

marshcady 22 October 2020

This re-make of the witches is very short and very simplified from the original adaptation of the film. The cast doesn't seem entirely engaged in their roles. Too much auto-tone and CGI used here to the point that it's not as effective as one might hope it to be. Very bland sets and much smaller scale compared to the original version. Ultimately, this is just another bland Hollywood low budget re-make film.

roxannajlc 23 October 2020

This was horrible I can't believe they would remake this amazing classic and cast Anne Hathaway at the grand high which. No offense to her she's an OK actress but this was not a role for her. This was Anjelica Huston's part it's like could you imagine anyone else playing Morticia Addams? And also no offense to Chris rock but the narration was no Bueno

laplayaponiente 23 October 2020

There is going to be a lot of unemployed actors in Hollywood, very soon.

Is there anyone left who understands the public mood?

artistcrazy 22 October 2020

This whole movie is a mess! The cast all seem very dis-interested in their roles. The plot is a shot by shot re-make of the original and overall, I don't feel like there is any spirit or enthusiasm in this project at all! Don't recommend at all! Skip it and watch the original more engaging version of the film!

jcorbancm 23 October 2020

I love Octavia and Anne, but this movie seems like it was rushed and that they were just phoning it in.

To begin with, the original is a cult classic, so how dare you mess up with it. Then, if you are gonna do it, well, do it well. They were clearly going for a kids friendly movie but I mean, this story is creepy. The mouse animation takes you away from it, specially coming from Henson's animatronics. The Great Witch reveal is underwhelming, and the changes/additions to the story don't serve it. It just doesn't adds up.

It pains me that Cuaron and Del Toro are attached to this project as producers. Zemeckis seems to be going in decline and it just sucks. Dahl's fans may be happier with this ending, but with all the other changes I dunno how they can be happy with the movie in general.

sueziq 24 October 2020

I just don't get it??? Why do producers think it's a good idea to re-make an already fabulous movie????? WHY???? Why not remake a movie that should have been good and wasn't!?

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