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The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

Comedy | Thriller 
IMDB Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Terror grips a small mountain town as bodies are discovered after each full moon. Losing sleep, raising a teenage daughter, and caring for his ailing father, officer Marshall struggles to remind himself there's no such thing as werewolves.

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mikeysingh70 11 October 2020

Yes its slow, yes its quirky yes its a fantastic yarn. If you want Lycan action watch Underworld dont poo poo it because a trailer mislead you and then cry wolf in your review. Watch for over the top characters reacting to ott horror, perfect little Halloween treat.

manuelasaez 10 October 2020

I usually really dislike horror/comedies for the simple fact that they usually fail at doing both. Meaning, they are never really funny are are often never scary. This movie, however, does both equally well, and works as either simply just a scary comedy or a funny horror film. I didn't expect to laugh out loud so often, especially hearing some of the tirades that the main character shouted throughout most of the movie. It really tells you a lot about an actor when they can be both serious and comedic without resorting to cheap, cliched one-liners.

The best part about this movie is that everything is unexpected. You think you know where the story is headed but in the end, every element just comes together without the need for a lengthy exposition by some background character. The story just builds organically, and you are left satisfied and longing for more.

I enjoyed every second of this film.

rykskelton 11 October 2020

The effects were great. The directing was competent. The writing needed work, as the story misfired and meandered, defied logic, and had a random reveal that seemed to have little to do with the investigation/clues that had preceded it. The acting was great, with one exception: Jim Cummings, who destroyed every scene he was in - I can't tell if that is the way he normally acts, or if it was a choice, but it was bad. Other reviewers have mentioned comedy, but I found absolutely none (not that I needed any). I'm a werewolf movie fan, and this could have been so good (every attack scene was great). To the reviewer that asked that no more werewolf movies ever be made - that's just daft; you may as well say to never again make a vampire movie, or a drama, or a comedy, or a horror, or a movie about a hit-man, etc. Bring on more werewolf movies - just make them a better.

omarcantbestopped 10 October 2020

Funny and entertaining. Good job Jim for starring and directing this movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

ravencorinncarluk 11 October 2020

The movie definitely wanted to be Fargo, with perhaps a little Shaun of the Dead tossed into the mix. In some places it tried too hard, and came across as forced. Other places worked pretty well for me, like one of his arguments with his daughter, and his fall off the wagon from the stress.

I wasn't bored, didn't wish I'd turned it off, but I also forgot most of it once the credits rolled.

However, I did like the reveal at the climax. I appreciated that.

jcallender121 8 October 2020

After coming to terms with the hammy Cluedo acting and embracing it as part of this films ample charms I didn't want it to end. When you get past the flamboyant performances which will irritate you in the beginning you find yourself totally immersed in Snow Hollow and the grisly murder spree taking place. There's a hint of Fargo and a sprinkle of X Files all stirred in together to make a great little horror/mystery that had me guessing right up to the brilliant ending. The compact setting of a frozen small town suited the characters and killings perfectly, the Werewolf was done brilliantly as well, not just some tall bloke in a furry suit,,, pull the curtains and switch off the lights, don't over analyze the dialogue or characters and you'll have a great time.

Sickpuppy365 17 October 2020

I hadn't heard of Jim Cummings before, actually the prolific Robert Forster was the only person I recognized, so I was pretty sure this movie would be crap. I also don't really like mindless and gory horror, or dark "comedy" that misses its mark, the former making me queasy, and the latter making me uneasy. Well I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. After writing a pretty tight script, with simple plot-points, character driven, decent banter in everyman speak, that gives even minor characters their own identity. Jim then hops up to the director's chair and pulls it all together, whilst also turning in a solid main performance. Again I must point out... He is playing an unlikeable character... It is not BAD acting... He is portraying an ex-jock, ex-military, alcoholic, divorced deputy in a small town, with an estranged daughter and a stubborn aging father/ boss. He feels his life is passing him by, he's surrounded by incompetent coworkers, overbearing constituents, and is making promises he seemingly can't deliver on... I thought he brought that right to the table steaming hot. The rest of the cast, particularly Riki and Chloe really assisted in fleshing-out his downward spiral. Is it a comedy? is it a horror? is it a... Who cares... it's a great story with chills, thrills, heartache, scares, shouting, laughing, crying, lying, and dying... You know... People stuff... Plus the wolf was great too.

thegermanhermit 9 October 2020

Solid character driven movie. Humorous, good pace throughout and just the right amount of suspense. If you like movies like Club Dread and Shawn of the Dead this will probably tickle your fancy.

MostlyHorror 13 October 2020

It's hard to come across some decent horror flicks, so this one was a nice surprise. Light, funny and with some graphic moments.


drifter_74 12 October 2020

The synopsis is like a thousand others before it: small town, gruesome murders, emotionally challenged Sheriff and plenty of suspects.

So what makes this one stand out you may ask? Well, in all honestly, nothing.

But, the acting is decent and the pacing is okay. This is completely watchable and I give it 7/10 just because the last 10 movies I watched were all absolute filth and during this one I never felt the urge to hit the pause button to stop the punishment.

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