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Think Like a Dog (2020)

Comedy | Family 
Rayting:   5.1/10 1147 votes
Country: China | USA
Language: English

A 12 year old tech prodigy's science experiment goes awry and he forges a telepathic connection with his dog. The duo join forces and use their unique perspectives on life to comically overcome complications of family and school.

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ryrymadrid 15 June 2020

Nothing special here, just boring and cheesy. Most of the actors phoned it in.

wolverineclassic 10 June 2020

Decent kids movie,predictable,somewhat forced comedy,and below mediocre acting children wise

anjenkins003 27 July 2020

Horrible move. Found to be extremely boring. Couldn't keep the attention of with my 10 or 7 year old son. Don't waste your money.

agsconsulting2874 18 June 2020

OK, it's a kids' movie, so kids will probably like it much more than I did.

My initial expectations had to be lowered significantly as the movie progressed. If you actively engage in a willing suspension of disbelief it will help. The movie is average, but in many places tries too hard to be something more. And the pace reminded me of someone trying to drive a stick shift for the first time.

The plot is one that has been used before in some form or another: talking dog as a result of a science experiment gone awry; greedy bad guy tries to steal the technology; you know the rest -- no need for spoilers here.

If you tend to easily spot plot holes, or cheesy gimmicks, you will be kept painfully busy. The happy ending, in addition to being predictable, was less than satisfying.

If you're able to put all of the adult thinking aside for 90 minutes, you might actually enjoy the movie.

alexandredaune 2 August 2020

Megan please stop the botox, you are pretty but this movie is lame.poor movie. A waster of time

dannypig 9 June 2020

Megan Fox makes everything great let's be honest... but besides that, this movie is great for children & adults due to its nostalgic like feel. the perfect family film.

edjogg 14 June 2020

A great family film... left me smiling from start to finish.... slightly predictable but expected from a light hearted movie.... might be biased as I'm a sucker for dogs and a sucker for Megan fox 😂

julianngreen1 9 June 2020

I love Josh Duhamel!! However, this movie lost me. My 15 year old did not care for it either. I just think the target audience is probably 12 and under.

gjunger 10 June 2020

A sweet, funny family film that explores life through the unconditionally loving, gratitude filled eyes of a dog. Maybe all of us can learn a thing or two about approaching life from a place of gratitude. Feel good movie.

Moviereeeels12 29 October 2020

This is a Chinese production, but filmed in the USA, using American actors, but plenty of Chinese actors, locations and ideals peppered throughout the film, the marketing cleverly aims at giving an all American Movie. On face value the film is well acted with great actors all round, story is fine, although a little do much dog licking, generally a good film for the family. But unfortunately spoilt by the Chinese message that lies underneath.

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