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Time to Hunt (2020)

Action | Drama | Thriller
Rayting:   6.3/10
Country: South Korea
Language: English

In the near future, a financial crisis will hit Korea and slums arise. From those areas, a group of young people commit crime to survive.

Director: Sunghyun Yoon Writer:

Stars: Lee Jehoon, Jaehong Ahn and Woosik Choi

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BitingMovieJunkie 3 May 2020

Finally on Netflix after the resolution of the rights issue, Time to Hunt sadly proves itself an example of a movie good on paper but pretty much disappointing once made.

'Cause it reveals itself to be just an exercise in style over substance, very very intriguing and convincing visually (thanks to a dark, atmospheric cinematography and to the wonderful production design creating a city that it's almost as gloomy, "claustrophobic" and oppressing as the Blade Runner's one), but very very disappointing narratively.

A mediocre movie that it's also totally self-indulgent in its "enormous" runtime, which is clearly unjustified given the thinness of the plot. Time to Hunt ultimately it's just an ordinary caper and chase action movie that it's content in basically jump back and forth between one location and the other, maybe to show off the results reached in the production design and special effects departments thanks, we should suppose, to a more robust budget than usual. And, not surprisingly, said locations are usually pretty much evocative, even though they are not exactly original (to make a couple of examples: look at the almost nightmarish dark and empty hospital or at the giant palaces encircled by rampant weed...). The problem is that the movie as a whole well, it's not. It's not very evocative, or very interesting for that matter. It's just frustrating.

The heist sequence manages to pump up the rhythm for a while (even though it's almost implausible), but from there on the movie keeps on going following the predictable "run-bad guy arrives-another furious run" scheme that wears out pretty soon. And so monotony prevails. (And, by the way, the movie could have concluded after the first run, but for some reasons: SPOILER: the villain lets the guys escape, 'cause he finds it really, really amusing END OF SPOILER).

Matter of fact, all the characters seem condemned to do all the bad decisions possible (they don't turn off cellphones, they separate with no logical reason whatsoever etc. etc.), the villain is of course indestructible like Terminator and, well, the so-called ending manages to definitely drag the movie down ('cause it's actually a cliffhanger and 'cause it's just stupid).

So, to conclude I'd say that Time to Hunt it's a disappointing feature (but, if you reached this point, I guess you already grasped that). A shallow movie that wastes the talents involved (the actors, the director, the director of photography, the production designer). It's happy in just offering us mediocre entertainment while it could have been much, much more.

Sir_AmirSyarif 23 April 2020

Yoon Sung-hyun's 'Time to Hunt' is a solid (and loud) crime thriller that unfortunately winds up being semi-unmemorable due to the weak writing of its conflicts and characters.

bola_de_pu 26 April 2020

I consider myself a fan of Korean cinema. Annually they release two or three cinematographic jewels that go unnoticed by the majority of the population. I expected more from this film, the script did nothing to develop a better plot, since between jumps the message is lost. At the end of the day, I do not know if there will be a sequel, since the end it's open, but I doubt it. Also, not knowing what exactly happened to Ki-hoon, after having him in front of the cameras throughout the entire movie, does not help to close the story. Although we assume it happened to him. In the end, I'm not quite sure if Jun-seok will become a Han in the future or if he would return to Korea to face Han, if he survived, like that guy say. I give it a 7, because the colors and the camera shots of the director are exceptional. Nothing else.

Krillerkraller 29 April 2020

The movie is alright. Amazing cinematography, really good use of colors, and a couple of bangers in the soundtrack.

It just suffers from being too many things at the same time. Heist movie, horror movie, action movie. It feels like two movies stitched together with the same characters.

It's alright.

dwp1948 24 April 2020

04/24/2020 - Not very exciting during the first half? Four (4) young Korean guys make a life altering decision to collectively profit from crime which is the layering of the storylines foundation for the remainder of this fast moving, constantly changing film. The suspense of a revenge killer stalking the 4 young guys in the last half is excellent movie time for us. Definitely a good-great Korean movie well worth your time to watch that I highly recommend. 08/03/2020 - My second watch. Bon Appetit'

marleneender 24 April 2020

The cast includes some really good actors, but in this movie their potential was wasted. The group of escapees all had the same character and the hunter had no character at all, which also leads to his motive remaining unclear.

The cinematography was very nice, and the editing was also good, but again, the lack of character and the overall bad writing frustrated me. It seems like they just wanted to get the adrenaline of the viewer pumping, disregarding our desire for some mental stimulation.

The world it is set in is very dystopian, again with no real context and in my opinion also very unnecessary.

So, to sum it up, it gets your heart racing but your mind drifting.

messageskelly 26 April 2020

God I love Korean cinema! Give me one of these for every ten Hollywood blockbusters any day!! Should there be a sequel? Hell yes!! Great cast, great film.

tasnemhako 11 November 2020

I don't understand the complains about the movie's run time,i didn't get bored or looked at the watch while watching. And as for the script... I didn't see an issue as well, the movie was not meant to be that DEEP or meaningful its an intense ride. The cast was amazing honestly, everyone did a great job and no one was over reacting or too loud, the atmosphere and the scenario was pretty good as well. I enjoyed Han VERY much, it almost felt like he was the Korean John Wick, I loved him and would love to see the actor having a stand alone movie going all insane and rampage.

dynims 4 May 2020

I came with no expectation when I saw this on netflix but then ended up watching and enjoying it. The disappointing part is the plot and the characters of this movie are not that great when the actors acting skills are so good.

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