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Time You Change (2010)

Biography | Music 
Rayting:   2.9/10 5.2K votes
Country: Germany
Language: German | Polish
Release date: 4 February 2010

The life story of German gangsta rapper, Bushido.

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grella713 21 April 2011

There are a lot of people that are just giving bad reviews of this movie, I honestly think that they do not know what they are talking about and are just jerks. I love this movie, it has a really great message at the end. Bushido's acting wasn't all that bad, people keep saying how terrible of an actor he was in this film, but he wasn't, he did an alright job, and it shouldn't really matter because he's a rapper, not a big time actor, he wasn't any worse then Eminem in 8-Mile, and everybody is saying how great that movie was. I would definitely recommend watching this movie, it'll be a need experience to see the life of a German Rapper, who is actually one of my favorite rappers in Germany. If you live in the United States I know it's hard to find this movie, but there are ways, but I can't promise you English subtitles for it is not Dubbed, so hopefully you'll know a little German so you can understand, and even if you can't, you can still tell what is going on in the movie just by watching it.

kosmasp 17 October 2010

I guess most of the people who reviewed the movie, didn't like Bushido. I can only guess that most of them thought he was full of himself. Maybe that comes down to the fact, that his acting isn't really up to the task. And it's most unfortunate, though I'm not sure why the director would want to cast him in the movie, if he saw any sort of test screening/performance of Bushido.

Bushido on the other hand is best, when he is singing. You can feel his energy and power when he performs. Unlucky us, we don't get to see him that often in that "mode". When he is talking about his life or things happening, it sounds like he was forced to read something of a paper and trying to get back at the people who forced them, by not putting any emotion into the reading at all.

Not everything will have happened as told here (I'm assuming, especially the very "dramatic" ending) and this will mostly appeal to fans ... I don't think he will gain new fans, with the movie ... But decide for yourself if you're brave enough

user-156-308073 15 January 2017

I really do not care about 2.8 score or whatsoever. This is a good movie I lived in Berlin and the movie can make you feel as if you were there. Bushido is no actor that is true still the message comes through: stay firm in your believes and let nobody tell you how to behave.. One of my favorite movies. I think the low score is a result of audience not coping w/ the fact that a father indeed can ruin a family's life because feeling as an outcast in a foreign country. This German viewers could not take. More to that Arafat and Bushido's relationship w/ crime families whatsoever made him a very bad press also. I do not care about that neither. The movies mood and the German reality in real life comes through and that's enough for me to give it 8 stars. Performances are solid, dialogues are sometimes weak but please take into consideration that this is a movie about a singer who rocked German media and basically changed the rules Germans are looking to immigrants.

t_atzmueller 16 November 2014

People who are interested in French movies might recall the 1995 movie „La Haine", about the everyday life of a group of „social misfits" in the seedier part of Paris Don't let the word "gangsta" fool you. "Gangsta" stands for social ghettos in the big cities, where the immigrant youth lives in relative (financial- and social-security-wise) comfort and have nothing better to do than to imagine the run-down neighborhoods to be real ghettos like they have them in the States. This includes mimicking (if not to say "aping") American Rap- and Hip-Hop-culture, which to them implies loitering in the streets, trying to look tough (the "crime-scenes" are generally limited to stealing bikes and selling marijuana) and producing an embarrassing imitation of Hip Hop music. In other words: these kids wouldn't last 24 hours in a real ghetto, be it in Britain or the slums surrounding Paris, let alone the "real deal" in the US.

As to the music: I'm not the biggest fan of Hip Hop but understand the appeal it has to the audience and find myself intrigued by the often poetic lyrical content. What is megalomaniacal labelled "Deutsch-Rap" is an embarrassing stutter, accompanied by loose wiggling of fingers in an attempt to ape gang-signs and the "provocation" of the lyrics is limited to adding as many profanities as you can.

Anis Ferchichi (whose "street-name" Bushido would normally put a chuckle on your face, if it wouldn't continue to appear in the tabloids und so-called "Unterschichten-TV" now and again) tries to come across as some kind of Enimem-Rapper, but fails at all levels, be it acting, rapping or conveying any sense of charisma. It's a performance that can only defined by the word "embarrassing", whether you like his music or not.

The real tragedy is the participation of people like Hannelore Elsner, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Ulli Edel (hard to believe that this is the same director who gave us "Christiane F: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) and Bernd Eichinger (this being one of his final productions), who are otherwise accomplished players in the German film-industry and should have known better than to associate themselves with tripe like this. But I guess it's kind of telling where the money ranks in the overall scheme. In other words: it's right "up there" with films like the Justin Bieber vehicle "Never Say Never" or Ulli Lommels "Daniel der Zauberer" (which, if memory serves, are all rightfully united in the IMDb Bottom-100-List).


theraptor-2 25 March 2010

... train wreck. Dunno where to start, really. Avoid at all costs.

I have to add ten lines of text, so I'll say that producer Bernd Eichinger and director Uli Edel probably wanted to print money quickly on the relative popularity of vulgar talk singer Anis Ferchichi, aka "Bushido". However, "Bushido's" star seems to be sinking, maybe because it's hard to keep streetcred with mostly immigrant youth when the cultural and political elite is kissing your behind. And the ruling party, the "Christian-Democratic-Union" invites you to join its ranks. Add to that 13 cases of proved (and costly) plagiarism and maybe the film came out a few moths late for making money. Despite its seeming to have been hastily produced. Meh, this time stealer will soon be forgotten like its subject.

bodo13 7 February 2010


There is so much bad acting of the main character, it is just funny (even if not intended).

I do not write this often, but this is probably the worst movie ever. Even in P*en Movies there is better acting, better looking actors and even more meaningful dialogs.

The Story is that there is no story. The Gangsta-Rapper pretends to be a tough boy and shows the world how he can sell drugs and keep talking nicely to his mom.

Don't waste your time watching this!

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