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Tribal Get Out Alive (2020)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.5/10
Country: UK
Language: English

Elite military personnel Caitlin Ross retires from service after suffering from PTSD. Along with former team member and close friend Brad Johnson, they opted for the 'easy life' and now ...

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seansez-16073 7 August 2020

Simple if you dont watch many British movies for obvious reasons Do not waste your time with this. Fair acting from the main 2 characters the rest is just junk. Bad storyline ,effects Not many . Simply put a typical british B movie. Wast of a hr and a half. Only watched as the reviews on here stated it was worth a watch. Total yawn fest. All been done before and a hell of a lot better.

Djmyka 2 September 2020

This movie is absolutely horrible. The acting sucks, the story is lame, and as for the characters, I thought up better characters as a 5 year old. Don't waste your time. Watch at your own peril

pattersonjamal 31 July 2020

Solid b film, bought in walmart as thought the cover looked cool... the front cover has nothing to do with the film, but i enjoyed the movie

kamalaldiehy 28 July 2020

When it comes to movies about marital arts women really don't get a fair chance, i liked really zara in this movie and how she did her own stunts which is really great and that's how movies should be done not cgi or cuting fight scenes like in many big hollywood movies, also i really wish if zara was the one to act as harely quinn and that would really make sense and would be more belivable because she's good marital artist, really underrated movie and i hope to see more movies like that.

darisparna 9 August 2020

One of the worst movie that i have ever watched. It's a low budget movie

bananaspider 1 August 2020

Acting could have used some work but a zombie flick it's what it was and you didn't get bored. Also the Brits need to carry guns. It's strange because you have a major drug dealer interaction going on and they are fist fighting with security. You would think the drug dealers would be carrying guns.

s-bannerman12 27 July 2020

Tribal:Get Out Alive is what I call a 'grenade movie' in that we know from the very early stages of the story that things are not going to end well for some of this cast, and we arent wrong. From the offset we feel the pressure build, the anticipation grows and the cinematic heat starts to make us sweat and as the film promises, the film delivers on what you desire. Who will get out alive? Will they get out alive? What is hunting down our characters? Well those are questions that you can have answered when you watch the film, Im not about to ruin them here for you. What I will answer is, is the film any good? And yes it most certainly is. From the moment the picture appears on screen we can see just how beautiful this film is A lot of films are described as 'cinematic' and Tribal:Get Out Alive most certainly deserves that praise, it looks crisp, the set design is adorable and everything about the films making is top notch and with a cast of talent, the chemistry between them all shows on screen.

Needless to say that I loved this film and In this mad world of 2020, we need super hyper entertainment from cast and crews like this, we need escapism, and I'm so glad that now only have I see the film, but that I did....get out alive!

pauldmills 16 August 2020

My first review because this must be the worst film I've ever seen , due to the other reviews I thought it might be acceptable but really so, so bad.

Xavier_Stone 11 August 2020

900+ ratings are 8/10. These fake ratings are getting better and better sadly. About 100 9/10 and another 100 at 10/10. The rest of the ratings have 20 votes/score. Should have clued into that. This is a poor B movie and you'll realize the bad acting after the first 10 minutes.

jtml-67388 27 July 2020

Quarantine Thursday with active teenagers lead to this movie. As we all sat and watched these young adults got so involved between taking sides of the various characters, the strong , the weak the explosive! They roared with excitement and I believe 1 or 2 actually covered their eyes, lol. The characters engaged the audience and held them at every turn. Blood, gore and martial arts and an added plot twist, wait...did I say plot twist! Just as you are lead to believe one thing your mind get caught in a tangle of it's own decision and bam 💥 surprise. Kudos to the cast and crew for a serious, suspenseful thriller. You will not be disappointed 👍👍🎬

bellamariebing 31 July 2020

I personally enjoyed the film, there where scenes where you could tell you was watching a b class film. but it was really well shot, the lighting and atmosphere was put together well and some action scenes where kick ass, even if a bit gruesome at times for me. well done

lailabyrne 29 July 2020

Watched this film with low expectations having seen the rating on here but Id binge watched everything else over lockdown so it would kill a few hours. BOY WAS I WRONG... It was an edge of seat explosive action packed thrill ride. The production was beautifully done. The story compelling, characters engaging and believable to the point I'd quite like to give rich kenning a kick in the balls. Im now desperately waiting for a Tribal part 2 please

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