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Tribhanga (2021)

Rayting:   6.2/10 2263 votes
Country: India
Language: English

The lives of three women spanning the late 1980s to present day and underscores the value of family in everyday life.

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saurbhigoyal 15 January 2021

Story is so predictable but the work done by amazing artists still make you sit through the end.

Do watch same food with amazing garnish.

rupeshvirajhealth 15 January 2021

This is a real master piece by Kajol. It's relate to everyone's lives and it reminds us and reflects upon a important quote from Joy Browne 'Adulthood was invented to repair the wounds of childhood" - I think those people expecting melodrama and some unreal and some heroic stuff will not be able to understand the substance and depth in this 95 mins class act by kajol and team! A reality of life which has been portrayed beautifully and realistically by none other than kajol!!

sid-19834 25 January 2021

It's all about saying "chutiya" and "BSDK" these days for films on these platforms. They think it somehow makes them look cool. It's just cheap and it's about time that these OTT platforms are regulated. Literally every movie or series is fillled with such filthy languages. "Movie time with fam" has become a thing of the past!

sharang-divekar 15 January 2021

A great story line, an eye opener and relatable. Kajol's character is refreshing and inspiring.

bhupesh_khosla 16 January 2021

Boring in large parts.. characters overacting all the way, specially Kajol. Trying to be modern and traditional at the same time. Pls don't watch. Pukeworthy

vishlashakkapoor 18 January 2021

This could have been an excellent family drama but you can't watch due to excessive usage of cuss words & over-acting by Kajol. Can't bear even 15 minutes of it. Terrible acting by Kajol.

mikbanerjee1 15 January 2021

Netflix's brand-new incentive "Tribhanga" commits all its exertions to exhibit a ruptured relationship between a Mother & a Daughter and their conclusive reconciliation. But due to the leaden Screenplay & an ineffectual Writing; the narrative falls short in establishing prominence!

Seeing such a commanding starcast, it got me habitually excited. For me, there's nothing better than a well executed Drama; especially which deals in Family Values & Quintessential Accords. And believe me, this had every fundamental constituent to make something akin to my liking. Yet the whole shebang collapsed!

Reason? most of the calls they made regarding its narration. With the gleeful exception of its technical showing! The emotions never really flourished. Dialogues doesn't always land; incorporating profanity without any proper reason. There were endless opportunities to mold ensembled characters in a way, that we as audience can make empathetic connections. Unfortunately the writer had other ideas. Renuka Shahane, who's also the director here; failed to take advantage of a promising premise and a set of incredible talents in her helm.

Kajol, Tanvi Azmi, Mithila Palkar. They don't need any introduction, nor there is any skepticism regarding their capabilities as actors. Yet, sorry to say; everyone's performances here are strictly average. And guess what!? It's not even their fault! They shine only momentarily at times, therefore not been able to leave a lasting impression.

skkhokhar-10152 15 January 2021

Yawn! The same story has been done so many times. Nothing original about this and I found it a waste of time.

arindamcs 19 January 2021

Another garbage from netflix india. Pathetic. Better to avoid.

niraj-bais007 15 January 2021

Lot of ups and down shown in very realistic way. Kajol performance is amazing and narration of whole journey is bit fantastic. Strained relations are perfectly shown with simple gestures.

ramyasriram 16 January 2021

Very poor direction, insipid acting, weak storyline.

naureenali-33134 17 January 2021

This was a good watch. It is not flashy or a lengthy production, thank goodness! Kajol delivers her role without being too fimly; the other cast performs well also. The only drawback is Kajol chanting the "F" word as if it is second to breathing. It is too much and really unnecessary. Families with kids or elder folks may not be comfortable with the over redundant use of the foul word. Why do Bollywood writers think it is necessary to have their characters utter foul language so much and so often in their scripts? Does it validate something for them, or do they think its cool and more relatable to people? It is not cool, and definitely not needed!

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