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Triggered (2020)

Rayting:   5.4/10
Country: South Africa
Language: English

9 old high school "friends" have a 5 year reunion camping in a forest. They all have secrets. Their old science teacher straps a time bomb to each of them. Killing another gives one their time. Last one lives.

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passan-80670 6 November 2020

Do not let the cool poster trick you. This product is bad.

Here is the thing that ruins this product: They do not consider to remove the Vests.

The actors are bad and unbelievable. There is not a single character. Everyone is just a "one-sentence" summary or just a prop. A lot of repeated and/or meaningless dialog. The writing is next level awful. There are so many continuity errors, it is unbelievable. Camerawork is really cheap. Editing is just a bunch of quick cuts. It is impossible to know what is happening. (Drink every time the editor does a digital zoom) The story makes no sense. Just joking, there is none. They just run aimlessly in the woods. This "video-game" thing that is going on, is extremely cringe and makes no sense.

For a thriller, there is very little that actually happening. There is no tension and if there is any, the bad dialog and editing just makes it comedic.

It is like a D-Version of Saw.

The only positive is, that I got some really good laughs out of it. Not intentional by this product.

ivos-02520 6 November 2020

If this was marked as a comedy horror, I would give it a ten, not even joking. This movie is funny as hell

xrmpouka 13 November 2020

Ok this movie is bad, very bad. My only question is why somebody rate above 5. Specially 10! What is going on guys?

bonniesnewhamp 8 November 2020

Its your typical college kids get together and go camping and everyone is having fun getting along. I'm not going to tell you more than, they end up turning on each other. Same ole story.

thejoudblitz 7 November 2020

This movie has a great cast, good looking people who can act. The campfire scene in the beginning sets up characters nicely, with understandable dialogue and the viewer quickly gets to know the protagonists sufficiently. Unfortunately that's everything the film has going for it. First of all it's simply too hard to watch with the constantly shaking and zooming camera. The editing is so erratic, immersion can never happen for the audience. I was looking forward to see how they solved the logistical and continuity problems that would arise from the preposterous premise, bomb vests which transfer remaining time to anyone who kills the wearer, since I am a big fan of the Saw franchise. But given the bad camera work I'd rather read the story than watch this.

kelvinpalmer 7 November 2020

Wow! 2 stars for the gore and that's it! I wasn't expecting a masterpiece but this is awful just awful. Not one of the characters can act. How they got the parts I don't know. Just avoid.

omendata 7 November 2020

Yip it is one of those where the advertising poster looks better than the movie was!

What can we say but utterly atrocious waste of time. Teens running , screaming and killing each other in the woods for an hour and a half of mindless twaddle!

It triggered a headache after 30 mins with the constant screaming and shouting it was really pretty abysmal and the dialogue was just beyond bad then add to that some truly pitiful acting and you have a movie with aspirations to movies like Saw and it becomes laughable - The end scene with the girl screaming.....oh my!!!

A sad 3 out of 10 hatchets on the horror scale and that is being overly generous!

ops-52535 6 November 2020

Actually the more they talk the lamer the film becomes, bad directing en masse'.the spit and bloodfilled dialouges makes the actors tounges and lips go dry its like a frothing volcano that runs outof steam, so they have to lick the lips like a psychiatric ticksing patient, or like brundle in ''the fly''. so the acting are frenetic and stern, and as a gate into the moviebusiness its average ok acting.

its a gamef flick on life and death. its armed bombwests, tikking clocks on the chest, the rules is learned in situ, and everybody quite coincidentaly has a grudge to eachother nevertheless. so when its game time its killtime, and everybody is evryones foe..if you try gto give up youll blow up, so the wests are probably heatsensored or pulsdriven. there are vast amounts of blood and gore, actually some of the better ive seen from octane actually.

its really a silly production when thinking story and plot, it aint there at all. there are crazy coloured illuminated piece of woodland that sorrounds the senior hi schoolers, and the lack of real ambient light are really gutwrenching. the vest do also have colourcodes, and will tell you with either blue,red,green or yellow colours how your position in the game are, and a metronomic ticking sound that spins of at an increasing pace when you become closer to the extremes, which are or die.

its a film for the young audience that do games wearing goggles, everything happens fast, with not much caracterbuilding and dynamic, so its not severely intelligently made. it might be shown on a norwegian tv-channel within a year late at night. will i view it again, no the grumpy old man thinks.a small recommend though

mcsinteriors 8 November 2020

Is this movie going to win an Oscar? No. Is this movie fun & entertaining from start to finish? Yes. Sometimes, that's all you need.

canyongirl60 10 November 2020

This film does not seem like a comedy, but then they start talking, and this is some of the funniest dialogue I've heard in a horror film in a long time. There is a silly and very bloody thriller going on that will keep you on your toes, but it's the wit that makes this one worth watching.

craigwinter 28 August 2020

This was great fun. Got a huge amount of miles and enjoyment out of some well used themes. More than I expected could be the case. Well acted, good pacing and humour to boot cheers

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