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Troop Zero (2019)

Comedy | Family 
Rayting:   6.9/10 9352 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

In rural 1977 Georgia, a misfit girl dreams of life in outer space. When a competition offers her a chance to be recorded on NASA's Golden Record, she recruits a makeshift troop of Birdie Scouts, forging friendships that last a lifetime.

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themadmovieman 20 January 2020

A quirky tale of kids aiming high in their scouts' troop, Troop Zero isn't the world's most original film, but that doesn't mean it can't be a delightful watch. Sweet and heartwarming with a dash of inspiring drama throughout, this is a really lovely movie that blends engaging characters with upbeat and pleasant emotion.

While it's never quite on the offbeat or surprisingly touching level of the likes of Moonrise Kingdom, Troop Zero is an impressively likable watch that's appropriate for younger viewers, and just as captivating for adults.

It's not an ode to the nostalgia of childhood as you may expect, but it's a film that really engrosses you in the lives of its characters, from its ambitious young misfits to a handful of surprisingly complex adult characters, particularly in the form of Viola Davis.

In that, Troop Zero isn't just a throwaway, Disney-esque kids' movie, but a genuinely engaging comedy-drama, brought to life with both sobering drama and wonderfully heartwarming emotion, not to mention a collection of great performances.

Viola Davis stars in the lead adult role as the woman who seeks to help a group of children achieve their dreams, but is troubled by failures in her own past. Throughout, Davis does a great job of blending a warm, almost motherly quality with genuine gravitas, and while the film's main focus is squarely on the fates of the children, she proves an enthralling supporting lead throughout.

But the real standout here is young Mckenna Grace, who is an absolute joy as Christmas Flint, the young misfit with dreams of speaking to aliens and travelling to outer space. Not only is she utterly adorable throughout, but also holds her own against legendary actors like Viola Davis in the film's more dramatic moments, impressing with engrossing emotional resonance alongside her boundless lovability.

Add all that together, and Troop Zero is an effortlessly likable film, with pleasant humour and engaging drama across the board. It's not a purely easy-going watch, and impresses with engaging and complex emotion at times throughout.

However, it's a wonderfully sweet, kind-hearted and uplifting tale of big dreams and doing what you love. It may not be the touchingly nostalgic tale to childhood it perhaps could have been, but with charisma, laughs and a big heart all the way through, it's a film that will easily put a big smile on your face.

UniqueParticle 21 July 2020

Troop Zero is so colorful and delightful all around! Packed with a great soundtrack, inspirational story, endearing characters, and dialogue that is well written throughout. I don't know why I didn't see sooner it's just my type of charm in cinema. Jim Gaffigan, Viola Davis and McKenna Grace are excellent! Lovely indie about camp, space, and other feel-good vibes mixed with only a little bit of drama would recommend to anyone.

jerusaleng 17 January 2020

Fantastic movie.. it has a wonderful message of encouragement, friendship and love. Is definitely a feel good film in a unexpected way....

gettysburgrich 19 January 2020

I did not think I would love this movie. I watched it because I loved the peformance of Mckenna Grace in the movie Gifted. I enjoy trying to follow young actors that I think will grow into stardom. Grace in these two roles looks like she is on target for that type of career. The movie will remind you of a Wes Anderson or Watitie film two great directors.I was afraid the movie was taking the turn of being PC correct in every aspect of its characters. But it does so without shoving it in your face, Davis is powerful in her troop leader role as is the whole cast. I was teary eyed a few times in this touching depiction of a young girl full of Hope surrounded by nothing in her world that called for it. So she reached beyond and found other misfits like herself and it makes for a fine film. If you like Grace here check out Gifted. Rich

walkinginv 24 January 2020

A beautiful funny emotionally driven metaphorically speaking movie. It's an intelligent story that is entertaining to all ages. If you have expectations of something else, maybe you chose the wrong movie. This is delightful. If you're offended, again you may have wanted a different movie. This is a thoughtful story.

josiepelch 26 January 2020

My husband and I absolutely loved this from the very beginning. The girls are cute, the story is great and even the interactions were fun. I think most of the negative reviews were people that didn't grow up in the 70's and didn't ever experience being teased or left out of the group. I totally related to this film and loved the s#$&* out of it!

tbonet4 26 June 2020

Just finished watching Troop Zero- Everyone on the globe should be made to watch it- If a kid wants to be an astronaut, a hair dresser, or a lawyer, they should have their chance to dream, and their chance to try- Every kid wants to be accepted for who they are, and they should be, without bullying, and with friends who get them, and less than perfect parents and role models who love them like crazy- The credits are a must see and hear, where children of every nation, and in every language say "Hello, from the children of planet Earth" to anyone "out there" who might be listening 👽

jennifererekson 17 January 2020

This movie is for all ages and anyone with a heart.

oyvtv 17 January 2020

I really enjoyed the movie, it's hilarious and touchy loved the message. Highly recommended 🚀

thetinks 12 June 2020

This is an underrated gem of a movie. It is a feel good movie that we all need now and I think everyone should watch it. I did not want to see it, because I was not drawn to the story or plot. I was so wrong. I laughed a lot, I cried, I felt good vibes for the first time in...well, it has been a while. ⭐🌟🌠⭐🌟🌠⭐🌟🌠⭐

agreatstory 28 January 2020

Christmas Flint, the lead character in this film, says: "Zero is the number of infinity", and though this motley troop of kids are - from one point point of view - total losers - there is a cosmic, loving reality inside everyone of us - even them. Quirky, funny, big-hearted movie. Done by the creator of Beast Of The Southern Wild, this has a similar feel; if you enjoyed Beasts, you will enjoy this one, maybe even more, as I did. The kids will be alright.

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