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Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City (2019)

Action | Crime | Horror
Rayting:   5.2/10 4165 votes
Country: Spain
Language: English

A cop returns to the job. A serial killer too returns to the job.

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sidious82 16 February 2020

35 minutes into the film the audience is told who the serial killer is. And I mean us, the viewers, not through the main character or the investigation, only us, we're told for no reason, no purpose, and no benefit. Unbelievable.

After that, the film doesn't get any better. The characters are poorly developed, a lot of things are left open and/or unexplained and it is obvious the whole time that you're viewing a (bad) book adaptation.

millicent-56473 8 March 2020

Well, I already knew the story, because I read the book recently. Sure, the expectations were high.

I tried to ignore the bad reviews, and watched the movie anyway. Well, they are right. The thing is, I don't understand why they didn't do a TV series, like they did with the book of Joël Dicker, " The Harry Quebert's Affair".

If you didn't read the book, you will find the movie just a mediocre thriller. But for someone like me who read the book, he or she will be really disappointed. The identity of the killer is revealed too soon in the movie, and I couldn't find any interest for that decision.

And if we analyze the acting, it is really poor. The choice of the two main characters is bad. Sure, you can make some changes when you adapt a book to the screen, but there are some important things, some characteristics, that were not respected! It seems to me that they wanted to use the success of the book to make a movie, but the result is not good!!!

If I were the writer of the book, I think I would be mad but mostly disappointed.

zac-68274 7 March 2020

Wasted running & chasing leading to pointless results. Producing not 1 clue or evidence until the last 30 minutes doesn't make this a thriller!

dianeguyot 26 March 2020

It's literally the first time I write a review. i just wanted to warn people not to watch this movie. Really it's perhaps the worst thing I've watched in a long time. Acting is horrible, scenario does not make sense at all, I had to stop watching 10 minutes before the end

Calicodreamin 26 March 2020

While the main plot is fairly easy to follow, there are too many tangents and unresolved questions. The storyline jumps around and introduces side plots that are left unexplained and only muddy the central story. The acting was good and the English dubbing worked well enough. But just too darn confusing.

jorgefijate 10 November 2019

This is the adaptation of the first book of a trilogy. I think that people who have not read the books will have some trouble to follow the film. It is a very weak and dissapointing adapation which leaves outside some of the best things of the books: for example, the grandfather, one of the greatest carachters, only appears in one or two very brief scenes. The relation between Unai and Alba does not translate well to the screen. The rich traditional background you have in the book comes very superficial here, and so happens with the investigation itself. Also, having the "big mistery" revealed 20 minutes into the film does not help.

Generally all (acting, music, script...) is quite forgettable and superficial and lacks the magic the books have. In my opinion, it could (and should) have been made into a TV series, not into a movie.

pkdyer6519 6 March 2020

The trailer promised oh so much but the film failed to deliver. The gothic surround centering on the lover themed murders was impressive along with the scenery but the characters and acting fell flat. You knew who the killer was from a early stage, it was a case of seeing how the main characters wove into his sick plans. The murders were very predictable with no change in his method of execution. There has been some excellent Spanish Crime Films over the last decade sadly this didn't fit into that category. Netflix best work has been international Film &TV this let the side down a bit.

lynchiefromsc 13 March 2020

An absolute dire film with cardboard cutout characters and a ridiculous plot. A lot of the film sees the hero (male) policeman running after people. I fast forwarded those parts, then fast forwarded more. The sex scenes are laughable as is most of the dialogue and I'm wondering who is giving this film 5 star ratings?

mbfernandez-29516 2 November 2019

I was really thinking that this movie could be a good movie, but not.

This is an enterteining movie with a good photography a good Story but a very bad climax and bad actors, in an alternative universe this movie is going to be remembered as one of the best Spanish movie ever but we don't have this privilege.

dragonofsniper 16 March 2020

People always on run with no reason, it should be named the running cast, boring and long story, don't bother to see it you will not miss anything!

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