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Two Brothers (2004)

Adventure | Family   
IMDB Rayting:   7.1/10
Country: France | UK
Language: English | Thai

Two tigers are separated as cubs and taken into captivity, only to be reunited years later as enemies by an explorer (Pearce) who inadvertently forces them to fight each other.

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nfaust1 27 December 2004

Am rarely moved to comment on what others say here, but Sarah from Canada's mindless and cynical response to TWO BROTHERS can't go unchallenged. Though far from perfect, I found this movie to be exceptionally entertaining on all accounts. Sarah claims there's no story, no characters, no moral ... on and on. Well, what she says is a complete crock: there is a story: it's about the two tiger brothers who are taken from their jungle home. The two main characters are not human, and I guess the fact that they don't have dialogue presented quite an obstacle for Sarah because she doesn't seem to have followed their story and its moral/ethical significance. Since the movie plays out like a fairy tale, realism here is not the point, hence the broad human characterizations. Rather, the most successful parts of the film allows us to view the world from the animals' eyes, and in doing so we experience their feelings, memories, and needs. I found this to be entertaining and at times quite moving. The film makers ennoble these tiger characters with such power and respect, I find it utterly mystifying that anyone could miss this as being the major point of the film. Please do not let negative comments like the ones from Sarah keep you from watching this terrific movie.

artcatcms 15 November 2004

WOW!!!! OK, I will confess up front that I am prejudiced. I am a wildlife artist with a lifetime love of tigers and have even had the awesome opportunity to play with 3 10-week old tiger brothers. I loved this movie, not just for the obvious reasons of being a tiger loving artist that loves all animal films anyway. This movie was making a statement regarding how these beautiful creatures are being hunted to extinction!

How sad to have to hunt down and kill an animal to prove your manhood or to use them for mistaken ancient beliefs where their bodyparts are used for medicine. Granted they aren't harmless, but men continue to encroach on the wild areas all over the world without thought of the animals and ecosystems, of the beauty they destroy.

No, I'm not an overzealous environmentalist belonging to Greenpeace or PETA, though they have the right idea...just a little too far left for me. Still, looking at the awesome, beautiful world God has given us, its sad to see animals hunted to extinction for no reason other than to show everyone that you can pull a trigger. Ooooooooooo, big amount of talent for that.

This movie, besides its message of the dwindling numbers of tigers left in the wild and why they are endangered, was an absolute joy. How some of these shots of the tigers, as they grew, were obtained, I have no idea. But it was great, in fact, I love it, the tigers got billing over the human actors!

It's the story of 2 tiger cubs that are captured when a hunter kills their father and they become separated from their mother. They then become separated from each other, one going to a hunter and eventually ending up in a circus run by people that seem to think animal cruelty is the only way to train an animal. The other winds up in a family with a loving little boy, but eventually outgrows his welcome and ends up in a private zoo, also being mistreated. The tigers meet again, when for some sick idea of sport, the 2 tigers are set against each other in a fight to the death. Then the brothers recognize each other. I won't ruin it for you. Just know that it does have a good ending!

I was impressed that there is a tag at the end of the movie, one that is quite true. In the early 1900's there were over 100,000 tigers in the wild, now there are less than 400-200. Three species are already extinct. See the information from a website:

Bengal Tiger – Panthera tigris tigris Siberian (Amurian) Tiger – Panthera tigris altaica Sumatran Tiger – Panthera tigris sumatrae Indo-Chinese Tiger – Panthera tigris corbetti South China Tiger – Panthera tigris amoyensis Javan Tiger – Panthera tigris sondaica – extinct since early 1980's

Bali Tiger – Panthera tigris balica – extinct since the 1940's

Caspian Tiger – Panthera tigris virgata – extinct since the early 1970's

Watch the movie, it will warm your heart, make you smile and perhaps even shed a tear. If you would like to help save tigers, in the wild or aid the ones that needlessly wind up in rescue organizations. Thank God for them! People seem to think it would be cool to have a tiger, or other big cat, for a pet, then seem surprised that they grow into 500-700+ pound meat eaters! I own several house cats...these smaller guys have a whole lot in common with their 'big' brothers and I have the scars to prove it. (Not that they are mean, I just get in the way of their racetrack sometimes)

Still, tigers are wild animals and not meant to be pets! If nothing else, ev

DeeDeex10 16 September 2009

Started watching while doing something else & not paying too much attention, however within seconds, I was enthralled in the breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the characters, and yes, definitely the story! The story is there, so if Sarah from Canada doesn't see one, well, that's her loss.

I found myself talking to the cubs as they were trying to escape the hunters, roting them on, and yelling, "WOO HOO" when they finally escaped the danger.

The plight of these animals is all to real, unfortunately. If even one movie like this can help slow their extinction, then it's worth watching & becoming more involved with groups fighting for wildlife preservation.

Deja_Entendu 26 June 2004

Two brothers is a uniquely great movie. Although some may criticize it for the depiction of cruelty to animals, the movie is not advocating cruelty or teaching kids wrong lessons. You begin to love the tigers from the very first second you see them on screen, and your heart breaks every time something happens to them. The movie isn't an insult to our species, it tells us and shows us how we have wronged nature in the past, and promotes us to fix our past transgressions. By seeing the cute (EXTREMELY cute) tigers harassed on screen, kids will definitely develop a passion for the conservation of wildlife and will develop a general humaneness towards other creatures. Although some scenes are disturbing and could scare children, the movie does a good job of keeping them interested, worried, and warmed in the end. Even though Guy Pearce delivers another sub-par performance, adults are not the stars of the film. This movie will definitely play with your emotions, and some may not be able to handle it, but be assured, the movie may leave you spent, but it'll leave you blissful. I enjoyed every second, from the warmth of the playing tigers cubs to the stabbing pain when any of them got hurt. I spent the credits with tears running down my face. If you are in touch with yourself, this movie will not disappoint.

neeshacs 20 December 2005

Everyone should watch this movie, it is a touching story. Also, it portrays a great performances by the Tigers. All parents should take their kids to watch such movies, it will make them love and care for animals. It also creates very important environmental awareness too. The director seems a great person to make both "Two Brothers" and "The Bear". Both movies are on animals and the tragedies they come across. And they both make humans empathetic of animals. The two Tiger cubs were great actors, and made us sad with their helplessness in some parts. It makes us realise how innocent animals are. Two thumbs up for this movie!!

StrayFeral 9 May 2005

DISCLAIMER: This is my first movie review, so please excuse me, if it is not written well, including the fact that my English is not good.

I just finished viewing "Two Brothers". Honestly, I've never expected anymore to see a movie of that class.

What do I mean?

These days there are so much new movies, which is so wonderful, because so many people now have the chance to express themselves and do a movie, but not many of them know how to do it. There are people, who do know and there are people, which do have talent.

I still remember, when I saw "The Bear". Not much, but I do remember it really got me with it. Years ago, there were really movies, that had what to offer to the spectator. I still prefer more, the commercial movies, but do miss the real good cinema.

And so, few days back I was just watching around the rent-a-video club, when I saw the title. At first, though it is yet another action movie, until I saw the front cover. These days, adventure movies are rare. The director's name immediately grabbed my attention and really threw me thinking. Jean-Jacques Annaud did another adventure? I did not read the text on the cover, just was thinking to myself... These tigers really reminded me of "The Bear"... Was it a little nostalgia?

Whatever it was, it is wonderful. I do not remember myself enjoying so much, for a long time. The movie is appropriate for most ages, with good plot. Very slight mixture of this specific old-school fragrance and modern computer graphic effects. It is so precisely mixed, that at the beginning You will never realize is it real, You are watching or computer-made.

In fact, the movie, I think I may say so, is sort of a masterpiece, but since I am not very competent of the technical details, will not discuss them, except mentioning just in brief.

Wonderful graphics, exotic views, well mixed sound, good music, great story, interesting point of views... remarkable.

A thing to notice here, is that it did not made me remember just of "The Bear". Actually in the beginning I was thinking of "Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes". Annaud spend big amount of time, exploring the relationships of the tigers, the tigers and the people, the people, the people and tigers. There are some very precisely dosed moments, showing the two tigers in perspectives, You would really love to explore. I just love the way he did it!

You will never realize how these 109 minutes will pass around You, so better stop reading this and go see it!

Have a good time!

smile_empty_soul81 6 August 2005

OMG this is one of the best movies ever. I LOVE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried so much for this movie... my face was all red and I just couldn't stop crying! even for the happy parts... I think this movie gives out a great message ...(for hunters or people who actually live in a country where there are tigers or whatever) ...but even if you don't live somewhere near where tigers live... I'm sure there's something we can do to help and prevent them from becoming extinct! they're such beautiful creatures!! we should try to save them. Before I saw this movie I heard that it was crap... I didn't bother to see it when it was out in the cinema but today it was on TV so I wanted to see what it was about... I am SO glad that I saw this movie... I loved it... I wish that everyone could see this movie, and see how special it is. ~animal/tiger lover~

jotix100 28 February 2006

Jean-Jacques Annaud's films always showcases animals doing extremely amazing things, which is why they are so enjoyable. While this is a film better seen by children of certain age group, it's not a Disney product, and parents should be aware of that fact. Some comments in this IMDb forum criticize the film makers for what they perceive was a marketing ploy that targeted the movie to small children. Perhaps the people that promoted the film are to be blamed for that, or maybe Mr. Annaud was targeting the film for a more mature audience.

"Two Brothers" is a story about two tigers that are separated at a young stage of their lives, while their parents are killed by people that loved to engage in this type of hunting. The two little cubs are about the best in the film as one see them getting in all kinds of adventures in the first part of the film.

The story behind the animals serves the film as it provides an accessible background as it illustrates the inter action between humans and animals. Guy Pearce and Freddie Highmore are seen in the film as Aidan and Raoul. Freddie Highmore is a child actor with an expressive face that shows a child of great intelligence without any trace of ego.

As Mr. Annaud proved with "The Bear", he has a good eye for involving the animals in his stories about them with surprising results.

Greatornot 11 August 2009

I admit, I was moved by this movie. The acting was wonderful and the human actors were not bad either. Great cinematography and a winner soundtrack to go along with a wonderful story. Basically the story of brotherly love from the point of view of tigers. Fates separated these young cubs and destiny brought them back together to rebond in perhaps not the most pleasant circumstances. This movie , showed how people treat animals and not in such a favorable way. Of course , I knew this and it was sad none the less. Family bonding ,uplifting and some great animal training to make this movie flourish. This was an animated Disney movie ala Lion King, though not the same plot, brought to real life. Simply a brilliant story and one that can hopefully , drill into peoples heads that animals , have feelings and desires just like humans. Nature should be celebrated not halted and this film, teaches wonderful lessons.

mitzybayou-1 5 November 2004

"Two Brothers" is a magnificent movie. From the spectacular footage of the Asian jungle to the heartwarming (and heart-wrenching) tale of two beautiful tiger brothers. "Two Brothers" realistically tells both the human side of the story as well as the tiger's, and the conflicts that can occur when the two come together. This movie is educational for adults and children alike. Beautiful music and scenic cinematography make this film a true work of art. I went to see "Two Brothers" on opening night and I liked it so much I had to go back and see it again the next day. Entertaining and educational, "Two Brothers" is a movie that EVERY person should see! I Highly recommend this movie and give it 5 stars!

tlew 12 November 2004

I actually don't know if I would take kids to see this film. Both I and my bf found it very difficult to watch all the hunting and killing scenes. While the film does not show any direct shots of lives being taken, it's very implicit and the movie does show carcasses and furs afterwards. I loved the story of the tiger "family" (even though I'm not so sure how realistic this is), but I honestly considered walking out of the theater due to the violence portrayed. That said, I think this film is VERY difficult for animal lovers (particularly those against hunting) to watch. Also, I think I would have appreciated a simple one line introduction regarding time and setting (unless I missed this or it was cut out of the EU version). I only knew it was set in Cambodia after reading the plot summary and I assume it was circa 1920-30's based on the costumes. Some background would have given the film a little more context in my opinion (Why were the French in Cambodia, and what was the this road they were trying to build?)

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