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UglyDolls (2019)

Animation | Comedy  | Fantasy
IMDB Rayting:   4.6/10
Country: China | Canada
Language: English

An animated adventure in which the free spirited UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with a desire to be loved, and ultimately discover who you truly are is what matters most.

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phylicia1 13 May 2019

People who are giving 10/10...come on now...this doesn't compare to Inside Out, Zootopia, Toy Story, Lion King etc Was it but it was missing something. Yes the message was good but could have been delivered more powerfully and the best part was definitely all the musical scenes. So at least a 6 is fair.

irishboy141 1 May 2019

This is one of the ugliest most generic films I've seen. The only sellable aspect to this film is the plethora of voice actors shoved in regardless if they can voice act (this film was heavily advertised between "the Voice" because two of the judges star in it, and are the worst actors in the movie).

The story is a stock "being ugly is okay" plot that most TV cartoons would be embarrassed to use this day and age. The visuals suck because the environments are bland & the character designs are horribly ugly.

The voice acting is bad because no one tries to emote or throw their voice to sound different. It's as if they only had the celebrities for 5 minutes so they just ran through the dialogue and only used 1st takes.

Much like the Emoji movie, this film feels like a cash grab. It wasn't created because someone had a story they wanted to tell, it was created to suck the money out of gullible parents wallets as well as advertise for children.

Skip this abomination, almost anything else is better worth your time.

ilikeanimation 5 May 2019

This isn't going to wow the adults (although the songs are surprisingly good imo), but the little ones will enjoy it a lot. It also has a message of that adults may think of it as cliche, but children could take it to the heart.

queen-jade09 3 May 2019

Wow this movie is amazing. Behind the beautiful colors, animation and story lies great and real messages about our society and how most of us are constantly fighting against social standards. It trully gives me hope that one day I will be able to accept completely myself as these beautiful "ugly" dolls do.

tazerling 4 May 2019

I LOVE IT!!!! It made me so happy I actually cried! I don't care what anyone else says about it. The whole message of the movie is to not care what those who put you down have to say, only those who encourage you! But especially your own. Is this out on Blu-Ray yet?

shaun-morin 5 May 2019

It's wuite simply a great family outing movie with a great message about body image. In todays world that's much needed. Cute movie for the family.

paul_haakonsen 16 July 2019

I sat down to watch the 2019 animated movie "UglyDolls" with my nine year old son, as he had been wanting to see it for some time.

Now, usually I do like animated movie, but "UglyDolls" just never caught on with me. The storyline was just too bland and unimaginative, and the entire character gallery was just rubbish.

I will say that the animation itself and the CGI was quite good, so the movie does harvest some points there. And it also scores some points for some good voice acting. But the rest of the movie was just less than mediocre.

Even my nine year old son, whom had really been looking forward to watching this animated movie, wasn't particularly thrilled or entertained by the outcome of the movie. It was just not outstanding and it lacked comedy elements to spice it up.

Furthermore, there was just way too much singing in this animated movie for my liking. It felt like you were sitting through another Disney animation.

All in all, "UglyDolls" is a less than mediocre animated movie. However, I am sure that it will find a home with the younger audience perhaps around 6 years old or so.

bigtensec 4 May 2019

I totally loved this movie! It was amazing in my opinion. I loved the music, the plot, the characters, everything in this film! It almost made me sad for some scenes! I would it a 10/10!

abalbino-49251 6 May 2019

Cute, funny adorable and had a great message behind it.

hendrik-88831 30 July 2019

When you see people rate a movie like this 10/10 then you know there is something dodgy going on. So they really rate this movie higher than Ice Age, Incredibles, Toy Story, Zootopia and others? Come on, really? 5/10 is already a stretch for this movie. Even the acting of the dolls were sub-par, low budget quality. It was one of the most boring, weird and and just plain stupid movies i have seen in a long while. Not even the so called message could save this disaster. If you are under 12 then you might enjoy the movie, but for the rest of you, stay away. You have been warned.

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