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Uncle Frank (2020)

IMDB Rayting:   7.2/10
Country: USA
Language: English

In 1973, when Frank Bledsoe and his 18 year old niece Beth take a road trip from Manhattan to Creekville, South Carolina, for the family patriarch's funeral, they're unexpectedly joined by Frank's lover, Walid.

Director: Alan Ball Writer:

Stars: Paul Bettany, Sophia Lillis and Peter Macdissi

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atractiveeyes 28 November 2020

It's just amazing. The story might seem light and simple but it's way more than that, it's so deep and important with many heavy subjects and life messages. Performances are all so good. Camerawork is nice. Uncle Frank is one of the best movies I saw this year. It's very well made, and It's touching, heartbreaking, funny, entertaining, and important. It's highly recommended because it's a great movie that deserves better recognition and appreciation.

Blk_Ne190 2 December 2020

I was so excited when I saw Amazon had a new movie both written and directed by Alan Ball. I had seen absolutely no promotion or anything for this movie at all which was strange and it really deserves some. It was really great.

I didn't know much about the story going in and I think that it was a fresh take on this type of story. It kind of avoid some of the same old trappings and if it didn't avoid then it found away to make them more fresh or just tackle them from a different angle.

The script is amazing. I love the dialogue that Alan Ball writes it feels so bombastic and real. There is a flow that takes away the stiltedness of words on a screenplay.

I really enjoyed the performances too. They were really heart wrenching at times and done with care. Even the more subtle ones really stand out against the more dramatic ones.

I was also surprised what it was pretty funny in the beginning. I found my self laughing more than I thought. This does end abruptly in the middle of the film however.

It's a really well made film and I am sad that it didn't get more attention and publicity because it truly deserves it.

jasongkgreen 7 August 2020

This is a film of love, partners, family and mostly self. A beautifully shot, thoughtful take on the challenges of traditional 70's thinking and the challenges of a gay life within a family.

A superbly acted film, tense and moving, warmed with love. It's not an easy watch, and shouldn't be. In saying that it has fun and warmth. Recommended.

Noodles88 27 November 2020

I usually don't review much but sometimes it saddens me to see such low grades on a beautifully made, heartwarmingly movie. Sophia Lillis and Paul Bettany are 2 of the best.

There is a scene, you'll probably know when you'll see it, that completely engaged my empathy and emotions, made everything before and after it inconsequential, that's how powerful it was and I hope no one ever has to go through that, although i know a lot of people still do.

Wonderful movie, go see it and grow.

ozjosh03 27 November 2020

I'd almost begun to think we'd never see a movie like this again. But just when we need it most Alan Ball delivers a classically structured, beautifully written and delicately directed story that is both timely and timeless, as well as deeply moving. What appears on the surface to be a simple family saga is actually one of the most artfully constructed and thoughtfully realised movies in years. It will most likely be overlooked come award season as Hollywood rushes to honour the dumb superhero movies, pretentious gangster flicks and such - ventures in which hundreds of millions have been invested. They need those movies to succeed so the money keeps flowing, I guess. But Uncle Frank is real movie-making. I'm willing to bet you'll remember it long after you've forgotten most of 2021's Oscar nominees.

peternrogers 27 November 2020

Utterly compelling, faultless story with an Oscar deserving performance from Paul Bettany, the director and the two main supporting actors

andersonlindc 27 November 2020

I haven't been moved by a movie in quite some time, I cried I laughed.. I loved it

staciedoryjames 27 November 2020

Beautiful film. Perfect cast! I think that was the key to this, likeable main characters that worked well together. These kind of stories are so important to be told, in such a way that nothing distracts from what is important. Frank, being able to who he is.

Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic 18 November 2020

8/10 - touching and deeply moving story is nicely coupled with tremendous acting from Paul Bettany, Sophia Lillis, and Peter Macdissi

alindsay-al 7 August 2020

So this weekend the London Sundance Film Festival is happening online and I am going to watch three of the films online over the next few days and the first one which I have just finished watching is called Uncle Frank and here is my review for it. The premise of the film is in the 1970's where a man and his 18 year old niece have to travel home where they are joined by the mans secret gay lover.

Main Character Paul Bettany of Vision fame in The Marvel Cinematic Universe plays Uncle Frank here and I thought he was superb here. He gives a truly memorable performance and it is really emotional, the film focuses on how living this secret life has affected him and how even though he is intelligent it doesn't change the fact that he is scared about living his life. He is very charismatic and charming and just leads the screen very well here.

Supporting Characters Sophia Lillis is in this film as his niece and this girl is having a great 2020 in terms of her star growing. I loved watching her on I am Not Okay With This and she is great here as well. She does kind of feel like a background character towards the end of the film but she does a great job in her role and I thought her and Bettany had really good chemistry here. Peter Macdissi plays his gay lover here and I thought he was a fun addition here, he is very different to everybody else here, he is more vibrant and over the top but I just liked him here and thought he was a very fun part of the film. The rest of the supporting cast also do a really good job in there smaller roles and add something to the film.

Story The story deals with many important subjects and themes, it is a film about acceptance and understanding people which is well done. It deals with the characters and there personalities well making the impactful moments hit in a larger way then I expected. Though this film also does fall for some forced emotional story elements, there is one in particular that felt wasted and didn't quite work and felt a little bit forced and like it had an agenda.

Script The script here has some good dialogue, it has the drama and emotion and actually some pretty funny moments which helped the flow of the film. But as I mentioned there are some forced moments that pretty much comes by weaker writing, that distrupts the flow of the film at times.

Style The style of the film does a good job of making the audience feel the way that you are supposed to. You will be upset when you are supposed to, happy when you are supposed to and laugh when you are supposed to. But this film does have some pacing issues, especially when the road trip aspects of the film take place and this film clocks in at 90 minutes which made it feel a little short for me as I thought there as maybe a bit more story to tell.

Overall Overall, I liked this movie. It tells some important messages and with good acting makes it worthy, I would say this is a film for film fans I think most casuals won't be a fan but if you are interested in good stories in film then this might be worth a watch.

reedmontgomery 25 November 2020

A wonderful movie. Paul Betanny is brilliant as always.

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