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Unhinged (2020)

Rayting:   6.0/10 37167 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

After a confrontation with an unstable man at an intersection, a woman becomes the target of his rage.

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bananaspider 20 October 2020

The 6 rating is mainly for Russell Crow. I mean if she would have given that courtesy honk in the first place all of this could have been avoided.

bgmagic22 24 August 2020

The fact that the main character didn't ask someone walking by to call the police or drive to a police station early in the film really ticked me off. He was able to ride around doing this stuff in broad daylight but in reality they would've called in swat to take him down asap. They would've had an APB out for his vehicle from the 1st crime....I turned it off halfway through.

Field78 20 July 2020

There's nothing wrong a decent thriller where two people face off on the road using their wits and their heavy machinery. So this movie could have been the Duel (1971) of the 2020s (or at the very least a Joy Ride (2001)), but unfortunately, it lacks a director like Steven Spielberg or John Dahl to make it work.

After a shocking opening scene, director Derrick Borte starts off nicely with a disturbing montage that shows us the horrible consequences of explosive aggression and road rage. For a long time, his movie seems to be a passionate plea to have more patience and compassion with others in a harsh society where everyone is under constant pressure, because you never know what the other person is going through. Too bad that he gradually undermines this message with cheap shocks and sadistic violence.

It's good to see Russell Crowe again after such a long absence, because watching his heavily disturbed maniac snap and terrorize a lady that just happened to piss him off is definitely one of the scarce highlights of the film. No Oscar material, but the man is still an acting heavyweight (no pun intended... well, maybe a little), so much so that leading lady Caren Pistorius cannot hope to carry this movie in his presence. In fact, her character is so passive and uninteresting that I felt very little sympathy for her plight. I don't know if it was the intention here, but I always love movies where you cheer for the bad guy for a very long time, like Face-Off and Law Abiding Citizen; everyone loves tragic villains, and you always hope that the makers can delay that moment where you lose sympathy for them until the very last.

Unfortunately, this moment comes way too soon in the movie. In the first half we get some motivation from Crowe's and Pistorius' character for their actions, but that wears off quickly in an endless rampage that seems to be an excuse for a lot of torture porn. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that, as long as you keep developing your key players. Especially psychopaths work best when they remain completely unexplained mysteries, or when they get fleshed out properly, like the psychologic-meltdown classic Falling Down. However, Crowe and Pistorius never get beyond their minimal and one-dimensional backstories. When the bad guy gets to the point where I no longer rooted for him (again, way too soon), you hope that your allegiance changes back to the heroine. But Pistorius' character keeps making such bad decisions (up to and including a laughably set up climax) that by that time, I no longer cared about either, and could only worry about the collateral damage.

Too bad for Crowe and Jimmi Simpson, who probably have one of the best scenes together when this movie is still promising. But the pressure to marry action with psychology, and to increase the stakes with such disregard for realism really starts working against the film and characters. I don't mind violence in movies at all, but it should make me invest in characters, not get desensitized and bored.

I like a good battle of character like everyone else, but when the action and suspense start feeling stale because I'm no longer emotionally engaged, then it's just mostly a waste of time. But granted, it's not a complete disaster and it had its moments. I hear people praising this movie as super-suspenseful, so by all means, try it out. But don't say I didn't warn you.

imdb020-643-129772 5 August 2020

At the first 10 minutes, you start thinking that the heroine is stupid. Then you start thinking that everyone around her is stupid. Then you start thinking that the police are stupid.

But, in fact, the story and directing are stupid.

I wanted to leave the cinema and the only thing that made me watch this till the end is that it's hell-hot outside.

The trailer for this movie is better than the movie itself.

YourAverageReviewer 16 August 2020

A lot of convenience in this movie to push the plot forward... Russell Crowe did the best with what he could do but at times his acting felt way too over the top.

Overall it has entertainment value to people who want to watch something and turn their brain off... but thrillers should be somewhat logical, and this wasn't.

Everything was passable in the film but nothing felt ... worth watching to me.

goddaluva 21 August 2020

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to leave the theater because of her stupidity, but it's definitely what the movie was going for. God bless her son though.

amirshayani 4 November 2020

The woman in the movie tried her best to avoid calling a police 😂

rynerbyner 18 August 2020

I'll start off by saying that i never had super high expectations going in, i thought the movie was going to be somewhat of a psychological thriller but boy was i wrong. I figured since it had Russell Crowe it was at least going to be decent but once again boy was i wrong.

Am one of those movie goers that virtually never leaves a movie or wants too, but i actually asked my wife several times a little over half way if she just wanted to go to which she never replied so we just stuck it out. This movie just had zero redeeming qualities, i was perfectly ok with just walking out because i could care less what was happening or going too.

The movie was basically torture porn, over the top unrealistic moments designed to shock the audience but it just falls flat on it's face. Also zero interesting dialogue, coupled with super generic progression and ending. I can see why they wanted to make this one of the first movies to come out since COVID-19 to sucker people into seeing this hot trash, otherwise this movie wouldn't make a dime. I wish i would have held out a couple more weeks to see a real movie like Tenet.

As me and the wife we're exiting the theater i overheard two other couples saying the exact same thing that the movie sucked, made no sense, etc.

Save your money. Utter trash. I legitimately can't believe Russell Crowe signed on for this.

Dunnarunna 6 August 2020

This movie had me stressed from start to finish. Russell Crowe is so menacing and believable. Somehow I don't think this role was much of a stretch for Rusty! We left the cinema and was sitting at a green light and the car in front of us didn't move. We just sat there, too scared to toot the horn!

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