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Unknown Origins (2020)

Action | Comedy | Drama
Rayting:   6.0/10 5348 votes
Country: Spain | Argentina
Language: English

Madrid, 2019. A serial killer is spreading chaos. Anonymous people with no apparent connection are being murdered while imitating the first appearances of the most famous superheroes.

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egmp-02311 30 August 2020

This is an entertaining film that, for most of the reviews I've read by English-speaking critics, has been significantly misunderstood and underestimated. Some critics have complained abou the lack of wit that would make the film sharper and more interesting. However, a good amount of humor gets lost in translation. I'm not referring to English subtitles but rather the sociopolitical context of the Spanish (not the language but the country) experience. Spanish cinema often introduces criticism of the current sociopolitical situation by way of "zingers" at the most unexpected moments. For those of us that understand this, the film has plenty of intelligently developed humorous dialogue and situations that save it from important ot holes. Through twists and turns Origenes Secretos takes us on a trip of silly dialogues and gory crime scenes. Character development could have been better, but as the film enters the final stretch the characters make perfect sense. I'm hopeful that a sequel will be better developed and the plot tighter.

joanne-burrage 29 August 2020

This was right up my street. Love superheroes. I don't mind foreign films either, so this was a good choice. Not the best film ever, but interesting enough. The plot, acting and direction were all good. Some good twists along the way and quite funny at times. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Good fun from the start.

Sleepin_Dragon 2 September 2020

...Genuinely that, it's as far away from the type of film I enjoy, but for some bizarre reason I enjoyed it. It's incredibly flawed, the story is all over the place, the characters are bonkers, and the comic book references were way over my head.

That said, it was unique, entertaining and gloriously over the top. I would perhaps not watch it again, but as a one off I would recommend it. It appeals to me as a lover of mysteries and whodunnits, it will perhaps appeal to fans of Super Hero movies and comic books.

Javier Rey was great in it, I think he was the standout.

If it becomes a series I'd watch it, better in Spanish with subtitles, the dubbing was distracting.

Very good, 7/10.

ashwinever-65477 28 August 2020

Around 2 am in the night, you are wondering what to watch......Being a comic fan, I can say that this was super cool and nice to watch!

giorgosstefanidis 28 August 2020

Unknown origins came literally out of nowhere and seeing that some critics give it a pretty positive score i gave it a try . Unknown origins is an original movie and I was hooked instantly from the first 20 minutes . It was so good and interesting and then after the first half the movie gets boring with so much unnecessary dialogue . And that leads to an even more dissapointing ending . This movie could be so good but it falls flat . Then there is some comedy with little jokes which were pretty funny . The acting is okay it's not the best . There is also the unnecessary romance which develops in the second half of the movie and came out of nowhere . This and many others parts were cringy really cringy . For example the drama in this movie , I never felt sad when i was supposed to . Let's go to the visual and practical effect part . At the first couple of minutes with the victims they were really good but by the ending it was like they run out of budget , it was AWFUL . The last scene of this movie was ridiculous really . By the end of this film you feel confused about what you watched . Was it a serious serial killer movie , was it a cheesy teen mystery comedy or was it a parody? I am going to give the first half of the film a 9/10 and the other half a 3/10 which leads me giving this film a 5/10. Should you watch it? Although it's an interesting movie , no because you will fill disappointed

dy38493 29 September 2020

The movie is a super hero movie the movie has good start but bad finish the movie is a great to watch.

rls-79530 29 August 2020

Spanish film about being a superhero with all the cliches fans of classic superheroes will certainly enjoy. Give it a try!

zac-68274 31 August 2020

Great intentions take a wrong turn and the movie plummets! Writer & Director got lazy and it shows! This really could've been something great!

zorellaluna 6 September 2020

First up, this is a SPANISH movie. Not sure why people complain about this as it's pretty darn obvious. Newsflash, countries outside the US are allowed to make movies.

Let's start by saying I'm not unit superheroes at all. I am, however, into Spanish thrillers. This one started out pretty well, with a nice balance between the old cop, the young cop, and the nerdy son.

Just about the middle though it takes a turn to absurdity. The end is ....not far fetched necessarily, but really more appropriate for a comic then a movie for grown ups.

It was enjoyable, especially the first half, but be prepared for a weaker ending.

mhdreiling 29 August 2020

The idea is good, as are the setting and actors (good chemistry between the 3 main characters). The problems are the screenplay (it goes downhill fast) and the amateurish direction. It starts somehow enjoyably but quickly becomes an incoherent mess. Music is mostly annoying.

fairydusk 29 August 2020

I just love the creativity, super original! Very fun and entertaining.

orde-ivanovski 27 September 2020

This movie started with a spectacular set up, riding on the newly acquired popularity of comics due to the success of the DC and Marvel popular titles but ended up with a rushed and totally uneventful, emotionless and due to a lack of other words STUPID ending... It feels like this title was supposed to developed as a limited series (one season, 6 or 7 episodes) and the story develops great for for the first hour. After that all goes to s***... everything is rushed, character development, storyline... it looks like Netflix pressed to get the "movie" out in 3 months, when a whole year was needed.

STAY AWAY and don't waste your time...

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