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V (2020)

Action | Thriller 
IMDB Rayting:   6.7/10
Country: India
Language: English

An action thriller centered on the showdown between a celebrated cop and a serial killer who challenges the former to nab him.

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gadevamshi 5 September 2020

I was so disappointed watching this movie. Was kind of embarrassed as I thought this movie would be a good one considering the directors name and vision. I seriously doubt that this was actually directed by him. Never expected nor thought this kind of movie could be delivered by such a well learned director. The item/beach song was a shocker to me in this "modern age directors" movie. Acting skills: (blessing in disguise) Nani is as always top notch and nailed his role as an anti-hero. Sudheer babu was trying too much to fit into the character but didn't succeed. Nivetha Thomas, OMG did she even TRY to act at least?? Aditi Rao was like a passing cloud. Some characters in the movie are just useless and purposeless. Dialogues were too routine and cringeworthy at times. Songs are below average but background score kind of helped the movie. Overall this is an outrightly a very badly made "commercial movie". Hope the director learns the audience has evolved. Hope Nani doesn't pick such lifeless stories. Let's try to build a modern cinema for Telugu people!! It's HIGH time.

ptreekpdl 5 September 2020

V is a typical revenge drama that does not live up to the hype But the second half becomes slow with dull narration and a silly ending, Barring this, V is a perfect OTT release that can be only given a shot for its star presence and stylish taking. The only thing you need to do is to lower your expectations while watching the film.

etradewise 13 September 2020

V is a dare to push the limits rather than sticking to Nasthologia of director's and actors' past performances. The making is quite adventurous and nerve teasing to stick to the screen - watched in-home theatre. Bravo!!

Quirk47 5 September 2020

If u don't have enough scripts to make..copy the old revenge theme and make it in a lavish or stylish way. Screenplay is lagging especially in second hour. The total flashback episode was pinned down. Sound and editing departments are good. Coming to performances Sudheer Babu is ok as a police officer. Nani is a pyscho killer. He goes overboard with his acting. Nivetha and Aditi..ok. The movies is a mixed pack of Various films we have seen in the past. V for Vendetta ,Seven,Zodiac etc and typical Indian plot lines including Charity issues,Cat and mouse play , Religious rights and other allegations. Okayish movie. I can't say thriller because it offers nothing new.

karunakaran-02690 5 September 2020

Good dialogue delivery, Good acting ,Good screen play, Totally decent movie

snd-18644 17 September 2020

This movie is an insult to the viewers intelligence and to the word psycho. Indraganti should watch original Psycho or latest Joker just to understand the real meaning of the word Psycho and make a movie portraying one.

When will Telugu 'heroes' grow up and actually act out a true bad character? False portrayal and publicity as a bad guy, then justify it with some stupid back story (after all he is a good guy too). Take audience for fools. Happy that this crap didn't release in a theatre.

rebeccasweety-59427 12 September 2020

Idk why the reviews are so mixed up. Seeing the reviews I didn't want to watch it. But then ended up doing so out of boredom. To my own surprise I really liked the film. It really kept me hooked till the very end. Nani and Sudheer did an amazing job. The bgm (though it resembled another recently released thriller ratsasan's) was apt. Vastunna vachestunna song is a catchy one. Ig if one watches it with sky high expectations, one would be disappointed. Watch it without too much expectations, you will like it.

monthone-03458 5 September 2020

V is a regular "so called Thriller Drama". Second half is so dull, while he first half arouses curiosity even though it is average. The BGM pattern used is copied from some latest Malayalam Films. In the first half, it seems that even the director forgot about the genre of the movie and was busy portraying the Hero's physical beauty. At least they people behind the film could've avoided the copying of frames from other films. There are many scenes in the film of which the frames can be very easily notified of being taken from other films Literally an average common Telugu Film. since it is an OTT release you can give it a try but without any expectation in mind.

napanafis-38609 5 September 2020

Not as good as expected......If your expectations are too high then it will not able to fulfil your expectations...It's a onetimewatch movie...But Nani's performance was just😘😘😘😘

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