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Vanquish (2021)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   2.6/10 1875 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A mother, Victoria, is trying to put her dark past as a Russian drug courier behind her, but retired cop Damon forces Victoria to do his bidding by holding her daughter hostage.

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pete-collin 16 April 2021

This movie should have been strangled at birth. A pointless, vacuous trip to nowhere in particular, notable only for the tightness of Miss Rose's strides and the fact that Mr Freeman's fall from grace is so absolute that he felt he had to take on this project.

In summary, lots of people shoot at a girl on a motorbike, yet miss their target by a mile, a fate shared by the makers of this pitiful dirge.

chandean-69762 16 April 2021

This movie starts off with a god damn six and a half minute long title / credit sequence ... I think it was telling me not to watch this film ... I should've listened.

Vanquish has a god-awful script that's delivered horribly by all the actors and actresses, it seemed like absolutely nobody wanted to be on set.

It's also filled with probably the ugliest editing i've ever seen in a movie with tons of fading transitions and jarring jump cuts. That combined with gross color grading thats either overly blue, or overly green and yellow that's only comparable to what Mexico looks like in Breaking Bad on steroids.

Audio mixing also seemed to be a problem, some scenes you can hear a knife swinging around or money flipping through a counting machine more than you can hear a person talking.

Vanquish is just horribly made. It's a gross visual experience with an extremely cliché story and terrible acting.

I don't usually like to trash movies like this but holy ... this was bad.

DaSpider 17 April 2021

Seriously, I cannot think of a single reason a renowned actor would take part it this sh**show. He probably owns money to loan sharks or owns a debt to the director or similar. This is a A-class waste of everything you can think of.

HorrorVision 16 April 2021

... obviously it's not about talent in Hollywood since 2020. Original ideas don't exist and we're stuck watching wannabe actors instead of professionals. Guess it beats CGI.

kristoferthompson 16 April 2021

I know 2020 was a difficult year to be making movies but there is no excuse for this awful awful film.

Wooden acting, Disjointed plot. Unrelatable characters/

DO NOT waste 90 minutes watching this garbage.

Once again lump of wood ruby rose does her usual abysmal attempt at 'acting'. Who keeps employing her?

Avoid this film at all costs.

johnmento 16 April 2021

Some shocking b grade action. What and who talked class like morgan freeman into this is beyond me. Once again we find the wooden actress, mila jovovich try hard ruby rose in some forced action roles which just makes me laugh.

Why people why, could have been good but missed the mark by 90.

gtenalokes 16 April 2021

Ruby Rose is an eye sore...

This movie is pure trash, they need to vanquish it from existence.. what a waste of money..

Sounds_Shadey 18 April 2021

Why? Seriously, why? Does she have something on someone important? Does she know someone that can green light anything? Did she sign a blood contract with Satan, I mean, seriously, why? She had a few episodes on Orange is the new black, and then major roles. She is getting roles that an actor should have be getting if they were in the business for like 20+ years, so why? Being serious here...

bforbrett 16 April 2021

Terrible movie from start to finish. The opening credits - what even was that?

ollivernick 16 April 2021

Wait for all the pro ruby rose votes to rock in with a 10 stars!

My god this is bad, some of the worst acting, seems ruby rose's stiff acting even infected morgan freeman!

Dont wast your time.

scrabo39-143-16850 16 April 2021

I have witnessed some gawd awful films in my time, but this takes the biscuit!

Morgan dear friend, if I'd known you were this hard up, I could have helped!

Sweet Jeebus make it stop.......

A_Different_Drummer 16 April 2021

Most scenes with 1 or 2 characters because they could not afford extras CHECK minimal outdoor scenes because they did not bother with licenses and permissions CHECK lots of head and shoulders shots as a substitute for actual movement CHECK garish colors to distract viewers from the lack of value on the screen CHECK and a soundtrack from Hell to try to hide all the above CHECK;

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