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Varane Avashyamund (2020)

Rayting:   6.9/10
Country: India
Language: English

Neena is a French teacher and single parent to Nikitha, who is obsessed with the concept of an arranged marriage. Their life changes when a retired army man and another young man come to stay at the apartment.

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sravannair-46559 7 February 2020

You will absolutely love this movie. Suresh Gopi and Sobana yet again proved what they are capable of. The storyline is beautiful. I will rate 5/5. Must watch movie

abhedtm 18 February 2020

Well made movie for all Shobana Fans & Suresh Gopi Fans... A good family entertainer..A Fresh Movie... Anoop proved his talent in his first movie itself... Shobana was divine and simply proved that her Queen crown is Permanent..Noone can even touch....

Everyone in the movie did 100% justice to their role..

Nee vayen aarumugha song in chithra chechy voice is beyond words..Kudoos to Alphonse Sir....Moreover this combo of KS Chithra and Shobana is coming after a long gap of 20 years..the last one being "Varthinkal udikatha" in 1999.

Dq was too good You will love him......Hard to believe that it is kalyani's debut. Perfect acting. Urvashis powerful dialogues are still in my mind..KPAC Lalitha is like salt, required everywhere..Dubbing artist sreeja was wonderful and the the Doctor was bestest comedian in the movie..The lttle brother of DQ is smart.

A special happiness when we hear Shobana in Bhagyalakshmi's sound....Good Dubbing for kalyani too..

Though little, i love the fight scenes too...

In somepoint you will feel the sequence is getting missed somewhere.. But not a big deal..All together it is too good.....

When the movied ended i really wished if it continued for 10 more minutes.. I am not saying it is 100 % perfect movie. But from a debutant director, i would say this is the bestest.In other words, You wont feel that it is from a new director...that is it.

You can take your kids and watch the movie for 2.5 hours with full fun....

jayaramsohanlal 8 February 2020

The movie is mind blowing and good come back by Suresh Gopi and shobhana and it's a feel good movie.

mailmenow-97185 21 February 2020

An over hyped movie with lot of paid positive reviews is what I will tell. I could not find a single element in the script which was interesting. The script lacked subject and this was evident from the dragging nature of the whole movie. Apart from few minor humor here and there the experience was totally boring. Had a chat with many people who watched the movie and also few people who were at the cinema. Not even a single person told positive about it. Still I see lot of 5 * rating and reviews. The story line lacked continuity and was not convincing at most of the places. The characters and the whole environment where the story line is setup is also completely non convincing and over dramatic. Overall a complete waste of time and money.

deepumohan-75968 16 February 2020

Varane Aavashyamund (2020) ⭐

Varane Aavashyamund is a non sensical movie with a very shallow script and amature direction. The director miserably fails to detail the characters makeing the story very shallow and a complete mess out of it. The story does not make any sense and amid all these, random songs have been stuffed into. The first half is all gibberish and confusing. Dulquer Salman's character is completely irrelevant and all what he does is running into some scenes and miserably trying to deliver funny dialogues. Shobana has completely lost her mettle. All she has throughout is a pale face without any expressions. The film cuts are very abrupt and jumps randomly between scenes without any context and continuity, leaving the audience clueless. Director Anoop had managed to line up an ensemble cast but has miserably failed to deliver on his storytelling skills. The only silver lining of this film is Suresh Gopi's act which was very convincing, funny and the only thing which glued me to the seat which i would have vacated very early otherwise by the end of first half.

soorajr06 25 April 2020

It's the starcast and the popular directors sons debut which probably created the hype for this movie, the script was very average, casting was good but the characters lacked depth and didn't connect the dots. Overall a very average movie experience. Also it was pretty poor effort to create jokes by repeating old movie dialogues of same actors.

aiswaryapradeep 22 April 2020

It's a very heartwarming film . Can be watched with the whole family . Though it does lag a bit at some points , it's quite manageable. And the parallel stories were great too . It's a feel good one time watch .

alphadude007 21 April 2020

Althought the plot goes here and there with no character development, the movie is cute with good performances from the cast. Special mention to Suresh Gopi and Shobhana who came back to the fold with a bang. Definitely watchable.

nairtejas 20 April 2020

Varane Avashyamund (Bridegroom Needed) is an entire 150-minute collection of aimless dramedy that is carried non-seamlessly in a forward-thinking container with the right use of modern drama and romance tropes and pretentious sequences that just ooze out all the fun that was promised at the start, and ends up with a whimper only because of the support of the awkward romance between the zealous characters of Shobhana and Suresh Gopi. TN.

roshidhs 9 May 2020

A movie for sake of bringing Suresh Gopi and Shobana together after long time.

sujith789_reviews 22 April 2020

  • Watched the movie in Netflix. Running time abt 2 hr 24 mts.
  • Story is simple.
  • Great acting by main 4 actors especially Suresh Gopi. Apart from main 4, I liked Urvashi's and Johnny Antony's roles.
  • I felt second half was way better than the first half. In first half, it fails to connect and relate certain characters and in second half it answers it all.
  • There are some good emotional scenes in the second half. SG's speech at the climax was fantastic.
  • Final Verdict: A very good feel good movie.

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