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Virgin Bhanupriya (2020)

Rayting:   5.4/10
Country: India
Language: English

Bhanupriya, a conservative girl decides to lose her virginity but fails in her every attempt. A soothsayer predicts that it is an impossible task and it will not happen to her. She decides to overcome this bad luck.

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snshk-81965 23 July 2020

Really awesome work from all the cast, Excellent subject too! Shown everything very humorously, You won't get bore even for a single second!

Very entertaining 👌👌👌👌 Great Performance, music & direction too.👍🏻👍🏻

salimbakhsh 24 July 2020

I would say, watching this definitely keep you laughing all the way. a super performance by all team loved it

abhishekk-80870 25 July 2020

I liked this movie so much. This movie make humor so many time, I laughed too much while this movie. I liked the character of urvashi, rajeev & rukul. This movie is so amazing. I highly recommend everyone to once watch this movie. The role urvashi ji in this movie is amazing, she plays like evergreen actress. She played a lot of beautiful & serious cast inthis movie.

bubblebumchannel 20 July 2020

Good weekend watch. It's a concept that can't go wrong. You know that things will fall in place, so it is a good stress buster. Loved the man who played Bhanupriya's father. His character was funny. Archna Puran Singh was her usual best. :)

keswaniravi 18 July 2020

You did an amazing job in the film and this is one of my favourite movie and All the best for your future endeavours and Looking forward too see more of your excellent work in future. :)

wwwrishabhverma 20 July 2020

Mind blowing series........ Full entertaining.......

sonamk-26869 22 July 2020

Movie is awesome and I love Urvashi's acting, She is a great nd brilliant actress. All cast done great job in this movie specially his father Rajiv Gupta Sir😊🙂🙂🙂

imvishalbabu 22 July 2020

Urvashi's acting is superb! I watched Virgin Bhanupriya on Zee5 it's really amazing and just a wow. Urvashi ma'am ur acting is awesome and mind blowing nd u look extremely gorgeous in this new look with goggles( chasmis 😜), Ur father's acting is also no.1

ubnimesh 20 July 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie with the gripping plots and extraordinary characters depicted in this movie . Movie revolves around the theme which is so unique that it makes you laugh throughout the movie . A must watch movie for all

rsamadda 20 July 2020

Excellent direction and superb acting by urvashi, amazing Comedy and dialogus.

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