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Vivo (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   6.7/10 12K votes
Country: USA
Language: English
Release date: August 6, 2021

Vivo, Sony Pictures Animation's first ever musical adventure featuring all new original songs from Lin Manuel Miranda, will take audiences on an epic adventure to gorgeous and vibrant locations never before seen in animation.

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nasdagoodshepherd 6 August 2021

Once again, Sony Pictures Animation and Netflix releases another film this year and that's Vivo. I watched it and I loved it so much, believe it or not but there are a ton of great musical numbers in this movie, they are all great to listen to. I really love the animation and the art style. Just looking at the character designs, especially Vivo, Gabi and the Sand Dollars, they are all adorable. I also love the story and the humor too. Just looking at the animation style makes you think that this movie looks like it came out of DreamWorks Animation or Blue Sky Studios (R. I. P Blue Sky Studios and screw you Disney) and of course, this movie has plenty of heart and likable characters. Vivo is undoubtedly one of the absolute best animated movies from Sony Pictures Animation and I believe that this movie will be part of the Oscars. I give Vivo a 9.5/10.

Gordon-11 7 August 2021

I like the animation and the songs. The mission that the characters have to do is heart warming. It's great to have Gloria Estefan singing in it too.

turntwo-57219 7 August 2021

So, everything BUT the story is excellent... which is weird. The animation is beautiful. The voice acting is wonderful. Lin Manuel Miranda's music is sensational. If my kids wanted to watch this 100 times, i wouldn't mind listening to it while i read a magazine or did dishes or something. But the characters and story aren't very engaging. Neither of my kids got sucked in, and i definitely did it. Its a simple story and moves real slow. Jokes are repetitive. I'm writing this review while watching it. Cuz its kinda boring. I'm pretty bored. Oh wait, another song, hold on... .... Oh, that was beautiful! Yeah, songs are amazing. Watch the movie once and then just listen to soundtrack. But that soundtrack... is sensational.

malenita-88523 6 August 2021

Even when is not the best animated movie that I saw, my kid (5 years old) just love it. The story captured his attention from the beginning to the end. Is a lovely story.

eme-59343 6 August 2021

As a huge fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda, I'm definitely biased, but this movie was still very well done. The music, the story... just everything was beyond my expectations. I wholeheartedly love this movie, it's easily my favourite animated musical now.

wuyinggmat 8 August 2021

Love the fun characters, catchy songs and a beautiful story.

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