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Voyagers (2021)

Adventure | Thriller 
Rayting:   5.5/10 560 votes
Country: USA | Czech Republic
Language: English

A crew of astronauts on a multi generational mission descend into paranoia and madness, not knowing what is real or not.

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adrianenkegaard 12 April 2021

Please. Don't waste your time. It's pure garbage, not reccomended to anyone.

theobcosta 12 April 2021

Stay away. Please. Send help.


Just very boring. No plot. Bad acting. Go watch frozen or something.

markindy-27025 10 April 2021

I love the crew ensemble but the overall story and pace is terrible. It's extremely sloppy and poorly executed. For a huge budget film with great cast. You come out feeling like your 20 dollars could have been better spent.

Little tension, drags out of course every move does but it lacks good dialogue or destination.

ed-503-465183 13 April 2021

Hard science fiction fans definitely won't like it.

While this film wasn't a dystopian young adult film, it had elements of that genre. If you like that kind of movie, MAYBE (big maybe) this is for you, but it really doesn't even deliver that well. There are much better films that play with these themes than Voyager.

Frankly, it was pretty lite on everything. Beyond the initial premise of what might happen on a long-term colonization spaceflight to an exoplanet, this film really didn't offer much. It wasn't particularly thought-provoking, fun, action-packed, suspenseful, dramatic, nor did it play with any new ideas. It was completely formulaic and predictable.

While not hard science fiction, the movie Passengers was a more entertaining and better-looking interstellar trip than Voyagers. Both films have kind of similar endings as well.

This one had me bored by the beginning of the second act, and the third act was just meh. I'm glad the run time was only one hour and thirty minutes.

MK_Ultra_ 13 April 2021

I can sum this up quite tidily, as the premise of isolation in space while trying to explore for habitable worlds is nothing new and found this one to plod along quite predictably.

If I might suggest a film that is much more well made and palatable; Clair Denis' "High Life" from 2018. Art-house as it is uniquely provoking and well shot that files easily as one of the best of the similar sci-fi premise.

tombrady-75500 11 April 2021

Not many people in the cinema to see this. It's had no meat to it.

pwolf-900-528634 11 April 2021

Like the other reviewers, this had so much potential to be a great movie, but the writers and director chose to go with Lord of the Flies in space. If they would have done a continuation of Passengers (Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence), where their kids have to survive, then that would have been more interesting.

Instead, the just made all the teenagers annoying, except for two, to show good overcomes evil.

cdejongh-93103 10 April 2021

This film may be described as an attempted contemporary version of Lord if the Flies, but never got close. The initial premise of the movie was great, but the storyline quickly descended into mediocrity and predictability. The great movie this could have been was quickly lost.

WalkdenEntertainment 8 April 2021

The future is here. Earth has a significant problem as it continues to heat up more and more, making it an unliveable planet. The only way the people of Earth can get by is to investigate and find a new home.

Thirty young men and women are selected for a critical mission. The selection includes some of the finest young people of Earth who are well educated and healthy. Leading the mission is Richard (Colin Farrell), who is quite passionate to support the crew as much as possible. To the young people, he is a teacher, counsellor, and a general close friend. The mission will take over eighty years, which means the young people selected will never get to see their new home, but their purpose is to create new life once they are the appropriate age, and then the next generation will save the entire world.

The mission is in progress, but Christopher (Tye Sheridan) & Zac (Fionn Whitehead) begin to question a few elements on the ship. They examine a blue liquid that they must drink daily and wonder why certain areas on the ship are hidden. What starts as a minor act of rebellion becomes a path of madness and paranoia, not just for Christopher and Zac but for the entire onboard crew. They also begin to question each other on topics such as leadership, affections and trust. To make matters worse, the team are also on edge as they learn there could be the threat of an alien creature on the ship. Can the mission be completed to save Earth? Will members of the ship survive the chaos?

Visually, I found Voyagers to be rather pleasing. The world of outer space and future technology concepts on the ship were rather creative and great to see, and elements such as the sound effects were also outstanding. As a plot, Voyagers has a slow start. Once we see the ship members begin to raise questions and take risks, I was generally curious to know what will happen next. I was also questioning if the ship did really have an alien creature on board.

But sadly, Voyagers is not a simple watch. While Voyagers delivers a pleasing world of space and sci-fi, the film's plot is quite messy. We witness characters doing repeated things: questioning the truth, arguing over leadership, exhibiting trust issues, and seeing teenagers discover their emotions and sexual feelings for the first time. While such discovery seems like an interesting concept for the first time, the film reveals these aspects in a repetitive, confusing manner. It is also frustrating watching these so-called intelligent youth make continually unwise choices.

The film is also entirely predictable, contains cheesy performances, and there are some moments that I generally found awkward to watch. Watching a teenager touch a young girl without her permission for the first time with no real consequences, even from an adult figure, was extremely disappointing to see. Make note; this is not the type of film to share on a first date.

The editing here is also questionable. There are moments where characters discuss an issue or have conflict only to get distracted by another issue that is occurring elsewhere, and the dispute is suddenly ignored. The film does not flow well, and scenes feel disjointed, failing to bring continuous flow to the story. After the film, I questioned if many cuts and edits were made for the sake of the film's runtime. For the most part, performances were fine, but by the third act, characters become more laughable than serious as they deliver lines that are just unfitting, cheesy and over the top.

Overall, while

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