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Voyagers (2021)

Adventure | SciFi | Thriller
Rayting:   5.4/10 12K votes
Country: USA | Czech Republic
Language: English
Release date: June 17, 2021

A crew of astronauts on a multi generational mission descend into paranoia and madness, not knowing what is real or not.

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datamini-700-169587 1 June 2021

This film correlates and reaffirms that in life, there will always be bad, evil and good. Moreover, it just shows that regardless of how careful you are in your social experiments and projects, there will always be leaks and repercussions. That is the nature of life. A must watch to reflect the importance of life. And appreciate the very beautiful Lily-Rose Depp on screen.


kgborrell-34146 25 May 2021

It's like others said...Lord of the Flies in space. It's not terrible but not the best ever either. Good for a casual watch.

thomasjbollinger 2 June 2021

Read some reviews here during the movie - it was a mistake. I liked the movie for a couple of things, mostly I found the plot idea was interesting, the setting was good and the overall performance of all the actors was good. The movie also raises some interesting topics and thesis, like: What is it really to be male, if education and upbringing doesn't interfere? Are we by nature that violent an reckless or not - or only some? What percentage is genetic? I enjoyed the movie and in my opinionm it was a lot better than the score the movie gets here.

gmaddox-71615 25 June 2021

Giving this an 8. The reviews here seem to be mostly negative due to the similar "youth gone wild" theme of "Lord of the Flies".

But actually I felt this movie was really entertaining and interesting. Most movies out there seem to take ideas and rehash previously used themes anyway.

The acting in this movie was very good. The acting may have seem cold in the movie at times because the characters were raised to be cold to be able to endure their situation.

As far as recent Sci-Fi I've seen I found this movie overall, top notch.

TxMike 17 August 2021

Many very shallow comments call this "Lord of the Flies in Space", or something akin to that. Doing so, or thinking so, misses the point completely. I'd say this movie has more in common with "Pleasantville" where the writer-director asked the question "Is it better to live in a totally safe, predictable world or in one where you have choices and can make mistakes?"

The hook here is 40+ years in the future and we are beginning to worry about long term viability of the Human species on Earth. So a voyage is planned to an inhabitable planet, even traveling at a very high speed will take 86 years to get there.

So the plan involves creating roughly 30 babies by conception and delivery in a lab, using genetics of intelligent and successful donors. The subjects are raised, educated, and trained in isolation so they have no attachment to the real world. During the 86-year trip they would reproduce and their grandchildren would become the settlers of the new planet.

While the ending has a satisfying statement the real story is during the trip itself, roughly ten years into it, when some then most of the voyagers begin to exercise free will, some don't care if the mission succeeds, "we will all die anyway." The question ultimately becomes "What is our true nature and can we learn to care about others and do things for the common good?"

My wife and I watched it at home on DVD from our public library, a fine movie and much better than its IMDb rating would suggest.

alincristiantiganus 17 June 2021

...and it's not only on this movie. I really don't think someone can actually give this movie a 1-3 stars rating, not even the haters of the genre.

I'm a cinephile and I watched too many thousands of movies along the years, and I guarantee that it is pretty interesting. It may not be perfect, and I may be too lenient, but still, you can't rate this movie under 6, you just can't. Some reviewers argued that it has some implausible elements. I'd say that there are way more implausible things that happen in our world today, which kinda makes it more plausible. Watch the trailer, and if you find the idea interesting, you won't be disappointed.

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