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We Can Be Heroes (2020)

Action | Drama | Fantasy
Rayting:   4.7/10 10614 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

When alien invaders capture the Earth's superheroes, their kids must learn to work together to save their parents and the planet.

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louis-47618 3 January 2021

I personally hated it, it was a mess and pretty terrible in general.


My kids 3, 9 and 11 have watched it 4 times now, i never really understood how adults can rate a show designed for kids. Clearly its worked for the target audience.

donnasokarijo 25 December 2020

Before you read all the salty comments on how predictable, overly easy and cheesy this movie is, keep in mind those people don't seem to realize it's like a Superhero kind of Spy Kids, meant for family and younger audiences. Judging the movie from this place, it's definitely not as bad.

Was it a master piece? No. Is it worth one star? Come on! I give it a 6,5 for what it is and I found it very enjoyable, brainless entertainment and I'm sure younger kids would like it even more.

bmistified 26 December 2020

This movie was ADORABLE! brings me back to Sky High and Spy Kids and Shark Boy and Lava Girl and Galaxy Quest all in one! So much fun to watch with my daughter! For the adults saying bad acting, predictable...you suck. Enjoy the journey, it's worth it!

Eggoreluckadman 26 December 2020

Robert Rodriguez is know for his distinctive style. Sometimes it's resonates, sometimes it doesn't. This film does a little of both. As usual the ingenuity of Rodriguez is on full display, but I wish he had a bigger budget to showcase that.

Nicegams 29 December 2020

A great kids movie and it follows the same fun as shark boy and lava girl and spy kids. Both my children and I enjoyed it very much. I don't understand the low rating. Taylor Dooley is back as Lava Girl. No Taylor Lautner though.

ayantika-92117 26 December 2020

The videogamish look of the movie is not an objectionable at all infact it raises the quality keeping in mind the target audience. The message is loud and clear for the kids and it is very important they understand it. Robert has a fantastic eye and his cast choices are steller. Yaya is superb and has good future. Vivien is super cute. Amongst adults Priyanka Chopra shines and relishes in her Ms. Granada with perfect comic timing. Pedro also gives able support. All in all a wholesome movie for the kids to enjoy.

chazmundo666 25 December 2020

Not going to win any awards, but my kids loved it and it kept me entertained, also has the absolute bonus of having Haley Reinhart in it (and on the soundtrack) which is just a win all around.

charlenethompson-58352 25 December 2020

Very nice movie for kids and adults with nice and entertaining overarching messages . Very meaningful and cool movie!

ibpooh 26 December 2020

People who are rating this low and really dragging the movie through the mud are a bunch of Grinches. This is a kids movie and a family movie. Is it cheesy? Heck yeah. Is it worthy of eye-rolls? You betcha. This is what makes it fun. I don't know about you, but I needed this right now. What it through the eyes of a child and enjoy the moment.

qusynshzi 25 December 2020

I understand this movie is for children but the acting and logic in this movie is terrible. There has been many kids movies that were hands down amazing or at least good. It just seemed like spy kids had a better plot than this movie. I have never been so disappointed in a movie like this in a long time, so much to the point that I have to make a review. And on top of the that, this movie had the audacity to be an hour and 40 minutes long. There were characters in this movie who could've ended fights with ease instantly and yet they do absolutely nothing at all. They could have even made up for it with their acting but that was even worse. The dialogue, CGI, acting, plot is just wow. I mean this could've been so much better.

samratsingraur 25 December 2020

The movie takes you back to the world of sharkboy and lavagirl but fails to be what we expected it to be. It's a kid movie and they may love it but definitely not for a mature audience. The plot is super predictable and and the CGI is awful. The only good thing about this film is Pedro Pascal.

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