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Welcome Back (2015)

Action | Crime   
IMDB Rayting:   4.2/10
Language: Hindi

A pair of reformed gangsters try to find a husband for their newly discovered sister, but complications arise due to mistaken identities.

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mukhopadhyay-arka01 17 September 2015

music--awful script--one of the worst, even stalwarts like naseruddin shah or paresh rawal looked idiotic due to scripts

action sequence--these kind of action sequences were shown in 90s

acting--out of the 1000 one liners in the movie, maybe 2-3 can really make you giggle

Anees Bazmee creates below average films -thats true, but this one is definitely one of his worst!

It's hard to believe these kind of movies are coming out in 2015!!

Don't waste your time

watch welcome instead!

umarabeer 5 September 2015

Sequel of Welcome, which was quite an enjoyable film. This films stars all the A-listers, which was the reason it got droves of people to watch it in the first place. Honestly, the film is a disappointed. With the likes of Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal. Their presence makes it livelier but the weak story line seriously undermines the whole experience.

The film show casts Dubai shorelines, which look amazing on the big screen. However, the direction was choppy. One particular sequence was just down right stupid when skydivers are above Palm one moments and appear next to their target the next in the sandy dunes of remote UAE.

The A-listers are gold and their on-screen performance was what kept things going but the new cast, Shruti Hassan and Dimple's Daughter (in the film) did a pretty shoddy job.

Film to let go by in the cinema and probably catch up on a Saturday afternoon in front of Tele.

rahimnagori 6 September 2015

This movie is a crap. South Indian movies are now moving towards Hollywood and our so called Bollywood is degrading itself by making movie like this. I watched it for Brahmanandam but he is not in the movie for a heavy role. Plot was not as good as expected. The maker tried to make a spicy movie but failed and produced a KHICHDI. These type of movies are such a shame of Indian Bollywood. I wasted my 2.30 hrs watching this crap. Naseeruddin shah was not enough good as RDX. Mark my word John Abraham can never be an actor he is good at modelling so go back John this is not your cup of tea. Shruti should stay in South industry as its a very bad movie for her career. Picturisation is not good. Director used sports car for the Shareef Businessman where is your mind director?

virgo_aries 5 September 2015

Nowadays, film producers are hiring marketing and advertising agencies not only to promote their movies, but also to improve IMDb ratings. They post fake reviews and rate films greatly to fetch more people to the theaters. About the movie: This movie is completely baseless and crap. Dialogues are good as the dialogue writer is a stickler in writing comedy. Direction is fine, but the most important aspect "the script" is baseless. The movie will nettle you after the interval and you might feel annoyed by it. Go and watch this movie if you want to waste your hard earned money.

P.S this is my first review on IMDb

ketgup83 6 September 2015

Films like DON, Dhoom, Murder, Bhoothnath, Golmaal series and Tanu Weds Manu has generated enough curiosity among movie mongers to spawn their eagerly awaited sequels. Follow-up to the smash-hit Welcome (2007), Welcome Back was right there with high dose of entertainment value but looses the steam due to the fiddling climax, wafer-thin plot and tuneless music.

Uday and Majnu wants to marry off his sister to someone from a good family background if he wants to get married to Chandni. Story gets further complicated when Ranjana(Uday's sister) falls in love with Mumbai goon ( John Abraham) who is completely opposite to what Uday and Majnu expected.

Anees Bazmee has mastered of making no-sense and yet entertaining films ( No Entry, Welcome, Singh Is King, Ready) . With Welcome Back, Bazmee has gone one step-further. He has created a mish-mash plot and sub-plots that will make you pull your hair. You do not bargain for logic here as anything can happen from anywhere and at anytime. The good news is despite all the foolishness, the films work thanks to the quick-witted tapori humour, funny scenes and threesome- Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal who are sure to bring down the house with their rib-tickling act. The climax plays a spoil-sport and you wish director could have made it more smart, crispy and shorter version. The dialogues, especially, by Raaj Shaandilyaa is noteworthy and will remain with you after the film. Lets be frank- there is nothing called "screenplay" in the film. Editing is terribly loose. The budget is pretty high (estimated to be Rs 100 crores) which makes sense considering high production values and shooting locations in Dubai. Cinematography sometimes rolls out to make film look like 90's potboiler entertainer but nevertheless is magnus. Music is a big letdown. The hopeless film stands on the shoulders of 3 supremely talented actors – Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal. The chemistry between them is sparkling and convincing that you will love every moment of them in the film. Anil Kapoor is simply mindblowing. Nana Patekar is equally outstanding. Watch for the scene when they play antakshri in the graveyard. Paresh Rawal is splendid. He gets to deliver witty-one-liners and does it with ease. John Abraham is decent with his tapori looks. Shruti Hassan should start thinking of some other profession. Naseeruddin Shah does not making any impact replacing the role of legendary Feroze Khan. as Wanted Bhai. Dimple Kapadia surprises with astounding performance. She gets to deliver some good lines as well.

Despite weak script and poor direction – Welcome Back is watchable only because of three aces – Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal

Decent – 2.75/5

Abby_qadir 6 September 2015

Welcome Back (2015)

A sequel to the 2007 comic caper Welcome starring Anil kapoor, Nana Patekar, John Abraham, Paresh Rawal and Shruti Hasaan in the lead. Directed by Anees Bazmi.

The movie fails miserably in the sequel. The first part was a laughter riot but it does not create the same magic again. I didn't had any expectation from the movie still I convinced myself to watch this.

The only thing I enjoyed in the movie was watching Majnu and Uday Shetty, rest all failed to entertain me. John Abraham is not at all suitable for comedy roles. His expressions are worst. He can only do films like Madras Cafe (He is best in that type of roles). Shruti Hasaan has to learn a lot in terms of acting and comic timing. You will surely miss Akki (Akshay Kumar) in the sequel.

The first half of the movie is too boring, you can have some laughs in the post interval part. I had never experienced such bad songs and their lyrics in recent movies. Anees Bazmi is known for directing good comedy movies but this time He had made a very illogical and a totally senseless movie.

Watch this movie at your own risk and please leave your brain at home if you convinced yourself for watching Welcome Back.

1.5/5 or 4/10

ishankaith 11 September 2015

I wasn't expecting much from the film from the beginning however unexpectedly it did provided some fun time though the film had weak direction and weak story. The first thing I must say is that there is not much difference to see in this film from the predecessor,similar situations and very similar plot (though the first part was way much better). Let's start with the pros first Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar did a fine job in portraying the characters of Majnu and Udai just like before. The film is pretty funny in second half and few dialogs are pretty cleverly written and have many amazing and beautiful locations. However still they were not able to fill in for the cons which include bad songs and some very unfunny jokes along with bad visual effects which by the way felt unnecessary. I was pretty disappointed with performance of Shruti Hasan as she did not stood out much and also with Paresh Rawal not getting more screen time and John Abraham's performance which yet again did not left a mark. The film doesn't make much sense and has pretty brainless plot I won't recommend this film if if you want something which makes sense however you can watch if you leave brain at home.

nairtejas 4 September 2015

If Welcome (2007) was like spreading lots of peanut butter on a brown bread slice using a butter spreader, its sequel is like sprinkling white bread crumbs on a bowl of stale peanuts that belongs in a dustbin. The latter does not even make sense.

The Shetty brothers (Patekar & Kapoor) have left the underworld and are now in the real estate business. Their sister's in-laws Ghungroo (Rawal) and his wife are leading a peaceful life. But out of nowhere, both the parties find that they have a sister (Hasan) and an illegitimate son (Abraham), respectively, to euphemistically dispose of. As bizarre as it may sound, this sister and this son meet and fall in love and engage in tonsil hockey all in a matter of hours. But since the Shetty brothers have shed their criminal threads, they do not want Ghungroo's wife's illegitimate son to marry their Donald Duck of a sister because he is a local Mumbai don. As you see, the tables have turned and all that we have on the table are stale peanuts.

There seems to be a competition among the actors to come up with the worst performance. I was excited to see disgraced actor Shiny Ahuja's name pop up on the beginning credits, but unfortunately he wins the competition, followed by beasty Abraham (god damn Baazigar over here) as the runner up. The remaining take home consolation prizes, with the exception of Patekar, who is the only reason the film does not totally slip into nothingness.

Numerous songs stuffed inside the poor screenplay that play in tandem produces the right amount of boredom in its audience who by the end of the 150-minute film are sure to consult their therapists. The film gasps for a story, which looks repetitive if you have enjoyed the prequel, and the small amount of humor that it does have is mindless slapstick that induce nothing more than a titter. As a result, the screenplay tries to entertain itself by allowing its characters to play antakshari in a graveyard with two fake bodies doing rounds around them.

If you're still inclined to spend money on the film, all you have to do is visualize and consider this sequence: the illegitimate son hops from one camel's hump to another to another and so on to save an underworld don from a sandstorm that's breezing in. Poor camels.

BOTTOM LINE: Anees Bazmee's Welcome Back is sure a mindless comedy with frequent doses of action and songs that may appeal to some, but the real question is, is this a sign of Bollywood's tread into darkness?


Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

crookedone 28 September 2015

The sequel fails to entertain in the slightest bit. It is boring to watch even with a bunch of friends.

Lines were weak, dance numbers didn't do anything to entertain the audience and the overall theme is the exact same as the previous movie.

The acting itself was substandard, leaving much to be desired. Some parts of the movie were amusing but not enough to make it worth watching.

The script seemed randomly thrown in with poor screenplay, mediocre directing and annoying cut-scenes.

Welcome Back fails to live up to expectations set by the original.

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